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The Japanese Zweilts watched the others except the Japanese started to leave, slowly dissipating. When everyone had left the Zweilts sat down and exhaled.

"That was too close," Danny said curling into Jack's arms, "I almost lost you."

"I'm fine," Jack said but held tightly to Danny knowing just how close he'd come to losing him.

"Are you going to tell us what happened to you?" Hotsuma asked still standing a fair distance from him, his eyes back to their hard honeycomb color.

Jack looked up from Danny and sighed.

"I guess I owe you that much," Jack said. He hated owing anybody anything. A lesson he's been taught early on in his life was how dangerous it could become.

Everyone sat closer waiting to hear the story of the only Hanyou with a surviving mother.

"I should be dead," Jack started out saying glaring at the ground like it had threatened him.

He looked up staring straight at them but his eyes proved he was far away.

"I shouldn't have lived. After my mom was with my father she realized what had happened. She went to her family as soon as she found out she was pregnant. They wanted to kill her on the spot but her mother, my grandmother, refused. She still believed her grandchild had good in it and that my mother's faith would counteract the darkness of my father in me. My grandfather was a preacher though and my mom's 7 month had convinced her to abort me. It didn't go as planned though. Even premature I had demon blood running through me. I was much stronger than a normal newborn. Before they could kill me my grandmother took me away and hid me until I turned 2. That's when they found us. The town started a mob. My grandmother got me safely into the care of Nikki and then was killed by the mob," he said his eyes hardening at the bitter memory, "She died saving me."

"We took him in after that," Nikki said walking into the room, "and about 200 years later he found Danny."

"I was a science experiment," Danny explained, "this is the first time I've been a Zweilt. My parents wanted to see how long it would take for a child to go crazy if left without human contact starting at the age of 3."

Silence was the only response.

"I don't like humans that much," Jack admitted, "I'm used to the Tamashii group because I grew up with them but normal humans have a survival instinct that causes them to shy from and reject me. It's the same for Zweilts that haven't meant me before."

"And I don't like people because I'm not used to them," Danny said, "Jack protects me from them and since he doesn't like them himself it works for us. Maybe it's not the best solution but it's ours and I wouldn't change it."

"I guess we all assumed what we shouldn't have," Yuki said, being the first one to admit his mistake.

"I guess he's right," Senshirou agreed and Shusei shook his head in agreement.

"I guess we owe you an apology," Tsukumo said and Toko jumped on Jack startling him and causing him to raise his hand in defense.

"Hey!" Toko said wrapping her arms around him and pouting at him, "I was just trying to hug it out Ja-chan."

"You scared the fuck out of me," Jack said putting his hands down, "and don't call me that!"

"Why not?" she asked, "I think it's cute. You can call me Toko-chan!"

"Just call me Jack," he said a vein threatening to pop out of his head.

"But," Toko started.

"But nothing," Jack said harshly, "I hate stupid nicknames like that."

"Ja-chan," Danny said giggling slightly, "I like it."

Jack's face softened and he looked over at Danny.

"I guess it's okay then," Jack finally said pulling out of the girl's arms and looking over at his partner.

"Yay!" Toko yelled happily.

"Ja-chan and Danny-chan," Toko smiled.

Danny turned pink and laughed a little leaning into Jack.

"I like it Toko-chan," he said, "I think you're on to something."

Back in their rooms the Zweilts were left to ponder the story they'd been told.

"Do you think it's we were too harsh on him before?" Hotsuma asked.

"I think even though we should have listen to his story we had a right to be suspicious. He said himself that it was like a sixth sense for humans." Shusei replied back.

"I still feel like I was doing to him what others did to me," Hotsuma admitted.

"Well now you know not to do it again," Shusei said and slipped into bed next to him, gliding into his arms, "You won't make the same mistake twice. I know it. You had a reason to be nervous but now that you know his story you can try to make up for it now. It's just comes with the territory."

"Shusei?" Hotsuma asked.

"Yes" Shusei asked looking back to see honey colored eyes.

"Thank you," he said placing a chaste kiss on his lips and burying into his neck to sleep, "Goodnight."

Shusei turned red and touch a finger to his tingling lips.

"Goodnight," he replied.

"Luka?" Yuki asked as he tucked himself into bed.

"Yes Yuki?" Luka asked looking up from Sodom.

"Do you feel better knowing now?" Yuki asked.

"Not quite," Luka admitted, "I've been taught to be wary of them and it will take more than one story to change my mind. But that's for another time. Right now you need to sleep."

"Will you stay with me?" Yuki asked.

Luka hesitated for a second before walking over to the bed and sitting down on the edge.

"I will stay with you," he promised.

"Then you should lay down," Yuki said moving over a bit to accommodate him.

"I'm fine," Luka said but at Yuki's persistence finally laid down beside the boy.

"Better?" he asked.

"Much," Yuki said, "Goodnight Luka."

"Goodnight," Luka replied.

"I love you," Yuki said as his eyelids fluttered close sleeping luring him from the real world.

"I love you too, Yuki," he said when he was sure the boy was asleep.

"Senshirou?" Kuroto asked, "We were wrong weren't we?"

"Yeah," Senshirou said "and if we are to get through this war we have to learn to trust our allies or we are all going to die. This was the first step through and I think people have gotten it through their head that the fighting between groups has got to stop."

"I think we will be working together from now on," Kuroto agreed.

"But now we must face the bigger problem," Senshirou said, "And that's why we have been fighting."

"For control?" Kuroto guessed.

"No," Senshirou said, "So we did not have to face the real problem just yet. But now it begins."

"We're going to be alright," Kuroto said seriously.

"We're going to work together and end this once and for all," Senshirou agreed and tilted Kuroto's head up, kissing him.

A long, sensual kiss that had Kuroto's head spinning and his stomach fluttering.

"Together," Senshirou promised.

"Together," Kuroto agreed.

"Tsukumo?" Toko asked, "Do you think we can move on now that we know."

"Now that we know everything there's no need to be suspicious," Tsukumo said, "but that doesn't mean we let our guard down. I still don't trust some of the other Zweilt groups. Even if we have to work together you can't put all your faith into any of the groups that went against us."

"Which ones are those?" Toko asked.

"The Kashikoi, Saiai, Shinjiru, and Reikokuna Clans," Tsukumo said.

"I'll be careful," Toko promised.

"As will I," Tsukumo said.

"200 years old huh?" Davi asked, "No wonder I couldn't defeat him."

"216 years old," Nikki corrected, "And even if you're only 197 years old you should still be able to defeat him. Or do you forget that if you die, according to Reikokuna traditions, your assailant takes your position?"

"I haven't forgotten," Davi snarled at her, "That's why I stay in such great shape unlike you."

"My people wouldn't turn on me," Nikki said simply, "Even when I'm vulnerable. Can you say the same?"

"I don't need to be able to. I can easily beat them all," Davi smirked.

"Maybe that's why they are all so undertrained. So they don't over power him," Jack taunted.

"He's just like you," Davi gritted his teeth as he commented to Nikki.

"I know," Nikki said smiling, "It's wonderful isn't it? Now there's two people to make fun of you."

Davi just glared at her.

"Okay, okay I'm done for the night," Nikki said laughing slightly, "You can all return to your clans."

"Finally," Ali said, "I was tired of your bickering."

"I've already told you," Nikki said, "Davi's so far in the closet he's hit Narnia. If he would just find his Mr. Thomas and get out I'm sure he would be much happier."

"Nikki!" Davi yelled her as she ducked out of the way of the incoming vase he'd directed at her.

"They're never going to stop are they?" Austin asked.

"Probably not," Zane remarked.

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