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Hollow: Anko

Bount: FemKyuubi

Shinigami: Yuugao

Shun Shun Rikka: FemHaku

Quincy: OC

Full Bring: Tsunade

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Oh, as a side note, in the first chapter I may have insinuated that Naruto was left-handed with what he did with Mizuki. I apologize, I didn't realize it. He's right-handed like in canon.

"Hey"- human speech

'Hey'- human thought

"Hey"- Jutsu/Demon speech/ Soul Conjunction techniques

'Hey'- Demon thought

Let's begin

During the night, Naruto had met Kyuubi, and he was not prepared for what he saw.


Naruto was standing in his mindscape, panting, as he had finished his training for the night.

He had acquainted himself with each aspect of his Spirit Conjunction Kekkei Genkai; he was not ready to meet his zanpakuto spirit, so Spirit Sword was out. He understood the power of Full Bring, so Fist was, also. He met the spirits that made up his Spirit Fairies; they were nice enough. At least some were. He could imagine he'd be butting heads with Tsubaki in the future, the hot-headed 'leader' of them. He much preferred Lily and Ayame; they were nice.

His meeting with the aspect of Spirit Mask was… odd. He had found himself face to face with an exact copy of himself, yet still different. Perhaps the fact this copy was completely white, hair, skin, clothes, all white. His eyes had black sclera and yellow where his blue should be. The copy stared at him with obvious mirth. Nothing was said between the two, so Naruto just went on his way. The copy unnerved him to no end.

For his Spirit Arrow, there really wasn't any physical aspect that symbolized the power of a Quincy, so he moved on to Spirit Puppet. That's where things got interesting.

He approached the cage to the Kyuubi, fully expecting the large crimson orbs to eye him with amusement. What he didn't expect was a beautiful naked woman to be behind the bars.

He had to fight the nosebleed that was threatening to fly out, but he couldn't hold down the fierce blush on his face. "K-Kyuubi?" Naruto asked warily, hoping this was some form of trick.

"In the flesh." She answered, her voice sultry and sending a shiver down Naruto's spine. She leaned against the bar, the structure resting between her large E cup breasts as her raised leg just hid her modesty from view. "This is my true form." She emphasized this point as two fox ears popped up on her head and nine tails swayed into view.

"I… see…" Naruto muttered as he held his nose, both to stay the flow of blood and to block out the pheromones he was sure she was letting out.

"Come on, kit, I ache. If you want to master my power, you just need to conquer me." She teased, moan throughout her sentence as she teased Naruto, sliding down the bar to the ground into a pleading, sexual heap.

Naruto was sorely tempted to oblige her, but realized something. "I'm 12!" He yelled.

"Actually, you're 16." She corrected, suddenly standing and fully dressed in a red kimono with black trim.

"Huh?" Naruto questioned intelligently.

"The activation of your Kekkei Genkai fused you with about a tails' worth of my chakra, turning you into a hanyou." She explained.

Naruto paled at the word. "Great! Now those stupid villagers are half-right!" He complained, banging his head against a bar of her cage.

Before he could continue, his head was seized by a pair of soft hands and he was pulled into the cage, his face buried in her ample bosom in consolidation.

"Oh, you just ignore them, Naru-chan. Hono-chan will take care of the big, bad villagers for you." She cooed, treating him like a baby and smothering him.

Naruto merely blushed and shut his eyes, silently hoping this dream didn't end, his perverted side taking over and relishing in his current position, whilst also wondering about the name she gave. 'Hono? Must be her real name. Of course, it would be fire.'

"Aw, is Naru-chan being a little pervert?" Kyuubi cooed as she lifted his face to stare at her, their noses touching.

Suddenly Naruto's perverted side was yelling at him to deny all claims in self-preservation. "N-no…" He stuttered, suddenly afraid of the dreaded female righteousness.

"Aw, you don't have to be afraid of little old me. You get that, including a lot of other things, from me." She said, confusing him.

"Like what?" he asked. The lecherous grin as his response unnerved him.

"Like your prowess at pranking, your cunning mind, and... my favorite part." She answered, eying his crotch with barely hidden lust.

Suddenly realizing where her gaze led, he snapped to the side, covering his crotch as if her eyes were violating him, his face crimson. "HENTAI-KISTUNE!" He yelled. She merely laughed at him. Trying to shrug off his embarrassment, he turned to her. "S-so... what was that you mentioned about 'conquering you' to master your power?" He asked.

She broke out of her laughter, wiping an imaginary tear from her eye. "Just what you think, Naruto-kun. We must mate for you to unlock the full potential of my chakra. But, for the part of my power for you Spirit Puppet Kekkei Genkai, you just need to consume enough souls for me to evolve. Once I have enough souls, I will become a new weapon and you will have greater mastery over my abilities." She explained, relishing at his embarrassed look at the first part.

"Wh-which are?" He asked nervously.

"I can control the five elements, cast illusions, and, once you master my chakra, I can further augment your other powers to the highest level." She explained.

"Whoa..." Naruto whispered. "So, because I have you, I have an affinity for all five elements, can actually do genjutsu, and I can overpower my other powers?" he asked. At her nod, he jumped into the air, whooping about kicking everybody's ass. She giggled at his behavior.

While they were talking, the Shinigami decided to ruin their moment. "Come on, gaki, it's time for you to meet you zanpakuto spirit." He said.

Naruto was puzzled; zanpakuto spirit? He had no idea what that was. "What's that, Shinigami-sensei?" He asked.

"The embodiment of your Spirit Sword. It is the spirit of the sword you acquired. He will train you in the techniques of his blade and, should he deem it time, tell you his name." He explained.

"What's so important about his name?" Naruto asked.

Instead of voicing his answer, Shinigami whipped around and tapped a finger against Naruto's head, flooding his mind with visions.

He saw a teenager with a mop of orange hair wearing the black hakama he wore. He also had a zanpakuto, which he was currently holding forward, parallel to the ground, and he heard him say something. "...Zangetsu!" The boy exploded with the energy Naruto exuded when he first activated his Kekkei Genkai. When the cloud of dust and energy cleared, the same boy stood, but his sword was changed. It now looked like a huge kitchen knife, no guard, and bandages wrapped around the handle. He lunged at the towering enemy before him, a strange man with an eye patch and his hair in a strange style, the spikes having bells at the ends. He watched as he fought with new found power.

His vision changed, and he was now watching a man with his red hair in a pineapple style, black markings branching from his eyebrows, as he held out his own zanpakuto. "Howl, Zabimaru!" The same process occurred, and when the cloud cleared, the change was much more evident. His sword became and even longer six-part segmented blade; each segment wider than the one preceding it from the hilt, with two pick-like protrusions on the front and back of each segment, with the ones on the front much longer than the ones on the back. He attacked the orange haired boy from earlier, his sword extending between the segments with a jungle of stretchable threads.

He was in awe at what he was watching, his mouth having fallen open long ago.

"This is why it is important to learn the name of your zanpakuto. As you can see, when you call out their name, your sword changes and you gain incredible power. However, you won't learn the name of your zanpakuto for a while; he will only reveal it to you once you need it the most." Shinigami explained.

Naruto's face fell when he heard that he wouldn't be learning the name of his sword; he was so looking forward to waving it around and kicking ass. He begrudgingly followed the Shinigami to his spirit to begin his training in the arts from his Spirit Sword aspect.

(Flashback End)

Naruto was now walking towards the Academy, thinking over his new training regimen. Spirit (he decided to refer to the zanpakuto spirit as such until he learned his true name) had taken over the Shinigami's training him in the art of Kido, having him refine his control over the three Bakudou he already learned.

He had also begun training his Shun Shun Rikka, finding out that the power only had three techniques: a shield, healing, and one attack. The shield took three fairies, so it was pretty strong. The healing took two, so it was... average. The attack was the remaining one, Tsubaki, and it wasn't very strong. Per Shinigami-sensei's suggestion, he decided to see if he could 'train' all of them to be able to do everything. He was sure he could also help them strengthen their power, so one being could summon a shield as strong as the normal three, create the field of healing, or rather at Lily's correction, temporal/spacial rejection, whatever the heck that meant, and they could strengthen their attack and all six could do so.

For the Brazo Derecha del Gigante Menos, Shinigami corrected, since the true arm he saw was worlds better than Naruto's currently was, he was merely training in its strength and working on the one technique it truly had, a sort of energy burst from a punch to the air, like a bullet.

He also ran by the only clothing store that allowed him inside, and got a new change of clothes to suit his sudden change. Ignoring the comments of the rather young clerk when her eyes lingered over his form once he shed the foreign clothing, he now walked in clothing of a similar style, but not as impeding as it was before.

He now wore a black, short-sleeved hoodie, with the left shoulder white and having the blue cross design of his Quincy powers. He wore black ANBU style pants that tapered into bandages wrapped around his ankles into his black steel-toed boots; he never understood why shinobi wore beach wear. His special gloves remained on his hands, as did the rings of the Shun Shun Rikka, and he had kunai and shuriken pouches strapped to both his thighs, but the special tri-point kunai of Kyuubi remained at his waist. His unnamed zanpakuto was now strapped to his back and he had his hood up, the Hollow Mask hanging off the side in the same style as when he awakened his powers. His pentacle necklace was tucked into his hoodie as he walked to the Academy in silence, ignoring the glares and hateful whispers from civilians as he walked by.

He smirked to himself at the reactions of his classmates when he would arrive, both the simple fact of the action, and his new look, his grin unnerving the civilians. He brushed passed them and approached the door to the classroom and took a deep breath, pushing the door open.

He was met with silence. Opening his eyes he didn't even realize he closed, he watched as every student was staring at him as if he were something out of a freak circus. He silently, or at least as silent as one in steel-toed combat boots could be, walked inside and took his seat next to Uchiha Sasuke. The resident emo was the only child that didn't show a reaction to the new Naruto, opting for staring out the window as he always did. Everyone else on the other hand…

'Whoa, who the heck is that?!' Was the collective thought of student body. They stared at the stranger dressed in black, with an oddly white left shoulder, weird gloves, a sword and kunai strapped to his body, and some evil-looking mask hanging off his head, those daring enough to stare into the empty sockets of said mask feeling extreme unease.

"Who the heck are you?!" One Inuzuka Kiba finally yelled, breaking the tension.

Naruto's shoulder slumped; he was enjoying the silence. He turned around in his seat and raised his head, finally showing his face, and relishing in their gasps and awed faces.

'Naruto?!' Everyone thought at once.

"It's me, dog breath." Naruto uttered at Kiba, smirking at the giggles and snickers around the room and Kiba's fuming face.

"Where do you get off acting all cool?!" He yelled in retaliation.

"...Is that a rhetorical question?" Naruto asked, relishing as some of the weaker-willed students bursting out in laughter at what he was insinuating.

Kiba let go of all inhibitions and launched himself at Naruto, fully intent on wringing his throat.

Naruto merely turned forward, as if he was going to ignore the impending pre-teen baring his claws. Then, before anyone could even yell out for him to watch out, he snapped his fist back, bashing it into Kiba's snarling face, stopping him almost immediately. Following through, he grabbed the dazed Inuzuka by the hair, his hood having fallen from the sudden stop, and bashed his head on the edge of the desk, surely knocking him out and giving him a minor concussion. Several students winced at the simple brutality of the move, but were in silent awe that Naruto, the 'dead last' of their graduating year, just served Kiba, the admittedly strongest genin-to-be, in terms of brute strength.

"So, Naruto..." Shikamaru droned, breaking the silence of the class. "I assume you somehow passed the genin test after we did?" He asked, receiving a silent nod. "Good to see you won't be left behind. But I can imagine having you around will be troublesome..." He finished, letting his head fall back on his desk.

Naruto snickered at his reaction. "Nice to see you, too, Shika." Naruto said.

Shikamaru merely gave an acknowledging grunt as he soon fell asleep.

"Why do you suddenly look older, Naruto-kun?" Ino asked.

Naruto smiled at his fellow blonde; while every girl scorned him for trying to take attention away from their precious Sasuke-kun, Ino was the only nice girl that apologized to him about her actions, for she feared being scorned by her peers if she were to be nice to him in front of them. He slowly got up and embraced Ino in a hug, surprising everyone in the classroom, including Ino herself.

She felt her face redden and she gave a rather Hinata-like 'eep!' when he did but slowly returned the embrace. She relished in the warmth his arms gave her.

Naruto slowly looked at her, staring into her sky blue eyes, chuckling silently at the pink tinge of her cheeks, and slowly drew her lips into a kiss, flooring everyone around them. She stiffened at the sign of affection but slowly closed her eyes and fell into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her sides, resting his hands on the small of her back. Ino's left leg slowly lifted off the ground, bending up a bit, showing her pleasure in the kiss.

Both blondes slowly drew back, a pink tinge on both their cheeks, and panting slightly.

"That was my thank you, Ino-chan." Naruto whispered to her.

Ino blushed a bit more at the affectionate gesture and smiled, not being afraid to show her affection for Naruto before. While she subtly stopped some kids from ridiculing Naruto too far, or some smaller mobs from attacking him, she couldn't do much in terms of helping him. But she knew he forgave her.

"And I'll explain later." Naruto whispered again, answering her question, kind of.

Ino nodded and sat in his lap when he sat down, slowly falling asleep in his embrace.

Several of the Sasuke fangirls that didn't love him as strong as the 'veterans' silently 'awww'ed at the scene before them. Before any other events could unfold, Umino Iruka walked into the room, conspicuously without his assistant Mizuki.

Several genin were confused about this, not having heard about the events of the night before pertaining to the Chuunin and their own classmate, Naruto. They merely shrugged it off, thinking why bother have two Chuunin's when the students would be given their Jounin instructors today?

Most of the class tuned out his mini-speech of congratulations and the responsibilities they would now have as shinobi and legal adults.

No one really paid attention to the team listings of Teams 1 through 6.

"Team 7, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura…" Ignoring the banshee cry of 'love conquers all.' "And Nara Shikamaru. Your sensei will be Hatake Kakashi. Team 8 is Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata, and Aburame Shino. Your sensei is Yuuhi Kurenai. Team 9 is still in circulation. Team 10, Uzumaki Naruto…" Iruka started, gaining said blonde's attention. "Yamanaka Ino…" He continued, smiling as the couple silently cheered and cuddled a bit more. "And Akimichi Choji." He finished, seeing Choji smile at his soon-to-be teammates. "Your sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma." He added, receiving nods as the team took their seats together in one of the empty rows higher up, Naruto and Ino holding hands.

Iruka repeated his speech on their new responsibilities. This time, no one even listened and they awaited their new sensei's. About 5 minutes later, they heard footsteps down the hall and the door to the classroom open, revealing two figures.

The first was a beautiful woman with light, almost glowing, skin, an attractively messy mop of black hair, her piercing crimson eyes accented by the purple eyeliner and her ruby lips. Her entire seemed to be made of battle bandages over fishnet with a single red sleeve.

"Team 8?" She questioned with her melodious voice.

In response, Kiba, Hinata and Shino nodded and stood up and followed her out of the room.

The second figure that secretly waved goodbye to the beautiful woman was a man with tan skin and a short beard with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He wore the normal Jounin attire with some odd cloth at his waist with the kanji for fire. "Team 10?" He asked.

Naruto, Ino, and Choji repeated the actions of Team 8 and followed him.

"We're gonna go get some lunch and introduce ourselves over it." He explained.

(Akimichi Barbeque Resturant)

Team 8 had already ordered their lunch and were currently talking.

"Well, I'll start off. My names Sarutobi Asuma; my likes are practicing my fuuton-empowered kenjutsu with my trench knives, shogi and go. I don't really have any dislikes. My hobbies are the same as my likes, and I haven't really thought of a dream. You next; Naruto, was it?" He pointed to Naruto, asking for assurance.

Naruto nodded. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto; I like ramen, Ino-chan..." He started, smiling at the blushing platinum blonde. "And practicing my techniques. My dislikes are idiots who can't see the the sealing scroll holding the kunai." He ground out, his eyes narrowing slightly; his teammates were confused at what he meant but Asuma understood completely. "And manipulative bastards who will take every opportunity for power." He added, thinking back to the idea that the civilian council would manipulate him for his new Kekkei Genkai. "My hobbies are training, pretty much, and my dream is to master my power and to became someone the people will acknowledge me as." He finished, taking care to steer clear of revealing too much information about his Kekkei Genkai or his mannerisms as 'the old Naruto' who would spout off some nonsense about being Hokage. While he had a similar dream now, if the people couldn't acknowledge him as their leader, then they will acknowledge him some other way, even if he has to become a missing nin. He turned to Ino, silently passing the baton of introductions to her.

Ino stared at him for a second before realizing it was her turn. "My name is Yamanaka Ino; I like flowers and Naruto-kun." She started, blushing as her eyes lingered to said blonde next to her. "And helping my parents in their shop. I dislike people who make fun of others because they look different. My hobbies are tending to the flowers in the shop and practicing my clans' techniques. My dream is to make a certain man very happy." She finished, blushing with Naruto as they held hands.

Asuma chuckled. 'Ah, young love.' He mused and turned to Choji, only to find he was mindlessly eating and possibly musing on other foods, having completely drowned out the entire meeting. He sweat dropped and decided against trying to break him out of his stupor, already knowing what to expect from the boy.

He looked forward to his future with this genin team, but silently mused about Naruto's 'power.'

End Ch. 1

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