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"Human speech"

'Human thought'

"Jutsu/Demon/Spirit speech/Soul Conjunction techniques"

'Demon thought'

Let's begin

As far back as Naruto could remember, he knew he had been fairly special. At five years old, he was stronger, faster, all around better than the other kids in the orphanage; the matron, begrudgingly, commented more than once - when she thought he was out of earshot, anyway - that he might be a strong as this generations clan heirs. He had already activated his chakra, and could manipulate it easily.

Then there were the ghosts.

Again, as far back as he could remember, Naruto could always see people that weren't the same as everyone else. They were glowing, see-through, and had these chains sticking out of their chests, some shorter than others. After a week or two of seeing some, they would disappear; more than once, he saw the process happen.

A man or woman in black kimono's, some with white coats over them, would tap the foreheads of these people - who he found out later were the spirits of the dead, overhearing the term 'Plus' from these mystery people - with the bottom of their swords, and the spirits would disappear in flashes of light. Some of the people that do that stayed awhile, just to look around the village, but most left the village shortly after, leaving in sliding doors that appeared before them.

He liked Rangiku-onee-chan and Toushirou-onii-san the most; they were nice to him. Toushirou said he was 'Captain of the 10th Division' in the 'Seireitei.' He explained that it was the headquarters of people like him, Shinigami, and the afterlife for the spirits they helped pass on, thus explaining the acts he saw, Konsou. Toushirou also helped him learn academics, when he found they were sorely lacking, whether he liked it or not. Rangiku was 'the fun one' and could always put a smile on his face when he was done; she also liked to annoy Toushirou whenever she could.

After that, Toushirou helped Naruto learn how to fight once the blonde told him he wanted to be a shinobi, and what that entailed; he even taught him kenjutsu when the child displayed an interest, though that lead him to discover his Kekkei Genkai when he was five.

(Seven years ago)

Left. Right. Stab. Left. Right. Stab.

These were the simple movements Toushirou taught Naruto to help him acclimate to the weight of a sword in his hands. Even though it worked, and Naruto learned the balance pretty fast in Toushirou's eyes, he commented that it 'felt wrong' in his hands.

With Naruto's extremely rudimentary knowledge of chakra, Toushirou decided to help him translate the usage of spiritual energy into chakra, as it was just as, if not more, malleable than reiryoku, thus he was capable of learning Kidou, in theory. Kidou were techniques Toushirou explained were the bread-and-butter of any good Shinigami, the manipulation of spiritual energy for several effects, though there were some that just weren't good at it.

Toushirou left last week, and usually it'd be another two before either him or Rangiku showed up, so Naruto would have until then. Having the two as friends allowed Naruto to be more upbeat than he probably would, especially when he was surrounded by the melancholic spirits that were growing fewer and fewer as time went on.

Naruto decided to try the one technique Toushirou would show him: Hadou #1: Shou. While they hadn't quite gotten the feeling of utilizing his chakra in the same manner as reiryoku, the blonde was adamant in learning his nii-san's techniques so he could be as strong as him and in the same way he did it, with spiritual energy; that meant splitting his chakra, something they had fiddled with in the beginning before abandoning for the easier route of translating reiryoku to chakra usage.

Stabbing the basic katana Toushirou bought for him into the ground, Naruto concentrated on his chakra and attempted to split it. As expected, the chakra was refusing greatly, preferring to stay together, but he was making progress. While this wouldn't be the first time Naruto tried this, this was the farthest he had gotten in the act; Toushirou theorized that, from Naruto's explanation of chakra - "physical... stuff, and spiritual... things!" - that chakra was made of physical and spiritual energy, the former derived from the individuals physical strength, and their body itself, and the latter from the mind, Naruto's of which grew as Toushirou taught him academics, and advised him to meditate so he wouldn't be so energetic, so he reached more of a balance between the energies. As the spiritual energy was now bigger, Naruto could 'notice' it easier, and thus it would, theoretically, be easier to split them.

Toushirou-onii-san needed to use smaller words...

Anyway, Naruto's brow furrowed as he tried more and more to split his chakra. When he felt it was good enough for him to try the technique, he raised his index finger and pointed it at a rock he put on one of the training posts in the field, the ground itself being one of the abandoned ones due to its proximity with one Naruto heard was called the 'Forest of Death.' Hey, whatever got him a place to train.

"Hadou #1: Shou!" He shouted, channeling the spiritual energy to his finger, only for his entire body to be engulfed with light, and then pain. Then he blacked out.


"Well, this was bound to happen." A deep, rumbling voice woke Naruto up from his position on the ground.

Sitting up and looking around, the blonde found he was in some sort of sewer or industrial basement. To his left were giant bars that went up to the ceiling obscured by darkness, and to his right was a hallway that looked endless, pitched in black. He turned to the bars, finding two giant eyes, crimson with slit pupils, looking at him in what he identified as exasperation and amusement. "Uh... hello?" The five-year old tested.

"Hello, Naruto." The probable figure the eyes belonged to greeted. "I honestly expected to not see you for another couple years, not until after someone told you about me. I guess I should thank those two Shinigami for their interference for this blessing in disguise." It commented.

"Uh... what're you talking about? Who are you, anyway?" Naruto asked, getting to his feet.

The voice behind the bars chuckled, a deep baritone that would normally unnerve Naruto, were he anyone else. "I'm sure you know the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked your village five years ago? On your very birthday?" It started, drawing a confused nod. "And I'm sure you've been told that your Yondaime defeated it at the cost of his life." The voice added, receiving another nod. "That... was a lie." At this moment, light illuminated the area behind the bars, revealing the speaker in all their glory.

A girth dwarfing the Hokage Tower, a coat of rust-orange, long rabbit-like ears with black markings trailing down over the crimson eyes and to either side of a snout over black lips pulled over a fanged grin, and nine bushy tails swaying behind the being; thus was the might and majesty of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"The Yondaime did not defeat me; he could not defeat me, for no human can kill a bijuu. Instead, he summoned the Shinigami - our Shinigami, not these spirits prancing around with the name like it's going out of style - and struck a deal: his soul, for sealing me away. My chakra was split, and the Hokage's soul and my Yin half were consumed by the Shinigami, and I was put away... inside his son." The Kyuubi looked straight at him as it said this.

Naruto's mind shut down - he's in his mind, but we're splitting hairs here - at the information, as his new greater intellect allowed him to put the pieces together. "Th-the Yondaime is... and you're..." He didn't really get to finish his questions, but the sentiment remained the same, which the Kyuubi nodded to. Naruto was silent for the longest time as he thought it through. The peoples' glares and whispers, several of which included 'Fox' and 'Demon', his large chakra reserves, it all made sense. "...Why?" He finally asked, as if it would solve everything.

Much like the blonde, the bijuu was silent in contemplation. "...Love. Faith. Belief. He knew you would grow strong, to protect the village. That's what he wanted of you, and it's what he knew you would want of yourself. He knew you would be hated, and he knew you would grow from it, ignore it, become strong from it. He truly loved you." It finally answered with something akin to a smile on its muzzle.

"...And my mother?" Naruto asked, the weight of his father's words heavy on his shoulders, but warming his heart and placating his mind.

Here, the Kyuubi chuckled. "That's the interesting thing. You know how you can see the dead?" It asked, receiving a nod. "Well, your mother's spirit remained by your side for as long as she could. As a spirit, she couldn't physically interact with you, but she spoke to you all the time; she sang to you when you cried. Her love was even greater than your fathers'; she absolutely adored you. She talked about the Uzumaki clan, including my container before her - yes, she held me before you - who was your Shodaime's wife, and her plans for you when you were born." It smiled as best a gargantuan beast could at the memory. But then it turned somber. "I'm sure you noticed those odd chains the dead have on them? Well, the longer she lingered around you, the shorter hers got; it also actually ate itself when she let her negative emotions get the better of her, but she fought it off as best she could. It was nearly gone last time she was with you, and she gave her goodbyes... and she didn't return, but I didn't sense one of these Shinigami in the area, so they couldn't use that Konsou business on her. Did either of them mention what happens to a spirit if they aren't allowed to pass on?" It asked, usually sleeping when those two were around as a matter of happenstance.

Naruto shook his head, choosing to not think about what might have happened to her and focusing on the sheer love the Kyuubi told him about. Not caring about the tears falling down his cheeks, Naruto finally knew the one thing every orphan wanted: to know if their parents loved them. And his parents loved him with everything they had; heck, they died for him. "What did she look like?" He asked.

Rather than answer, the Kyuubi manipulated the space before it into an image of a red-haired woman with purple eyes dressed in a white and green outfit rubbing her large stomach, humming a tune. It was obviously his mother singing to him when he was in the womb.

"...Thank you. Thank you for all this." Naruto bowed his head in gratitude, wiping the tears from his face.

"It's no problem, but that's not what I really want to talk about. We need to speak about what else happened on the night of your birth." The Kyuubi responded, turning serious.

"What else could have happened?" Naruto asked with a tilt of his head.

"When the Shinigami sealed me inside you, he also left something else, something embedded in your soul. I believe he gave you a Kekkei Genkai." The Kyuubi explained.

"Kekkei whatsit? Like those things those mean red and white-eyed people have?" Naruto asked, brow furrowed in thought.

The Kyuubi snarled at the mention of that first group. "Yes, like them, but not like them. For one, it entails abilities across six different types of people from a different dimension than ours. Shinigami-sama left instructions for me, as he expected me to aid you in learning about it, so I know what it entails. Curiously, one part of it allows you the same abilities as your Shinigami friends." It explained.

"Nii-san and nee-chan's swords? I can do that? Cool!" Naruto exclaimed in childish wonder.

The Kyuubi chuckled. "Yes, you can do that. Your Kekkei Genkai entails six parts, thus the reason you passed out, as your body is now changing to accommodate them: their zanpakutou, some sort of augmentation to your arms with chakra, some sort of bow and arrow, strange tiny creatures that will aid you in fights, a strange mask that will also involve a hole forming in your body, and one final thing..." The bijuu's form disappeared, before Naruto heard footsteps from behind the bars.

Sauntering from the darkness was the prettiest woman Naruto had ever seen. A curtain of red hair reached the small of her back, a bang obscuring her left eye, the right showing the same crimson eye and slit pupil from before. She had a heart-shaped face adorned with feral, broad versions of Naruto's own whisker marks and a fang poked cutely over her bottom lip, her unblemished dusky tone nearly glowing in the faint light of this place in the seal. She was wearing an red open kimono top that hung off her shoulders with long sleeves covering her hands, only bandages covering her... large chest. She had a weird spiral mark on her stomach, which Naruto noticed was the same as the one that appeared on him when he channeled chakra around there; was that the seal that held her? She was wearing pants the same color as her bijuu forms fur, a darker orange belt across her hip, and she was barefoot, her nails sharp like claws. She had the long fox ears of her bijuu form, and the nine tails swaying behind her, as was expected.

"Me. Your Kekkei Genkai's sixth ability entails the manifestation of a puppet or doll, which allows me the manifest outside of the seal." She had a smirk on her face at the declaration, even as Naruto's face paled. "Now don't worry about me going on a rampage, my power is limited by your strength, so I can only do as much as you can. Besides, while normally I'd have a very similar personality to yours, since I'm a separate entity beforehand, I don't, but my personality still has tiny hints of yours, so I won't harm anyone; I really wouldn't, anyway, since I'm not inherently what you would call evil. The 'doll' is just my physical form manifesting as a partner beside you to fight." She added to calm him down, succeeding.

"Well okay then. What's the Kekkei Genkai's name, anyway? What's your name, unless it's Kyuubi, too." Naruto asked.

"Tamashii Totomoni (Soul Conjunction) and... my name is Hono." The Kyuubi supplied bashfully, no one having asked her name ever.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Hono-chan! I hope we can work great together since this Kekkei Genkai lets you come out as my partner." Naruto said with a wide grin, the strength of it closing his eyes, allowing him to miss the Kyuubi's human form blushing up a storm.

"Y-yes, well, what I want to know is why you don't appear to hate me, like the other humans would?" She asked once she got the heat in her cheeks under control.

"Well, you seem nice enough, and if you were really as mean as everyone else says, you wouldn't tell me how much my parents loved me, would you?" Naruto responded like it was the simplest thing. "You'd let me wonder and fear the worse, but you didn't. And you've already stated you're going to help me with my Kekkei Genkai, instead of leaving me weak for whatever benefit that would give you." He added.

Hono blinked owlishly, once again thankful at that young-looking Shinigami teaching her container academics and the way of the world. She smiled softly at his reasoning, agreeing that she would help him, hoping this would be a change of pace with her containers. Uzumaki Mito locked her away, never interacting with her even to death, and Kushina wasn't that much better, but they at least talked once or twice... while she was pinned to a giant boulder by a bunch of stakes and chains. This boy, however, seemed intent on being her friend, and she'd reciprocate in kind. While she despised these humans for what they put him through for containing her, she couldn't really get broken up about it since he didn't resent her in the least for it, already forgave her, even if he didn't say it, and neither of them could change the past, so why bother?

"While naive were this any other situation, you're right in the end. I'll stand by you as your teacher and ally. Normally I'd have to teach you about all six abilities, but since you happened to make friends of those two, they can teach you about the zanpakutou part, so I'll be training you in the others. You should ask them about each part, however, so we can know more." Hono advised, receiving a nod. "Very well, then just imagine yourself waking up, and we can begin." She said.

Nodding again, Naruto closed his eyes and envisioned himself waking up, feeling his presence here fading.

(Training Field)

Naruto sat up with a start, finding he was, thankfully, still in the training field he used. Looking down at himself, he found a few changes that he realized probably had to do with unlocking his Kekkei Genkai.

He had a katana with a guard shaped like a flame and rust-orange cloth wrapped around the hilt and a red, tri-point kunai in his lap, a pair of necklaces, one with a 12-point flower, the other a Celtic cross, around his neck, and a strange weight on the side of his head. Reaching up to it, Naruto pulled it off to find a mask similar to Hono's bijuu form; it was made of bone and shaped exactly like her bijuu forms head, acting almost like a helmet with how much it covered his head. It had teeth lining the mouth on the outside and a snout sticking out a bit, three red stripes across it, as well as a pair streaking from the top edge of it, across the eyes, and down to pointed tips on the cheeks that were their own pieces. A pair of ears like the Kyuubi were on the top, curling over his head when he put it on.

"Is this the ma- whoa. What's up with my voice?" Naruto asked no one in particular, his voice overlaid with a somewhat sinister tone.

"It appears to be an effect of the mask." Hono's voice permeated his thoughts, causing him to jump in surprise.

"Hono-chan?" Naruto asked, taking the mask off mid-sentence, his voice changing back.

"Yes, Naruto, it's me; when you activated your Kekkei Genkai, which was laid in the seal due to Shinigami-sama's touch, the seal was weakened enough for us to create a connection. Now you can talk to me with your thoughts." Hono explained.

'Like this?' Naruto mentally asked to be sure.

"Just like that. No need to talk out loud; you'd freak people out if you were talking to yourself, or worse, if they found out you were talking to me. You may think I'm nice, but most people are steadfast in their ways, good or not. Now, as I've mentioned, your Kekkei Genkai entails six parts, and each unique addition to your person represents them." Hono said.

'Didn't you mention a bow and arrow? There isn't one here. And you said my Kekkei Genkai had six parts; there's only five out here.' Naruto commented, looking around just in case.

"The cross-necklace represents that ability; the bow and arrow merely represented it in here, like a reference to it, not a physical representation. And I technically only touched on the main focus of the sixth ability; it actually encompasses more than I mentioned, and thus doesn't have a representation like the others. However, calling on it specifically will manifest it on your right arm; unlike how your Shinigami friends utilize Kidou, and tried to teach you to replicate, you only need to channel chakra throughout it instead of solely spiritual energy." Hono advised.

Nodding and relieved, Naruto channeled his chakra into his arm and watched what happened.

From his shoulder burst a black liquid that eventually engulfed the entire limb, a magenta stripe forming down the middle, thin white stripes forming on either side of it, before small fins popped out of either side of his wrist, two extensions forming up from his shoulder to the height of his head .

"Whoa... does this have a name?" Naruto asked, marveling at his armored limb.

"Yes, it's... hooh, that's a mouthful. Brazo Derecha de Gigante. I suppose it makes sense since it is from another world, and they probably have more diverse languages. Anyway, this is the weakest form of this part of your Kekkei Genkai, and like I said before, is just the main focus of it; it entails much more, but we'll get to that. For now, we'll touch on the other five; first, squeeze the cross between your fingers." Hono said, her tone changing to one Naruto recognized as Toushirou's 'teacher mode.'

Nodding, Naruto did away with the armor on his arm and reached up to grab the cross necklace, putting light pressure on it before it disappeared in a blue light, the same substance - spiritual energy, he found - covering his right arm up to mid-forearm, revealing a white glove with a blue line down it, branching off to circle his wrist, with four silver studs around it, and splitting off to go between his index and middle fingers and his ring and pinkie, the left sides of the thumb and index finger blue as well.

"This glove supposedly will help you master your chakra manipulation, actually making it harder to create your bow and arrows, but once you do, your control will be that much greater. Now for the other necklace; we're going over them piecemeal, individually later. To get rid of the glove, simply think that you want it to be gone. The second necklace won't involve physical contact, just think about six little people." Hono explained.

Nodding, Naruto closed his eyes and did so, the glove going up in blue light and reverting to its necklace form around his neck. Following the secondary directions, Naruto felt the minuscule weight on his chest disappear, sensing six tiny presences soon after. Opening his eyes, he found six tiny people floating before him. "Uh... hi?" He waved, confused.

"Hello, Naruto-san." A woman that reminded Naruto of a more conservative Hono, as she bore the same hair style and color, though she had a lighter skin tone and lacked the whisker marks. Her eyes were hazel, her kimono was full length and closed, and she had wings sprouting from the small of her back seeming to be made of the same material as her kimono, but obviously solid. "I am Tessenka, and these are my, and your, allies. We are part of the Shun Shun Rikka of your Kekkei Genkai, and we will aid you in learning about it, thus lessening Kyuubi-sama's burden." Tessenka explained, to the confused stare of the blonde. "Ah yes, an explanation. The Shun Shun Rikka, as you probably know, came from another dimension, and thus someone has this ability; that also came with six individuals. Normally, more than one person is normal in the multiverse, even expected, but your Kekkei Genkai acts as a sort of 'bridge' between this world and the other, and thus is not possible. Thus, your chakra formed us, and as parts of you, we know of Kyuubi-sama, and her situation of helping you learn about your Kekkei Genkai from Shinigami-sama's directions, which we also have for this ability." She lectured.

Naruto was silent in the face of this information; he could even feel his brain overheating a bit. With Hono's help, he got that they should technically be different people, but his Kekkei Genkai changed that, and they'll train him in this 'Shun Shun Rikka', and they were made from his chakra, so they knew about her. "Okay, got it!" He lied exuberantly. "So what are the rest of you called?" He asked the others.

"Greetings, Naruto-sama, I am Karamatsu!" An... eccentric-sounding man introduced himself, his voice surprisingly loud, given his size, and the mask he had over his lower face, complete with a confident posture and a thumbs up towards the blonde. A shiny bald head over seemingly perpetually closed eyes and forest-green mask with yellow gill-like markings, Karamatsu was pretty casually dressed, wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and pants, though he was wearing a gaudy wrestling belt over his stomach, and he had bone-like plates on his shoulder and upper back from which his wings sprouted from.

"Ano, greetings Naruto-sama, my name is Sawarabi." A shy-looking girl in a baby-blue hooded kimono with teal petal patterns introduced herself, half her face hidden by the hood and high collar, and surprisingly large wings sprouting from her mid-back curling forward to shield her sides, giving her a reserved feeling.

"Heya, I'm Yanagi!" An energetic man said, giving a salute as a greeting. He had dirty-blonde hair spiked upwards, with a single bang hanging down to eye level, drawing attention to his purple eyes and broad grin. He wore a full-body grey suit with a red vest and black shorts, a long scarf hanging off his shoulders and wings much like Tessenka's in terms of appearing to be made of the same material as what he wore sprouting from the small of his back.

"I am Kiku." A reserved woman 'greeted.' She had her ashen hair done up in a bun, and her admittedly attractive face was significantly less so from the flat, almost dead, stare she gave... everything, really, her dark-blue eyes flat. She wore a white gi, black bandages under it concealing the cleavage that would otherwise be on display, a black belt and bandages around her hands, and red baggy pants, her wings sprouting from her back and having black cloaks hanging off of and covering them.

"...Kuroibara." A decidedly terrifying-looking man merely said, seemingly more interested in his clawed gauntlet. He was dressed in a black, hooded robe with an ashen strip down the chest and hanging off the waist, his obsidian mesh armor underneath tucked into the aforementioned clawed gauntlets and boots, black as night. His face was obscured by a mask shaped like the top half of a skull, but was completely blank. It was pretty creepy to the five year old, as well as his wings that looked like they were the skeletons of actual wings.

"Uh... it's nice to meet you all. I hope we become great allies and friends!" Naruto said, deciding to ignore Kuroibara's creepiness.

"As do we, Naruto-san. Once Kyuubi-sama is done introducing you to your other abilities, you can call us up anytime to help you." Tessenka responded, the five 'fairies' nodding in their own ways and disappearing in lights that shot towards his bare necklace and formed 5/6 of the flower.

Kuroibara didn't immediately join his allies, opting to just... stare at Naruto. After a solid minute of it, he suddenly went up in light and flew to complete the necklace.

"...That was creepy." Naruto commented after a bit.

"Definitely, and I was in here!" Hono affirmed. "Let's... just move on to the other parts, okay?" She asked to change the subject, receiving a nod. "Okay, since we're leaving the zanpakutou to your Shinigami friends, all that's left is the kunai and the mask. For the former, all you need to do is use the command 'Zeige Dich' then say my title. Training in the masks capabilities will be similar to what you attempted with Kidou, though there will be notable exceptions we'll go through." She informed him, waiting to finally be out in the real world.

Nodding, Naruto took the bladed weapons off his lap, resting the sword on the ground, and palmed the strange kunai while getting up. "Zeige Dich, Kyuubi." He intoned, jumping slightly when the weapon went up in yellow flames he felt were made of chakra, before floating forward and growing several times its size and turning in a familiar figure.

From the weapon came the Kyuubi's 'Doll' form, a one-tailed fox made entirely of semi-translucent yellow chakra with the characteristics of fire and covered in black markings like a skeleton, with circles on the shoulders, hands and feet, and stomach, fading halfway down the tail. It stood nearly three feet tall at its back and shoulders, reaching about Naruto's nose due to his age and... vertical disadvantage, even after Rangiku made him start eating better. According to Shinigami-sama's directions, she would normally be tiny, but due to Naruto unlocking his chakra and his training, he had more power than the average human, thus her size.

"Whoa, Hono-chan, you're so pretty!" Naruto commented before hugging his partially free new friend around the neck and shoulders, surprising and embarrassing the bijuu; if this form could blush, she would most definitely be turning pink.

'Oh Kami, if the others could see me now, they'd never let me live it down! This kid is so lucky he's adorable...' Hono mentally commented, thankful that none of her 'brethren' could see her, especially Gyuuki and Shukaku; they'd drive her insane with teasing! Well, Shukaku would if he wasn't insane... Patting the blonde's back in thanks, Hono softly pushed him away so they could talk. "Th-thank you, Naruto. Now, in this form, I'm just as strong as you, but you can increase my power by feeding me souls. When I reach certain milestones of strength, I'll transform to reflect it, most likely forming more tails." She informed the boy, turning her head to look at her tail in mild annoyance. "Though I'm not sure if that'll be all that changes, since they are apparently usually more drastic, but we'll see." Hono added.

"What about your true form, Hono-chan?" Naruto asked with a tilt of the head.

"...I'm not sure. I suppose we'll try at a later date; right now, you need to train in this Kekkei Genkai. At least like this, I won't be talking to darkness and a set of bars, so I'll stay out here to help you with your training. Let's begin." Hono decided, sitting on her haunches.

Naruto jumped lightly in surprise at her lecturing tone. "Hai Hono-sensei!" He responded, ready to listen.

Hono smiled, which would look terrifying to anyone other than Naruto, liking the sound of that.

For a week and a half, Hono trained Naruto in his Kekkei Genkai, getting in the basics for the six parts thanks to his teachers dream of a learning curve, though it wasn't as fast as either of them would like, thanks to the Shinigami's cryptic explanations, and just the sheer oddness of the techniques to the two individuals so used to chakra.

Even though Hono said she would leave the Shinigami training to Toushirou and Rangiku, they still touched on it here and there to keep him from getting rusty; all they could really do is refine his control of the spiritual energy for the one Kidou technique and his technique for the kenjutsu part. For the bow and arrow branch, they managed to get him to manifest the actual bow and arrow, though it took several days of intense concentration, and several injuries to his hand and wrist, though Hono found it appeared to be a deliberate design of the glove; 'no pain, no gain' was the apparent motto of the designers. As was expected of only a week and a half of training, his kyuujutsu technique was atrocious, but... baby steps.

The arm augmentation was fairly simple to train in, focusing around his taijutsu, which they managed to refine a bit. They even managed to stumble upon a technique that allowed him to shoot a bullet of spiritual energy with his punches. Thank Kami for happy accidents.

Tessenka and the others - minus Kuroibara because... fuck that guy - brought Naruto up to speed on the four techniques Shun Shin Rikka was capable of, spending a day for each of the techniques when they could between all the other abilities. They were broken up into groups for each technique; Sawarabi and Kiku dealt with the healing ability, Tessenka, Karamatsu, and Yanagi dealt with the shield, and Kuroibara by himself was the attack... appropriate, and Kuroibara in the middle of the three forming the shield formed the counterattack technique. The death-themed 'fairy' never spoke a word after his 'introduction' and his presence always brought a tense atmosphere.

While they trained the blonde, Naruto got a feel for their personalities, minus the obvious, of course. Tessenka was the benevolent leader, and tended to go off on tangents when she really got into a subject, usually ones that went over Naruto's head; something about time-space conceptual multi-existence... Karamatsu was boisterous and loud and all kinds of fun; even though he wasn't the designated 'attack' guy, he liked to have spars with the only other fairy that could keep up with him, Kiku. Sawarabi had a shy, reserved personality that Naruto found adorable, and she was as sweet as can be. Yanagi was sort of like Karamatsu, but more... lazy, but he could crack jokes like nobody's business. Kiku was more reserved and business-like, refusing to really make friends with the rest of them, but she was easily flustered when it was pointed out that she smiled and laughed while sparring. All that could be said for Kuroibara was that, while he was terrifying, he didn't do anything beyond that, so he listened when Tessenka asked something of him and when Naruto used the incantations for the attacks he was involved with.

Most of the training in Hono's Doll form consisted of her getting re-acclimated with the form after being still for the past five years and them circumventing the auditory commands with their mental connection, thus creating the element of surprise on the enemy, and Hono finding that she could manipulate her form like chakra manipulation, as well as the both of them working on teamwork moves. It was weird but... nice for the bijuu to be working alongside a human.

Last came the abilities with the mask and they were... a bit weird. Due to Naruto's introduction of it, he had a time limit of five minutes of keeping the mask on. They also found, on complete accident, that when he utilized the abilities of his mask, his body unconsciously channeled dense chakra to his skin, making it as hard as iron or steel, and after observing several shinobi utilize the Shunshin no Jutsu, they created a technique that allowed him high-speed movement as well, accompanied with a small sonic boom. Naruto had a bit of a freak out when he finally noticed he had a hole straight through his stomach, though his clothes thankfully covered it.

Just as Naruto was about to get to training in his kenjutsu with his zanpakutou for today, he heard the telltale sound of one of his Shinigami friends appearing in their high-speed technique they explained was called Shunpo. "Naruto!" The familiar voice of Toushirou called.

"Onii-san!" Naruto spun around and smiled at the silver-haired Shinigami. "I've been waiting for you! Look, I have a zanpakutou just like you and Rangiku-onee-chan! And I made a friend; this is Hono-chan!" The blonde held his sword out and hugged the freed bijuu around the neck, causing her to huff in embarrassment.

"...What?" Toushirou's brain partially shut down. It was completely impossible for a human to unlock a zanpakutou by themselves; the only way Naruto could would be if another Shinigami made them a temporary one, but there were no reported Shinigami coming her while he and Rangiku were gone, as this was their designated area to Konsou the souls after a mass number of deaths five years ago. And Toushirou didn't sense another Shinigami signature on Naruto, which would be laden in his, so the only explanation was that he did it naturally. "How?" Was all he said.

"I unlocked my Kekkei Genkai!" Naruto answered, really excited about that part.

Narrowing his eyes in confusion, Toushirou took a closer looks at Naruto's eyes. "But your eyes are the same as before." He pointed out.

Blinking in confusion, Naruto took a minute to realize what he meant. "Oh! Yeah, apparently there are other Kekkei Genkai than the red and white-eyed peoples', like mine! Apparently mine came from the Shinigami when he sealed Hono-chan in me on the night of my birth." He explained, he and Hono agreeing to tell Toushirou and Rangiku everything when they showed up to eliminate all questions.

"...Explain." Toushirou demanded, understanding that Naruto meant the Shinigami, the legitimate god of death of this world, but wondering how it was involved with Naruto, and what this fox made of what felt like... 'more than reiryoku' was.

Nodding, Naruto explained what he could from Hono's explanation after he knocked himself out from unlocking his Kekkei Genkai when training in the Kidou Toushirou was teaching him, receiving a light tongue lashing from attempting the technique unsupervised. After a certain point, Hono had to take over and explain any bits Naruto missed, also explaining herself as the cause of the mass number of deaths five years ago, of which she apologized for, explaining to both of them that she was mind-controlled by an Uchiha, those people with the red eyes, into attacking the village, and thus was sealed into Naruto by his father.

'Incredible; to think the people of this world are capable of these feats, and that there are gargantuan beasts roaming the lands. But this Kekkei Genkai of Naruto's... it sounds like it holds Shinigami, Quincy, and Hollow abilities, but I don't know about the other three, or even those abilities of his Hollow powers. Hmm... seeing as how these abilities are based in his chakra, he isn't really a Shinigami or Hollow; even a Substitute Shinigami can only use their powers when they leave their physical bodies, and he obviously isn't a vengeful spirit seeking to consume human souls." Toushirou observed.

"Toushirou-san, can you explain some of these abilities for us? I'm sure they have names, and it would help us in the long run so we don't have to constantly refer to them as 'the bow and arrow ability' or 'the mask powers' or the others." Hono requested politely.

Nodding minutely, Toushirou saw nothing wrong with that. "The bow and arrow ability is the technique of what we call a Quincy, and they are the sworn enemy of Shinigami since their methods upset the balance of souls. Granted, there are, curiously, no Hollows in this land, so you aren't at risk of doing that, so don't worry." He explained to placate the boy when he heard he had the legacy of the enemies of Toushirou and Rangiku. "The mask is that of a Hollow, a creature born of a Plus being consumed by things like despair or rage when their Chain of Fate completely consumes itself. They are usually denoted by a bone mask and hole somewhere on their body, of which you have both. When Hollows are first 'born', so to speak, they tend to go after the closest person to them in life." He explained, idly noticing the partially-free bijuu stiffen and its blank eyes somehow convey abject dread.

"...Naruto, continue your kenjutsu; I need to speak with Toushirou-san." Hono suddenly spoke up, drawing a confused look from the boy before he shrugged and acquiesced, the fox and Shinigami walking off a ways to stay out of ear shot. "You said a Hollow is formed when a Plus' chain consumes itself?" She asked for clarification.

"Yes, why? Have you witnessed a Plus with its chains on the verge of encroachment?" Toushirou asked, wondering, since there were no reported Hollows in the area.

"Yes... Naruto's mother." Hono answered, to the shock of the captain. "After Kushina died on the night of Naruto's birth, her soul appeared to him a day later and she lingered around him, even though he couldn't interact with her. As time went on, I noticed the chain on her chest getting shorter, and I even witnessed it sprout mouths and eat itself when she let her emotions get the better of her. The sorrow of losing her husband and not being able to hold her son, the anger of the villagers as they heaved their hatred on him; it got to her now and then. About six months after she appeared, the chain was at half a link, and she was forced to leave Naruto; I haven't seen her since. Is it possible she became a Hollow?" She explained, wondering in fear because of Toushirou's explanation of Hollows, especially at the 'going after someone close them them' part.

As Hono continued her explanation, Toushirou grew more and more pale; everything added up. Naruto's mother should be a Hollow, but there were no signatures anywhere near the village. Then again, it was possible some of these 'shinobi' killed the creature she became, since anyone with chakra was spiritually sensitive, and thus could see it, and Shinigami, as a matter of fact, which explained why he didn't need a Gigai to get Naruto that katana or go out to eat with him when he got around to relaxing. He finally noticed she was expecting an answer of him. "Uh, yes, I think that all means she is now a Hollow, but there were no reported signatures in the area. Though, it's possible she may have found her way to Hueco Mundo, which would explain that." He idly commented. At her questioning gaze, he had to explain. "Hueco Mundo is the alternate plane in which Hollows make their home. Imagine a giant white desert with mineral formations in the shape of dead trees. As far as we know, while Hollows can consume Pluses, they need to eat each other in order to evolve, to grow stronger." Toushirou explained.

"Hmm... so it's possible she is there? Why didn't she attack Naruto when she became a Hollow, though?" Hono questioned.

"I'm not sure... there's never been a report of a Hollow not doing that; they always follow this pattern. I have absolutely no theories about this, but whatever it is, we should be grateful since it means Naruto lived." The 10th Division pointed out, looking at the training blonde fondly.

"I suppose..." Hono did the same. "So, what was the business about Quincies upsetting the balance of souls?" She asked as an afterthought.

"When a Shinigami kills a Hollow, we cleanse its soul and send it to be judged, like Konsou, but when a Quincy kills a Hollow, they completely destroy its soul, interfering with the cycle of rebirth. That's why... there was a war. And a purge. Quincies are nearly extinct because of us. And those that survived are now burning with hatred towards us." Toshirou explained plainly; while he didn't hate Quincies, he also didn't like them because they still upset the balance, which he wouldn't stand for.

Hono wanted to be angry at him, wanted to be furious, but she couldn't, because she understood him. As one of the nine bijuu, she was 'born' to create a balance; to destroy the Juubi, even though its chakra, much like energy, couldn't be destroyed, so it was transformed. The bijuu weren't forces of nature to maintain the balance, they themselves were a balance, created to destroy something. So she remained silent.

Toushirou appreciated this, even if he didn't say it.

"Can you and Rangiku-san take over his Shinigami training? The fairies are taking over his Shun Shun Rikka, and I'll handle the other four; Shinigami-sama left us directions." Hono asked of him.

"Of course. While I never intended to teach this much to him, only enough to survive in a village of people that hate him, he's grown on me, and now I feel it is my responsibility to make sure he doesn't hurt anyway now that he has the power to touch others' souls and damage them." Toushirou reasoned. "Is that everything you wanted to say?" He asked.

"...Are you sure you've never heard of the other three abilities? The fist, Shun Shun Rikka, and... me?" Hono gestured to her form, the Doll.

"...No I haven't. Though this ability that manifests you as a 'Doll' sounds familiar... I'll look up what I can in the Seireitei and get back to you." Toushirou promised.

"I guess I'll settle for that. Should we get to training him, then?" Hono asked, receiving a nod before they walked back towards Naruto.

(Flashback end)

For, sadly, only two more years could Toushirou and Rangiku train Naruto on and off; the last time he saw them, they came together to tell him that they wouldn't be coming back for a long time, as a situation had popped up in their human world; something about a Shinigami being put on trial for making a human a Substitute Shinigami without authorization. While a bit unfair, none of them could do anything about it. Rangiku gave him a tearful hug goodbye, and Toushirou gave him a brotherly fist bump, before they disappeared in their portal to the Seireitei.

Over the years, they had managed to help train him in swordsmanship, though his zanpakutou still refused to give him its name, and expanded his repertoire of Kidou; he now knew three techniques for the three main branches of it, Bakudou, Hadou, and Kaidou. Rangiku also trained Naruto in his taijutsu, though she called it Hakuda, and she also trained him in tactics, surprising both of them with her intelligence, though she didn't take it personally.

About a year after he told them about his Kekkei Genkai, Toushirou finally made a breakthrough on finding information on Naruto's ability to manifest the Kyuubi as a Doll, and his arm transformation. The former was the ability of a Bount, a sub-species created in the Seireitei that escaped while losing about 90% of their numbers. They could maintain eternal youth by consuming souls, though they didn't know if Naruto got that ability, and he wasn't that eager to try it out, anyway. The latter ability was reminiscent of a Fullbringer, a select group of humans that were the children of a parent that was attacked by a Hollow and held some of its spiritual energy, which was passed to the child. Though, Naruto's arm transformation seemed to be of a specific Fullbringer, not the general abilities, which they managed to work on once they discovered them. Fullbringers could manipulate the souls of all physical matter, even inanimate objects; they managed to train him in that, and it was extraordinary and interesting, to say the least.

They couldn't really train in his newly-named Bount abilities since that required harvesting souls, and he'd leave that for his shinobi career. His Fullbring abilities, on the other hand, could be refined. Two years after Toushirou and Rangiku left, Naruto felt a progressively worsening pain in his transformed arm while he trained. It came to a head after one pain-filled hour, where it finally exploded with spiritual energy, culminating in an even higher, if brief, moment of agony. When the dust and pain died down, his arm had transformed again. The white disappeared and the magenta became a little lighter, while the fins on the wrist disappeared and the spouts on the shoulders joined into a single plate, lengthening slightly to exceed the top of Naruto's head, while the stripe became an intricate design across his entire arm. With it, his projectile attack was more focused and refined, and he could blast spiritual energy out of the spout on top like exhaust to enhance his strength.

The Shun Shun Rikka's origins were still a mystery, though Naruto trained in their techniques all the same; he was now able to use the abilities without doing the incantations. Through Toushirou's observations they found that all of the techniques weren't as they seemed; the shield, healing, and attack weren't what they appeared. They were, as the incantation said, rejections of time and space. The shield rejected negative events, such as attacks, but could also be used as a platform or a full dome-like shield. The healing is a rejection of events within the area, returning the target to a state before they were injured; they theorized it could even revive the recently deceased, but of course, weren't eager to test that theory. The attack rejects the fusion of matter, splitting it with the arrow headed-shape of Kuroibara's technique; it breaks through the opponent, forms a shield on both sides, and pushes them, splitting the target. The technique itself is powered by Naruto's killing intent and willingness to hurt the enemy; with dreams of being a shinobi, he required this, and thus the technique was extremely effective.

He even found a way to transform the technique; by using a new incantation, Naruto could turn Kuroibara's form into a halberd, or even a scythe, by forming a pole from spiritual energy and growing or reshaping the attack form. He called it Koten Zanken. (Solitary Sacred Cutting Blade)

Strangely, after Naruto created the technique, the normally silent fairy said something.


From then on, the tense atmosphere around Kuroibara was gone, but he still never spoke again.

For the Quincy abilities, Toushirou's findings brought up Blut, a defensive/offensive technique based in channeling spiritual energy through Naruto's blood vessels. They discovered that the dual systems for the defense and offense disallowed the ability to use them simultaneously, and there was a five second time span between changes, something Naruto couldn't train in for now. The Blut Vene allowed him enhanced durability like his Hollow powers, and the Blut Arterie allowed him to deal monstrous physical damage with his attacks, something he used in tandem with his Brazo Derecha de Gigante. They also used the hilt of the katana Toushirou bought him to achieve the same effect as the Quincies Seele Schneider, a sword made of spiritual energy that functions more like a chainsaw, and could be fired from his bow like an arrow. They had to buy a second hilt - that was a weird conversation to have with the cashier... - for Naruto to enter melee combat on the fly should his bow not suffice.

Finally, the Hollow training was very nearly a mess, as when Naruto formed his first Cero, thanks to Toushirou mentioning it, the explosion would've normally brought all sorts of hell upon them, but thanks to their proximity to the Forest of Death, it was ignored; hooray for human laziness. Afterwards, though, Naruto wanted to try something; he attempted to compress the Cero into something more like a bullet. After about a week of trying it by way of boosting his chakra control, which would also count towards his spiritual energy control, he was able to achieve it; a rapid-fire technique that fired several mini-Cero's.

After they left, Naruto changed his wardrobe to denote a little bit of each part of his Kekkei Genkai. He went for a slightly modified black, long-sleeved button-up shirt, the sleeves having a burnt orange stripe outlined in white down them like the first form of Brazo Derecha de Gigante, and sewn-on straps to hold his zanpakutou on his back. Under the black shirt, which was unbuttoned halfway down, he wore a white undershirt that could be seen with a blue eight-point cross on the chest. He wore dark blue baggy pants tucked into his shin-high ashen sandals, his kunai pouch tied to his right hip, the sealed form of Hono-chans Doll form on display at the left side of his waist. He kept his Hollow mask on the side of his head at all times.

For the five years after they left, Naruto kept training in his abilities, refining them bit by bit, never stopping. Once he entered the Shinobi Academy at the age of 8, he hid his abilities from his peers so no questions would be raised. Granted, that happened anyway when he showed amazing proficiency in the chakra manipulation exercises. He brushed them off, especially the arrogant Uchiha who entered a new realm of asshole after his clan was massacred. You'd think he'd be all somber and quiet after that...

And if they weren't asking questions about his skills, they'd be asking about his little accessories, the aforementioned Uchiha demanding his sword more than once. Each time, he was rebutted with a headbutt. Then again, when he did that, his precious fan club came to his 'rescue', but Naruto scared them off by simply putting the mask on and saying something, terrifying them with his changed voice.

When he wasn't making enemies of fangirls or the last Uchiha, he was actually making friends; he hung out with the Ino-Shika-Cho heirs - yes, that includes Ino; he helped her realize the Uchiha was an ass and she stopped her affections after a while, trying to see some good in him, and failing miserably - Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino - it was more like a mutual respect in each other's presence thing - and sort of Hyuuga Hinata. She reminded him of Sawarabi, but with more stuttering; she was still nice, though.

Anyway, even with his great chakra control, he still couldn't do the Bunshin no Jutsu, which bit him in the ass on Graduation day; because of the damn technique, he failed the exam. He had only done half as good as he really was, so it put him in the middle of the class, but that meant nothing if he couldn't do the absolutely pointless technique the Academy desired.

Naruto was sitting against one of the trees outside the Academy, ignoring the stares and whispers of indignation that he wanted to be a shinobi, though that one lady chastising her friend about a 'law' was interesting... The first thing he thought was to confront the jii-san about it, but discarded the idea as too much of a headache, since it would force him to tell him about Hono-chan, and the right questions might force him to talk about his Kekkei Genkai. Bad idea.

"There's always next time, Naruto-kun." Hono soothed the blonde from within the seal, having grown more affectionate with him over the years. Since she could technically be free, she didn't have to stay in the seal, as her chakra was still inside him, but she couldn't really go around the village, especially since she still hasn't figured out if she could turn into her human form as a Doll, and thus her only option was to stay in his apartment, and she'd get lonely, so she stayed with him.

'I know, it's just that stupid Bunshin no Jutsu pissing me off; what's the point of learning it, anyway? Only an idiot would fall for it, and even then, they'd find out they're fake 'cause their attacks would go right through them! And it's even more obvious since they can't even talk, cast no shadows, and have to be completely controlled by the caster! It's useless!' Naruto complained not for the first time about the 'practicality' of the technique.

"Yes, yes, I know." Hono responded, falling into the routine whenever Naruto got flustered about the technique. Before Naruto could responded, Hono's head shot up when she sensed a signature laden with negative emotions. "Naruto-kun, someone's coming." She warned.

Immediately knowing that meant someone bad, Naruto merely nodded and got to his feet.

"Hey Naruto, I wanted to talk to you about something."

It was Mizuki-sensei.

End Ch. 1

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