Tsukumo-chan! Yuki-chan!" Toko yelled to her brother. Tuskumo and Yuki looked up to see Toko running towards them her pink hair flowing behind her.

"What is it?" Yuki asked nervously. He knew the Duras had been after him for a while but he'd never been attacked at school.

"I don't feel a presence," Tsukumo said as if reading Yuki's mind.

"It's not that," Toko said trying to catch her breath.

"Then what?" Yuki said confused.

"Takashiro has called us," she said.

"For what?" Luka suddenly appeared behind Yuki.

"I don't know," Toko said honestly.

"Someone should get Sushei and Hotsuma," Tsukumo said.

Just at the minute as if someone had called them mentally they both showed up looking ready to fight. Sushei was behind Hotsuma his fist tightened as they both started to get ready for a fight.

"Takashiro has called us back to Twilight Mansion," Tsukumo said.

"For what?" Hotsuma said his eyes narrowing.

"I don't know," Toko said truthfully.

"The faster we get there the faster we find out," Yuki said going to the car parked outside waiting for them.

"Still something's wrong," Shusei said following Yuki.

After a silent journey of Zweilt partner staying close together fearing the worst, the car finally arrived to Twilight Mansion. Outside waiting was Takashiro tapping his foot impaitently. The look on his face gave everyone a new jolt of nervousness. The others standing around him had poker faces. Hotsuma and Luka were the first out of the car.

"What's going on?" Hotsuma asked.

"Who's here?" Luka asked his eyes narrowing.

"Duras," he said "we think."

"You think?" Tsukumo asked an eyebrow raised.

"Well it's an on off signal," he answered "they may be testing the border."

"What else?" Luka asked his face going back to the unemotional everyone was used to seeing.

"A Zweit," he answered.

"Only one?" Luka asked.

"Yes it seems but we've lost track of him/her," he replied.

"Does that mean he/she's been killed?" Toko asked "and their partner might be dead to!"

"Who?" Shusei asked stepping out of the car at last.

"Not one of ours," he said.

"What do you mean not one of ours!" Hotsuma yelled.

"He's foreign," Takashiro said.

"There's others?" he said.

"Yes," Takashiro sighed, "Many others."

"How come we've never heard of this?" Luka demanded.

"They'll kill him," Yuki said stepping up and pulling close to Luca.

"I don't know if they will or not," he said.

"Let's go meet him," Yuki said and they all set off looking for the Zweilt.

"Are you sure she's here?" Jesse questioned.

"Yes," I'm sure," Adam said.

A figure flew past the trees and Adam drew his weapon, a black spiked ring and a silver pole appeared into his hands.

"You can't catch me," a childish voice giggled.

"Damn it!" Adam yelled "Jesse, Leislie take cover the other Zweilts are approaching."

Both Jesse and Leislie ducked into the bushes while Adam did his best to cover their scents making them impossible to sense to a Zweilt.

He felt their presence before he saw them. There were 7. It took Adam only a moment to realize that one of the them was a Duras. Instincivly he drew his weapon and went into a defencive stand.

"Don't be worried," one of them said "he won't hurt you."

"How do I know that?" Adam snarled at them.

At that moment the Duras drew his sword and Adam growled louder and took a step forward.

"Luka!" a boy yelled.

"There's another Duras here," he said.

Just then Adam remembered where he was. Nikki had told him about the "extra" in the group just like theirs. He should have known these were the Zweilts he'd been looking for when this goose chase started.

"Don't!" he screamed as Luka went for the trees.

Jesse barely dodged the attack before running off behind Adam. Then Luka went for Leislie who jumped out of the way but landed flat on his back against the road. Luka drew his sword to attack him but before anything could happen he was tackled to the ground by Jesse.

"Stop!" Jesse yelled grabbing Luka and holding him down before jumping off of him and dodging a fist just as Leislie ran to Adam's side.

"Who are you?" Luka roared.

"Stop!" Adam yelled and everyone looked over at him but before he could say anything the childish giggle came back and she ran from the trees going for a peach haired boy. Jesse leaped to his rescue cutting the dura's arm off before getting slashed. She screached in pain before Jesse hit the final blow through her heart.

"What just happened?" Yuki asked trembling.

"I saved you," Jesse said putting his hand over the slash mark he'd gotten when she'd hit him. It stung but quickly dissapeared as soon as it had come.

"Why?" he asked confused.

"That's my job," Jesse said simply before returning to Adam and standing next to him.

"What's going on here?" Hotsuma finally asked looking pointly at Takashiro.

"I can't tell you if they're telling the truth or not," Takashiro said "it depends what Zweilt group they're from."

"Nikki's," Leislie said stepping in front of Adam.

"America's group?" Takashiro said confused "That's a long joroney. What does the Tamashii Clan want that it's so important?"

Luka's eye went wide and he immidiatly stepping in front of Yuki.

"Never," he growled at them.

"We aren't here to take him," Adam said stepping next to Jesse.

"Then what?" Sushei said stepping forward next to Hotsuma.

If this came down to a fight Adam knew it wouldn't be a fair one.

'Don't worry Adam, Danny and Jack are on their way' a voice said.

Adam sighed hoping it wouldn't come down to that.

'It won't' the voice promised.

Takashiro stepping in front of them all.

"What does Nikki want?" he asked.

"All of you," Jesse said "she wants you to come to America. She didn't tell us what just said it was urgent."

Takashiro's eye went wide and the 2 boys drew their weapons.

"Who's there?" Jesse suddenly called out his sword matiralizing in his hands.

"Just us," Jack and Danny said walking out hands up.

Jesse's sword disappeared and his body untensed.

"Jack," he breathed in relief.

"Yes it's us, so sorry to disappoint," Danny called as they walked towards Adam "we got called."

"I more relieved," Jesse admitted.

"You getting soft boy?" Jack mocked him.

"Not a chance in hell," Jesse said his eyes narrowing.

Takashiro and the others were still standing there deciding what to do. We stood there for a while in silence. Takashiro was the first to speak