Them Girls Like Them Bad Boys

Them Girls Like Them Bad Boys

I Heard Them Girls Like Them Bad Boys


It's like shhh…be quiet

Cause your body talks louder when it's silent

Got your eyes sayin' yes

Your mouth sayin' more

Girl you like what I do,

Come here let me guide you

Take It Off Quick

Take It Off Quick

We Taking Off, Yeah

Girl I'm About To Break You Off

Lloyd [Aiden]:

First things first, I want to see just how you throw 'em off

Second – I'ma wish for what I shouldn't, like your clothes off

Practice, I will train you

Round three

Awaiting Four now

Please don't make me say the words,

I can't bear to let you down

Quarter past wrong

About to take her to the hide out

Take her to the bed

But we'll leave before the night's out

Kain is still alive now

I'ma bring the fight out

Pure-blood, Sentinel, I'ma put your lights out


J. Holiday [Seth]:

Come in here, I succumb

Let's we do something dumb

Ruin your dress

Want me to stop?




Listen, Angel, shut up

The time is opportune

I'm gonna touch ya –

You're gonna make me rune

I'ma let you choose me,

Baby, you can bruise me,

Girl no one can refuse me

Time I was on your brain

You know you got me on

So I'll respond,

Sincerely, this Apollyon


Nicki Minaj [Alex]:

You need a black eye buddy?

Then you'd best move your hand

When you pick me up it'll be me just making my last stand

Been on the training mat

For like a day 'n a half

All of the skills I lost –

I'm slowly gaining back

They want aether,

So all the daimons will be draining that

Everything I do I would be wishing I had Aiden back

I'm not a heavy drinker:

Got Aphrodisiac?

If I could love Seth –

Then that's a fate attack

Take ya til ya exhaust,

I'ma take it take it off

Take me for a girl

I'ma take it till you lost

I'ma take it to the boys

Cause they know that I'm the boss

I'ma stay legit stay legit

Waking with a soft

I'ma get all in your face

If you get all in my way

The way I piss them off, it's a talent, you could say

What I mean,

Almost time that they call me on

Turn eighteen and they'll make me Apollyon