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"Shusei!" Hotsuma said running up to him as soon as he was in view.

"Hotsuma calm down," Shusei said as he got closer to him.

"I missed you," Hotsuma said once he was close, panting slightly.

Shusei leaned on Hotsuma's neck and sighed, "I missed you too. Let's go get something to eat."

"You're hungry?" Hotsuma asked.

"Uh yeah," Shusei said, "D-did you have something else in mind?"

"No!" Hotsuma said forcefully, "I'm just not used to not having to shove food down you're throat, that's all."

Shusei turned red, "Well let's get something to eat."

He turned on his heels and quickly walked towards the kitchen. Hotsuma followed smiling a little.

They walked into the kitchen and Shusei made sandwiches and cut up fruit. They sat down and peacefully ate until a figure looomed over them.

"Time to go," Cory said, dressed in what appeared to be flame retardant clothes.

"What are you wearing?" Shusei asked taking a look at his clothes.

Cory looked down and looked back at Shusei, his face slightly red, "It's so your boyfriend doesn't set me on fire. Nikki said I need to wear it."

Shusei turned red and Hotsuma was fuming.

"What happens between them is none of your business Cory," Adam showed up, giving him a scathing look, "It's not like you're an angel."

"I didn't say I was," Cory said indignantly.

"Go take Hotsuma to training and cut out bullshit," Adam commanded and Cory frowned but turned to Hotsuma.

"Let's go," Cory said to Hotsuma and they walked to the training grounds together reluctantly.

Shusei was still laughing lightly at their antics when Adam sat down.

"Sorry about that," Adam said, "Personalities like his own find him aggressive and he gets defensive."

"It's fine," Shusei said, "He's just hard on the outside, he's not really as apathetic as he'd like to let others believe."

"So how long have you loved him?" Adam asked curiously as Shusei was finishing his water.

Shusei almost choked on his water as Adam's statement.

"Nice talking to you," Adam said smiling slightly and moving to leave.

Hotsuma followed Cory unhappily as he took him out to the training grounds.

Cory turned on his heels and Hotsuma stopped in front of him.

"I don't like you" Cory said, "It's not your fault I just don't trust anyone but Adam."

"And I don't trust you," Hotsuma said.

"Good," Cory said, "Then we are ready for training."

Hotsuma was waiting for Cory to say something when a burst of blue hit the ground next to him. Startled, he jumped back avoiding the electricity threatening to fry him.

"What the hell?" he exclaimed loudly, "Are you trying to kill me?"

"Lightening in the partner of fire," Cory said ignoring his outburst, "If you have the power of God's Voice then you can wield both."

"How?" Hotsuma demanded, wanting to learn the new skill so he'd be able to protect Shusei.

"Lightening is a more focused fire and takes a lot more energy," Cory explained, "To first be able to use lightening you have to concentrate all your energy into making a flame. Once you can do that it can travel through anything that can conduct electricity including not only the air but your own weapon."

Hotsuma shook his head and focused all his energy into a spot on the ground. It easily caught fire, the orange-yellow flame dancing across the ground. He looked up irritably at Cory.

Cory raised an eyebrow, "Keep focusing your energy. Try to do a short burst of high energy. You're too used to doing long burst of low energy."

Hotsuma huffed but looked down and sent another spout of energy into the same spot. The color changed to a blue-purple color and he looked at Cory expectantly.

"That's the color it's supposed to be," Cory said nodding appreciatively, "Now you have to do it all at once."

Hotsuma sent more energy into a different place. It lit fire easily but flickers a yellow-green color. Hotsuma frowned.

"Try again," Cory said.

Hotsuma's frown deepened but he tried again. He got the same color.

"Again," Cory said.

Two hours later Hotsuma was ready to kill someone. The closest he'd gotten was a green-blue color.

"Again," Cory said after Hotsuma has failed again.

"No!" Hotsuma yelled agitated.

"Try again," Cory said.

"No!" Hotsuma said and sparks flew around him.

"Try again," Cory said once more.

"I said no!" Hotsuma yelled and the sparks caught ignition around Hotsuma and Cory until they were engulfed.

"Hotsuma!" Cory yelled feeling the burn of the fire touching his exposed face.

No reply.

"Hotsuma!" he yelled again running towards him.

Sitting on the ground with his head in his hands was Hotsuma, his clothes were burning and blisters were forming on his hands.

"We need to go!" Cory yelled over the roar of the fire.

"Leave me alone!" Hotsuma yelled.

"No!" Cory yelled, grabbing his arm. His face was burning and his eyes were tearing from the smoke, "We need to go!"

"Go away!" Hotsuma yelled.

Cory grabbed him, fighting to get him to go. Hotsuma refused to budge.

"Help!" Cory yelled a loud as he could, "Help me get him out!"

"Go without me!" Hotsuma yelled.

"No!" Cory yelled, "Come on!"

"I can't!" Hotsuma yelled back and rose slightly, "I can't walk!"

His pants legs had completely burned off and his leg has turned almost black.

"I'll help you!" Cory yelled, "Just for God's sake try!"

"I'll only get both of us killed! This is my fault anyway!" Hotsuma yelled.

"Either way I'm not leaving you," Cory yelled, "So get moving."

"I thought you didn't trust me!" Hotsuma yelled.

"That doesn't mean I hate you dumbass," Cory screamed back, "I don't want you dead just because I don't trust you to watch my back!"

Just then Jesse appeared through the flames. The end of his jacket was starting to catch.

"Jesse!" Cory yelled, "Help me! He can't walk."

Jesse rushed up and leaned down. Hotsuma looked back at Cory. Frustrated Jesse pulled Hotsuma's arm around his shoulder. Cory supported his other side and they ran away from the flames as quick as the could. When they broke into the air Cory and Hotsuma coughed and inhaled the clean air.

"What the hell happened?" Nikki asked.

Standing outside the reckage was Nikki, Davi, Ali, Austin, Kyle, Adam, and Shusei.



Shusei ran up to Hotsuma wrapping his arms around him.

Adam ran into Cory's arms, supporting the weight of his tired body.

"The field caught fire," Cory said, "Hotsuma burned his leg and I couldn't carry him alone."

"Damn," Nikki said, "I thought he'd try to set YOU on fire, not the whole field. I would have put him in the same type of clothing if I'd known."

"Well he didn't," Cory said, "He set the whole field up."

"I'm sorry," Hotsuma said hanging his head in shame.

"On the brightside the top of the fire is a dark blue-purple," Nikki mused.

Hotsuma looked up at the top of the fire and sure enough the top of it was a blue-purple color.

"You did it after all," Cory smiled tiredly, "Next time let's try it a little smaller scaled okay?"

Hotsuma looked at his burned face guiltily.

"I'm sorry," Hotsuma said.

"It's fine," Cory said, "You did what you were supposed to."

"Here," Kyle said walking over to Cory, "Let me fix that."

"I'm fine," Cory said.

"I'm fixing it," Kyle said firmly, "Don't make me hold you down."

Cory raised an eyebrow but let Kyle walked over and put his hands on Cory's face. A golden light filtered out of them and the damaged skin on Cory's face started to heal over. Once Kyle was down with that he turned to Hotsuma.

"Let's see what we can do about your leg," Kyle smiled at him and walked over the soft glow already illuminating the space around him. Hotsuma didn't argue and sighed in relief as the pain in his leg started to dissipate. Slowly, the burns started to leave but he could see how tired Kyle was getting.

"That's fine," he said.

"No I have to fix it completely," Kyle said stubbornly.

"I'll get it from here," Nikki told him and the glow from her hands took the place of Kyle's.

She finished healing Hotsuma's wounds and smiled at him.

"You'll be fine now but you should still rest just in case okay?" she told him.

"Okay," Hotsuma said.

"Good," she said, "Now everyone can clear the area. Disaster averted."

"Except the giant fire in the middle of the training grounds," Davi said attempting to upset Hotsuma.

Nikki just waved her hand.

"I expected damage. You can let down the barrier now Adam," she said.

Adam let the purple barrier over the sky go and everything returned to normal.

"Problem solved," Nikki said, "Now if only I could find a way to make Davi disappear."

"Nikki it's too early for you two to start," Austin said shaking his head.

"You mean too late," Nikki laughed and turned to Hotsuma and Shusei, "Go rest. You deserve it."

Hotsuma and Shusei didn't need to be told twice and they both started walking to their room. When they got there Hotsuma started to change and Shusei couldn't help but stare at the toned body in front of him. He cursed Adam. It was so much harder to ignore the attraction now."Shusei!" Hotsuma said running up to him as soon as he was in view.