Note: this is just a prologue, so it's really short. I don't own keroro gunso in any way. Well this is a story I plan turn into a fan manga.

Present day: Tokyo, Japan, 2012

Just a regular day in Tokyo, at the Hinata's residence. In the keroro platoon's meeting room, they were discussing their invasion plans. It all came to a stop when giroro said no. The leader then slammed his hands on the table, wanted to start an argument.
"This is not just some scam to go buy your retarded toys!"
Giroro yelled.
"Gero! How dare you insult my precious gundams like that, corporal! I swear this will not be any scam on this point."
"Yeah! Last time you said that, it was a complete lie just to get your toy!"
"Why I never!"
Keroro replied back. As the red and green keronian were going to fight, Dororo broke it up.
"Break it up you two!"
Dororo yelled and jumped back in his seat.
Then the young, dark tadpole began to get bored and confessed.
"Eh.. I think Gochou-san has a point~desu. Even I can't accept it."
Keroro then froze, wondering why no one would buy it.
"You could say, a terrible idea, oji-sama."
Angol Moa said behind Keroro. Then Kululu woke up from his slumber and yawned.
"Kukuku. Seems it was a good timing to not hear any of this."
"Yes. Let us all just leave.."
Dororo added.
Then, as the platoon was exiting the room, the five of the team members were surrounded by a blinding pink light. And in a blink they disappeared. As Moa opened her eyes she saw no one was with her.
Not a single sound was heard from the Keronians.