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She knew where she was automatically. It seemed every so often she would have this dream, this dream that felt so very real, especially when the chill of the air touched her skin and the smell of the woods permeated her nose. The leaves on the trees were green and from the temperature of the air it was sometime in the spring. These things she had come to know from each occurrence of this dream. That being said she knew what was going to happen but at the same time was unaware. She came upon a prone form on the ground, the prone form of her injured brother, weak and fragile from some battle fought from before. She felt herself move but did not move herself. Her consciousness was merely along for the ride. It was familiar to her in this way, having relived Merlin's memories in a similar way.

She was aware of speaking to him, reveling in the utter hate, despair and blackness of her heart. She was aware of wanting him dead, to watch his body decay when the worms came for it. What she was not aware of was Merlin coming up from behind her. She was never aware of it, but she should have been. If her head had been clear she would have anticipated that Merlin was never far from her dear brother's side. Alas, her mind was clouded with her grief over his death. Her Mordred….

"I blame myself for what you've become." She heard him say. The rest of the speech was old news, things she had heard for many nights now. It was his fault, hers too, but mostly his for setting her on the path that ended this way. So many different futures, different paths and destinies but this one felt so real. She looked into his eyes and was conflicted. Those blue eyes that she woke up to nearly every morning were cold as they stared at her, as he, with determination in his eyes and his heart plunged Excalibur into her abdomen. All her training and her rituals as a high priestess were useless against such a blade. She felt the burning pain and her eyes continued to stare at Merlin as she slid down his body and fell upon the ground. She bled out quickly and took a final breath upon the cold ground as the light died from her eyes.


Morgana shot up in bed, panting heavily as she placed a hand over her rapidly beating heart and immediately tried to slow down her breathing. It was much the same when she awoke from this particular dream. She was lucky that she had not screamed as she came awake. It was as if her mind and body both knew that she shouldn't do that, not here. Morgana took in her surroundings. It was her old room in Camelot. She was here because she would not allow others on her Isle near her Castle. She was here because it was the easiest place for a celebration and what a celebration it would be. A movement to her right drew her gaze to the small form to her right as her daughter stirred in the bed.

The sheets were pulled down past her belly, but her body was covered by a silken nightgown that was a light purple in color and set against her pale skin perfectly. Her small, thin arms were placed over her head haphazardly and her feet had followed suit until she was sprawled out all over the large mattress and her face was turned towards where Morgana had been laying, pale thin lips open slightly as she breathed in and out. Her cheeks were slightly pinkened with warmth but her flesh was pale, much like both she and Merlin were. Dark curls were also flung haphazardly about as she moved while she slept. Her hair, which had been nearly down to her back had been sheared from a prank that her cousin had pulled on her. The shoulder-length ebony hair suited her slightly rounded face better than the long hair did. 'Gause did not think so, but she wanted to be just like her mama. She looked to her left to see her son in a much more relaxed pose on his side. His face reminded her much of Merlin's despite what he thought. His hair was in loose curls atop his head and was much longer than Merlin's usually was. His cheeks were also pink and skin ivory. His was clothed in a nightshirt and pants that were a dark blue color. The way they slept absolutely spoke volumes about the type of children they were.

Gorlois was a quiet boy, and only spoke when he had something to say. He had the most serious expressions on his face sometimes but played games and smiled like any other child. Morgause was the exact opposite, headstrong, feisty, and loud. Morgana smiled down at her children and moved to give them each a light kiss on their temples. Morgause made a small noise in her sleep and Gorlois did not stir as she got up from the bed slowly. It was best to try and keep them asleep for as long as possible. They were nearly three years old now and had more energy than Morgana had ever thought could exist in a child.

Her feet settled onto the cool stone of the castle in Camelot and she quietly made her way to the rounded bath tub that she had magicked into her room last night before going to sleep. It was far too much hassle to go all the way down to the bathing room to clean herself. Sure, this tub wasn't amazing but it would get her clean and right now that was what mattered. With a quietly spoken word and a wave of her palm the tub began to fill with warm water. The steam from the tub rose into the air and dissipated shortly after reaching the top of the wooden bowl. She stripped her nightgown off of her body and let it pool around her feet. Another wave of her hand opened the wardrobe and floated another light gown over to the small table near the tub as well as a towel. Her soaps were already in place. The cool air made her shiver and she stepped into the perfectly warmed water and sank down in it with a sigh. She leaned her head against the top of the tub and closed her eyes. When she opened them she jumped slightly at the sight of a naked smiling three year old.

"Hi Mama! I waked up when you got in the tub. Can I take a bath too?" 'Gause's bright blue-green eyes and smile were impossible to resist. She was by far the prettiest little girl that Morgana had ever seen.

"Get in." she sighed. It was so much for a bath by herself. Morgana lifted the child up and deposited her in the bath. Her pale skin was a sharp contrast to the dark wood of the bath as she crouched down into the water. Morgana settled back against the tub and watched as her daughter started to move her hands around the surface of the water creating small whirlpools and controlled waves. Her brow was furrowed in concentration and her left eye was alight with the golden glow that signaled her magic. She knew, even without her son being awake that his right eye would be glowing with the same power as hers. When it first happened, both Morgana and Merlin were worried. Why only one eye? Why were her children connected like this? It was handy, however when one or both of them were getting into mischief. One would always tattle on the other in this way. Her daughter loved to use her magic to get into trouble with pranks. Merlin told her that she used it overmuch. It was the one thing that they always fought about. That, and also how to raise them up. Merlin had wanted a more humble upbringing while Morgana had wanted to treat them like the royalty they were. In the end Morgana won that battle, but Merlin and Hunith were always there to keep them humble and kind. The best of both worlds, much like Ellie and Meighan. She watched her daughter with a mix of pride and love as she worked her magic on the water. She was biting her lip now, pearly white teeth against the background of the soft pillow of her dark pink lip. A few moments later the glow in her eye faded and she let the water fall back into the tub. The naked girl then moved over to Morgana and sat down in front of her with her back turned to her mother.

The communal baths were commonplace with both of her children. Merlin even let them in the bath with him despite his initial embarrassment especially when Morgause started asking him questions about his anatomy. She knew that they shouldn't bathe with her for too much longer and that though both relived and saddened her. They were growing up far faster than she wanted them to. "Do you want me to wash your hair?"

Her daughter crossed her arms over her chest and hunched over a bit. Even from behind her she knew that the child was pouting. "There not much of it, mama."

"Well you shouldn't have let Ellie cut it. We must learn from our mistakes."

"You could make it grow."

"But I am not, and neither are you, understand? Lessons are best learned this way."

"She make me look like a boy, like Gorry."

"She didn't mean to."

"I know." Her speech was advanced enough that it surprised most people but she still messed up certain words or phrases in the way that children did. Her son was the same way when he spoke at all. Morgana watched as her daughter submerged her head under the water and resurface a couple of seconds later. Morgana proceeded to lather up her hands and run them through the pathetically short locks of her daughter's cut hair. Yesterday had been quite a trial for them when her daughter had come wailing to her looking like something from a nightmare with her black hair shorn unevenly and incredibly short. Her hair had been all the way past her bottom before the incident, much like Morgana's. Her daughter wanted to be just like her. In her words, 'The prettiest lady ever!'

She had fixed her hair to make it less ratty and uneven but refused to grow it out even when her daughter started to stomp her feet and scream at her. Her child was very kind and sweet but when she didn't get her way she had a fierce temper which Morgana was very adept at handling. Merlin…not so much. He tended to cave with his beloved sweet daughter and give her what she wanted like any doting father would.

Morgana watched as her daughter suddenly stiffened, "Daddy's coming home today!" She shouted as she wheeled around on her mother and started to hop up and down in the tub. "Daddy! Daddy!" Her hair was still incredibly soapy and Morgana laughed at her daughter's exuberance. Morgana turned as she heard a disgruntled noise from the bed as her son lifted up a pillow and put it over his head.

"Quiet!" He yelled at her. Gorlois was definitely not an early riser or a morning person. Her son was a grumpy thing when he was woken up before he wanted to be.

"But daddy's coming home today with 'Thusa! Gumpy!" Her daughter sassed him and crossed her arms over her chest as she sat back down for Morgana to finish her work. "He gumpy, mama."

"Yes he is my little dove."

"Are you 'cited mama?"

"Of course." She kissed her daughter's forehead while leaning her back in the water. The eyes that looked up at her were full of unconditional love and excitement. Morgana had always been protective of her children, always had to be around them and treasure them. She almost felt normal when they were around, almost could forget every terrible thing that had happened to her by looking into their eyes or watching their faces as they found something interesting to do or see. Not that Merlin didn't do the same, but it was different. Her children were the greatest thing she had ever done with her life.

Merlin had been gone for about six months with Aithusa. It had something to do with that dragon of his. Kilgarrah, the bastard. She didn't know the particulars and didn't want to, but a week ago he had sent word in the form of a telepathic message that he would be back today. Good thing too because tomorrow was their wedding day, something that Arthur had insisted on. 'Children almost three years old and he still hasn't married you?'

It didn't matter what they decided, Merlin gave into his pestering about 9 months ago and asked for her hand. She gave it if only to stop listening to the annoyance of her brother's voice. It didn't matter if they were married but it felt nice anyway. The leaders of the 5 provinces were going to be there as a sign of good faith and celebration and Arthur would conduct the ceremony as High King of Albion.

Albion is what they called it, the joining of the realm that had come about a few months after the children were born. That was the big secret that Merlin had kept from her for months. There was a great celebration and the signing of many treaties and other things as they joined in one kingdom. Arthur presided over the entire realm as king, controlled the armies and settled disputes and trade agreements as well as represented the realm in matters of state with other cultures and realms. His was the face that everyone knew and recognized the peace-bringer and High King. Annis, Odin and the rest of them were still Kings or Queens of their provinces as well running the day to day business within their old kingdoms. It was a tricky business keeping old rivalries at bay though. She did not envy her brother now despite having wanted this kingdom herself. The power was intoxicating but the stress, not so much.

A knock on the door distracted her from her thoughts, "Yes?"

"I hear bathwater and a talkative little girl, is it safe to come in?"

"Nana!" Rhiannon splashed around.

"Hello Rhia." The door opened to reveal a smiling Hunith, "How are you doing this morning?"

"Good, nana. Daddy's coming home today!"

"I know! Are you going to give him a big hug when you see him?"

"Biggest!" She nodded.

"She's done if you want to take it from here." Morgana told her mother-in-law. It would be nice to have some time alone. Hunith had decided to become an extra mother for the twins and they adored their grandmother. She was a steady presence in their lives, one that Morgana was thankful for.

Rhiannon stood up and Hunith grabbed a fluffy towel from the cupboard. The little one lifted her arms up as Hunith scooped her up with the towel and lifted her skinny form up out of the water. The towel was nearly as big as the child was and she started to chatter to her grandmother who nodded and spoke at the appropriate times while drying her granddaughter's body and hair. She pulled out a dark blue light gown and some underclothes for Rhiannon to wear and as soon as she had dried her off, the girl had started to put on the gown by herself. Hunith set about brushing her daughter's hair out as it dried. The curls at the ends even now were starting to form through the brushing. Morgana leaned back and enjoyed her bath, even as a grumpy boy came over for his turn in the bath. He was much more independent than their daughter and wanted to do everything by himself, including groom and dress himself. They were as different as night and day.


Merlin trekked up the familiar path to Camelot. He could remember taking this exact path his first day in the city. It brought back so many memories both good and bad. He looked over to his side at Aithusa. She was still about a third of the size of Kilgarrah and would continue to be as such until she had reached her 50th birthday in which she would then double in size until her 100th birthday where she would reach full size and maturity. There were many things Kilgarrah had to teach her in the short time he had left and many things he needed to teach Merlin about being what he was as he had no teacher to help him learn. Kilgarrah was dying. He was old and frail and weak and Merlin had gone to him to learn from him high in his mountain home. His scales had dulled and his frame looked weakened but his eyes were still bright and strong with knowledge. He could scarcely believe that nearly six months had passed in the magically protected home of the Great Dragon. It had not seemed like it but time passes differently when you are in the midst of learning. He brought his hand up to scratch as his beard. The hair was slightly coarse and irritating but he was determined to grow it out, after all, his older persona sported a beard. He spied the turrets and flags of the far away castle and grinned. What would his children be like now? How much would they have grown? Did they miss him?

His mind also went to Morgana, who had given him a righteous mental thrashing when he had finally contacted her. She was not happy at all about his absence. Hopefully though, they would not fight today or tomorrow at least. He had almost missed their wedding if he had been any later. Wedding….if he had been told 5 years ago that he would be marrying Morgana he would have laughed in their face. Now it seemed highly unreal. Morgana who had been his enemy for many years was now going to be his wife. Destiny had a way of doing what you least expected.

"Almost there, Merlin!" Aithusa announced and they quickened their pace. Almost there indeed.


Rhiannon, Ellie, Meighan and Gorlois raced through the garden laughing and squealing as they were chased by Gwaine. Gwaine snatched Meighan into his arms and growled, "I caught ya!" Meighan tried to wiggle out of his grasp but he started to tickle her. The girl was a spitting image of Gwen. Dark curly hair, brown eyes and a skin tone that was only slightly lighter than her mother's was the sight that greeted many people. The girl was also shy and reserved around people she diddn't know. She left the talking up to her elder sister and that child did enough talking for three people.

"Let her down Gwaine!" The 5 year old announced in an imperious voice. The girl had grown tall at five years old with dark blonde hair that fell in light waves around the face that looked more and more like her father's each passing day it seemed and in turn more like her grandmother. She had an attitude of the spoilt only child which her father only encouraged. He spoilt her rotten and taught her how to do things his way.

"Yeah! Gaine!" Rhiannon joined her.

"Never! The princess is mine!" Gwaine playfully growled.

"Attack!" Gorlois announced and Gwaine suddenly found his arms full of small children as they battered at him to let her go.

"Ahhhhh! No! Hey! Don't touch that!" The laughter of children and the grunts of the adult child echoed through the garden.

"Stop that you four! You'll get your clothes dirty!" Gwen scolded the five of them as she waddled past the garden. "Goodness!"

"But mama! We were playing!" Ellie pouted and was echoed by the four of them.

"Not in the dirt." She sat down on the bench and placed a hand over the large bulge in her abdomen. Meighan instantly darted to her mother's side. "How little brother?"

"He's awake." Gwen smiled down at her daughter. It had taken them a bit longer than they wanted to in order to conceive the son that Arthur had wanted. Gwen had even gone to Morgana for aid in that endeavor. It was nothing like what Uther had done with Nimueh. Gwen had the ability to conceive she just needed help to get the gender she desired.

"Ooooh!" Rhia darted over and put her hand on Gwen's belly with a grin. Her eye flashed gold and she looked up at Gwen. "Not long now, auntie!"

"Oh really, little one?"

Rhia only grinned at her aunt, a grin that Gwen knew well from her childhood. From what little she knew of magic and what she had been told about her niece she was a strong empath and a healer by nature, much like her mother had turned out to be. She was the spitting image of Morgana with Merlin's eyes and the unfortunate curse of his ears as well. Her nephew sported much of his mother's looks but the shape of his face and the tilt of his eyes were his father's. He had more of a talent for defensive magic than healing according to his mother. Her husband was excited to see his best friend come back and that made her happy as well.

The children all stopped in their tracks when a barely audible roar soared across the air. Rhiannon and Gorlois looked at each other and simultaneously smiled and yelled, "DADDY!" They instantly abandoned their game and raced back to the castle. She had never seen children move so quickly.


Morgana stiffened in the bed as Aithusa's roar pierced the air from her window. "Cópenere." She whispered as she laid her book down and made her way to the door. Her children would no doubt be there much more quickly than she would.


Merlin pushed the dragon as she cut off her roar. "Hey you! I was planning on being stealthy and you ruined it."

Aithusa merely sniffed at him. "No. I want to see everyone!"



"Get into the air. You do want to make an entrance don't you?" Merlin shooed the white dragon away and she made it into the air with a sniff as she went into the clouds. About 5 minutes later Merlin was in range of the gate.

The gates of the city were large in front of him and the guards all waved and smiled to him. The noise of a bell pealed through the air and above the noise he could hear the screams of children. The bells quieted and he watched as the crowd near the gate parted quickly. Two small forms were running as fast as their little legs could carry them toward him and the moment they spied him as he came to the gate they screamed, "Daddy!" Merlin stopped in his tracks and braced himself for the energy of his children in their blue, white and dark blur. They slammed into his legs and toppled him over. Merlin wrapped his arms around his children and placed kisses on their faces as they placed kisses on his. He held them close and rocked them while laughing. Their slim and tiny forms were panting and exhausted as they lay in his arms after the initial outburst. He got a better look at them at this time. "Rhia, your hair!"

Her lower lip stuck out in a pout, "Ellie did it. Meanie."

"I think it's pretty." Merlin ran his hands through the incredibly short locks.

"Really?!" She instantly brightened at his compliment and buried her face into his shoulder while attempting to wrap her arms around his middle and keep him in a hug.

He looked over at his son, who hadn't changed that much in the time that he was gone other than the fact that his hair was a little longer and he was, along with his twin sister a little taller. "And what about you?"

"What's that?" Gorlois put his hand on Merlin's short beard and pulled on it.

"Ouch! It's a beard."

"You look like Uncle Arthur." The child replied sagely. "Mama won't like it."

"Yeah, well your mama is going to have to deal with it."

His son laughed at him and joined his sister on Merlin's other shoulder as they calmed. Merlin's heart was beating at twice its normal rate from excitement. He missed his children, missed their smiles and games and even his son's seriousness. His mother told him that the boy got it from him, but Merlin never remembered being as broody as his son was. He continued to rock his children with a smile on his face when out of the corner of his eye he spied the one other person he was looking for. Morgana stood in the center of the street with her arms crossed just under her breasts and a small smirk lifting up the corner of one of her lips. Her pale green eyes were boring in to him and she took in appearance. The smirk on her lips turned into a slight frown as she glared at the beard on his face. She did not run to him, didn't scream and laugh like his children did. That was not who Morgana was. She was strong and independent and he loved that about her. She was not some snow-fresh maiden who couldn't live without her husband for mere moments.

Morgana started to walk toward them and Merlin moved his children off of his body so that he could get up to receive her. His children detached themselves with reluctance even when they turned around to see their mother, "Mama! It's daddy! He's back!" They spoke in unison to Morgana who smiled down at them as she continued to walk up to Merlin.

"Hello, Emrys." She spoke to him a measured voice stopping just a hands width away from his reach.

"Hello Morrigan." He smiled at her, "Did you miss me?"

"Perhaps a little." Morgana responded coyly, "You are, however, going to get rid of that thing on your face before our wedding tomorrow."


"No? Well I suppose then you will have to stay celibate. Because that face isn't coming anywhere near me with that monstrosity on your face."

Merlin moved quickly to grab her and pull her into his embrace. Their faces were mere inches from one another as he moved to kiss her with his beard. Their lips touch for a second before Merlin was pulled from her and suspended in the air with an irate Morgana glaring up at him. "I don't think so." She smiled sweetly up at him.

"Told you daddy." Gorlois looked up at his father solemly, "You did not get a nice kiss from mama now."

"Mama missed you daddy! She misses you a lot." Rhiannon also announced.

Merlin laughed at his children as Morgana gave a look of disapproval to them before Merlin broke her hold and planted his feet down on the ground. "Now where's my other child then?"

"I see how it is, my love. You want the dragon before me?"

"She doesn't have a rat growing on her face."

"Ouch. That was a little harsh, wasn't it, Morgana?" Arthur's voice came from behind her as he walked up to Merlin.

They two men met in the middle with a tight hug. "Arthur! Good to see you." They parted and looked at each other with surprise.

"I see we had the same idea." Arthur observed Merlin's beard as Merlin looked over Arthur's blonde closely cut beard. They parted and looked over one another.

"I thought I was being original." Merlin joked.

"You? Original? Never. And besides, I look much better with a beard."

"He does." Morgana agreed, "But not you."

"It's a good thing you got here today…" Arthur was cut off by a set of shouting princesses as they collided with Merlin's legs.

"Well hello there!" Merlin looked down at Ellie and Meighan who were smiling up at him.

"Hello Uncle Merlin! We missed you!"

"I missed you too!" The two girls looked at each other with smiles then back up at the two men.

"You have a beard. Why?"

"I thought it would make me look better."

"You were wrong, Uncle Merlin." Ellie announced before turning to her father and she lifted her arms up for him to pick her up.

"Ouch. That was cold, sweetheart. Good job." Ellie gave her father a kiss on his bearded cheek.

"Yes, teach her how to be a terror." Merlin grumbled, "She looks enough like you already."

"I'm pretty!" Ellie announced.

"I'm prettier." Rhiannon piped up from Merlin's side, earning a glare from Ellie. Merlin bent over to swing his daughter up into his arms.

"You are beautiful like your mother."

"Flatterer." Morgana spoke to him now. "I missed you."

"And I you." He smiled at her.

Morgana smiled at him before turning her attention to the road, "Ah, look. It's Gwen."

Arthur moved from in front of Merlin as Gwen came into view. "Good lord! You're huge!"

Gwen stopped to give Merlin a glare, "Thank you for that."

Merlin blushed, "I didn't mean it like that! I'm just surprised."

"It's a boy. And I know. We thought you would be." Gwen came up to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "Lose the beard, Merlin." She whispered as she released him, prompting a giggle from his daughter.

"Why does everyone hate my beard?"

"Because you look ridiculous." Arthur lectured.

"Then obviously you haven't looked in the mirror this morning." Merlin shot back.

Arthur glared, "You just wait. I'll get you for that. Oh! And since tonight is the day before your wedding you have to sleep in separate quarters until tomorrow night!"

"What?!" Morgana rounded on him, "You can't do that."

"I can. I'm the High King. And it's my castle and I'm not having you two demolish it with your….activities." The last word was spoken with a barely hidden gag.

Morgana's cheeks darkened slightly with a blush, "We would not."

"Regardless it's the night before the wedding and it would be bad luck to see the bride. You two don't need any more of that."

"Where will he stay then?"

"He could sleep in the guard's rooms or mine."

"Like a sleepover? Hey! How is it that you get him but I don't? It doesn't seem fair to me. At least let me watch." Morgana fake pouted as the children looked around confused at the jargon of the adults.

"Would you stop that, Morgana?!" Arthur shouted at her but she merely chuckled at her brother.

"Where's my first daughter?"


Aithusa catapulted from the clouds and flew over them right before she did several flips and landed right beside Morgana, nuzzling her. Several villagers screamed and ran away just as she landed. "Sorry!" She yelled after them before turning her attention back to the humans.

"Quite the firstborn you have there, Morgana." Hunith's voice now joined the small crowd of people as Melrin's mother came forward to embrace her son in a hug. She gave a critical look at his face but said nothing about it but, "You look like your father a bit."


"A bit. You've always looked more like me." Hunith released her son and kissed his cheek. "And the two of them have been positively hellions since you've been gone." She looked down at her smiling and innocent looking grandchildren.

"Oh really? We will have to fix that won't we?"

"Never!" Rhiannon announced and the adults laughed at her.


Throughout the day the city filled with foreign dignitaries, and the rulers of the provinces. Druids, peasants, and nobles entered the city for the big event of their marriage. It was quite the spectacle and in the evening Arthur came to Merlin with a proposition.

"You need to learn how to dance, Merlin. I'm not going to have you make a fool of my sister out there on her wedding day."

"I know how to dance." He responded defensively.

"No…don't even think about it. You need to ballroom dance and with those big feet of yours you will be lucky to stay upright for very long."

"Fine. Who is going to teach me then?"

Arthur arched a brow and it took Merlin a couple of seconds to compute what he was trying to tell him. "Oh! NO! Not going to happen!"

"Come on, Merlin. It won't be that bad."

"If Morgana finds out then I will never live it down."

"She won't find out. Now, arms out like this. I'm going to lead first to show you how to do it."

"Does that mean I'm the woman?"

"It's not like it would matter. Stop being a girl and do it."

Merlin sighed and put his hands where Arthur told him. It began a very long night of embarrassment and joking that he would never ever live down.


Morgana irritably pulled a brush through her long hair as Hunith was getting her children ready for bed. She hadn't seen Merlin since their initial meeting this morning and it was making her agitated. She wanted him now. The children had gotten plenty of time with their father the entire day but she had not as she was dealing the amnesty toward the druids in the city by breaking up fights and riots and each time she had gotten close to going to him another situation would spring up in the city. She was irritated and very needy. She hadn't been with her mate in nearly six months and had done nothing to soothe her agitation herself as she rarely had any alone time. She had just suffered with it and now it was driving her mad to have him so close but so far away. She wasn't clingy but she had missed him greatly and not just for his body to warm hers. She missed his smile and his attempt at humor and nearly all the things about him that had driven her mad when she was an outcast from Camelot.

"Mama! It's story time!" Gorlois called to her.

"Yeah! Sleepy time!" Her daughter echoed.

"I'm coming over you two." She put the brush down on the vanity and walked past Hunith who gave her a calm and reassuring look. She sat down on the bed pulled the sheets up over the three of them. When Merlin found out that she was sleeping with the two of them he would probably get angry at her. They had their own beds and were expected to sleep in them. The nightmares wouldn't go away without them.

"Once upon a time…" She began as her children watched her with eager eyes.


Merlin awoke in Gaius's chambers on the cot outside the room with a groan. He had gotten almost no sleep last night but sat up and pulled on a shirt as Gaius opened the door to his room and gave Merlin a greeting. "How are you feeling, my boy?"

"Tired." He yawned.

"You do remember you are getting married today, don't you?"

"Of course. Yeah. I know that. It's just another day for us with lots of people and games and such. I have something special planned though for her."

"Oh? What would that be?"

"You'll see." He grinned as he got up. "I have to go get my clothes that I'm wearing today and get ready."


Morgana finished her bath in record time as she had left her extremely long hair up in a bun to keep it from getting wet. Today was her wedding day and she couldn't help but be excited. Hunith had long since taken her children to get ready for the festivities. The wedding was in just a few hours and Morgana had literally no idea what to do with herself. A knock on the door brought her away from her closet to find Gwen standing there with a package in her hands, "A gift from us for your wedding day." She held the package out to Morgana and the sorceress took it and stepped away from the door to set it on the bed. "I had it made for you."

Morgana opened the package and what was revealed made her breath catch. The silken cloth was a deep green in color with silver trim and several different places where the trim was a sea green color. She lifted the dress from the bed and looked over it, "It's beautiful."

"We thought you would like it."

"I love it."

"Do you want me to do your hair after you put it on?"

"Like old times?" She turned her head to look at Gwen. So many things had changed between them.

"Just like old times."

Morgana let her currently gown fall to the floor after loosening the straps. With Gwen's help she put the current gown over her head and let it fall to the floor around her. Gwen set to tightening the corset top which was the same deep green as the dress with intricate designs using light green and silver thread. The top ended at just under her arms and pushed her breasts up into the air while covering them. They had grown for her pregnancy and had never really returned back down to their normal size. The waist of the corset fit her perfectly as well, emphasizing her small waist that she had gained back after the twins. The bottom of the gown flared out and was covered with a sheer material that formed a train behind her. The dark green stood out against her skin and when she turned to look into the mirror it the color made her eyes glow. The druid tattoo on her upper chest also stood out in the design which was quite thoughtful of Gwen. "I love it."

"It looks beautiful on you! Oh…you're getting married." Gwen's eyes watered and Morgana conjured a napkin for her to wipe her eyes with.

"It will be here before you know it." Morgana laughed as she twirled around in the gown, letting the fabric billow and pool around her.

"It has a shawl as well." Gwen lifted the fabric and Morgana waved it away.

"I'll wear it later. Time to get to work." Morgana sat down at the vanity as Gwen took up her station behind her and began to work on Morgana's hair.


Merlin stood in the main hall of the castle talking with several dignitaries and nobles about his castle and his station as advisor and King of the druids. He had greeted Annis and Odin and even Lot who gave him an unfriendly sneer. The Sarrum wasn't talkative but he did offer deference to Merlin and Arthur and that was what counted. He was congratulated and jostled around and just before the bell rang to begin the ceremony he took up his position at the back of the Great Hall in front of Arthur who was in full High King regalia. There was a red carpet rolled up from the door to the place where Merlin was standing in a simple white shirt and dark green leather pants. His vest was also dark green and trimmed with silver. He had gotten rid of the beard this morning after getting hassled by Gwaine and the other knights. It left his face feeling bare and sensitive. His children, however approved as did his mother. His mother was standing at the front with a look of pride on her face as well as tears shining in her eyes. Gaius was there as well, looking at Merlin with pride. Gwen was also up on the stage sitting opposite to Arthur she gave Merlin a huge smile and turned her attention to the door. He gave her a smile just as the bell started to toll.

The door opened to first reveal Ellie and Meighan dressed up in light green dresses and holding baskets of flowers in their arms. The began tossing petals onto the red carpet as they moved up the hall until they reached Merlin and their parents where they put their baskets down by their mother and stood on either side of her representing the royalty of Camelot.

It was a few seconds later when Morgana was revealed at the double doors. Merlin instantly sucked in a breath. She wasn't wearing a veil but holding a bouquet of white roses in her arms. Her hair was curled and fastened in a half-up style with the waves running down her shoulder and back, leaving one white shoulder bare. The druidic symbol was branded black in her skin just above the top of the dress. A shawl decorated her arms and fell to the floor on either side of her. The entire dress was green, dark and light with silver trim. His gaze lingered on her chest before running down her body to appreciate the fit of the dress. His gaze traveled back up to her face where he found the familiar tilt to her lips. Her eyes were lined with black and stood out brilliantly from her face. The pale flesh that he loved so well was glowing with health and happiness as she made her way up to him. Merlin also noticed that her train was being held by his children who were proudly walking behind their mother. When she reached Merlin's side they joined hands and Merlin stared at her. She blushed slightly at the intensity of his gaze but flourished under the attention and gave him a good once over as well. She mouthed, "I approve," before turning her attention to her brother, who had to shake himself slightly after staring at his sister open-mouthed. Morgana started to stroke his wrist in her palm. The runes on his skin warmed at her touch and sent a pleasant sensation through his body while he did the same. One eye was focused on her brother while the other one watched Merlin with a deep and loving gaze.

"We are gathered here…" Arthur began as Hunith gestured the children over to her and they all stared up at Merlin and Morgana with pride and love.


The actual celebration after the wedding was held outside the city because the merchants and tavern owners were frightened of property damage. Merlin spun Morgana around in a circle as the music started to pick up tempo. She laughed and clung to him before kissing him. The area around them was ablaze with power, magic and excitement, as well as quite a bit of food and alcohol. "My brother did teach you how to dance." She giggled as they slowed with the next dance. "That must have been fun to watch."

"I did not." He lied to her.

She gave him a look, "My brother danced with me often enough while we were growing up. I know what he dances like."


Morgana waved her hand and another drink floated to her palm. She down the wine in short order. "This stuff is wonderful."

"You are going to get drunk, lovely wife." He murmured in her ear. He stared down at her chest where the small dragon pendant that he had made with his magic laid just above her breasts. He had given it to her with their vows. The tiny emerald eyes of the pale white dragon flashed in the dimming light of the day. It had been a gift from his heart. Merlin then looked at his finger where the ring that she had given him rested. It was her fathers…Gorlois's not Uther's and it had the symbol of his house along with the druidic symbol adorning the plain metallic band.

Morgana put her mouth next to his ear, "Am not." She bit down on the flesh of his neck lightly, playfully.

Merlin stilled her and pulled back, "Not here."

"Why not?" She pouted.

"Let's go sit down for a while." He led her over to the table and they sat down while she leaned against him.

A herd of children raced by the adults headed by Rhiannon and Gorlois. They were the eldest of the group of children that had been born as a result of the fertility ceremony. Nearly 20 druids had been born in that month and they all looked up to Rhia and Gorlois to play and for leadership. "Look at them. Born leaders."

"They have you for a mother."

"True." Morgana watched the partygoers as they danced and talked. "Did you know that my brother was the one who got Gwen for me?"

"I did. I dreamed it."

"He was so cute back then with his mop of golden hair." She started as Arthur lifted up one of his daughters and started to tickle her. "His father never really paid much attention to him when he was little. That's why he tries so hard with Ellie and Meighan. He wants them to have what he didn't when he was growing up. Love and acceptance. My brother was always trying so hard to impress Uther, to make him proud of him, always doing stupid things. One of the many reasons I didn't like him. He came to me one night. I always cried myself to sleep at that time. I missed my father and Uther made it no better. He snuck into my room and told me that I was too pretty to be sad. I told him that I was alone and didn't have anyone. He said that I had him and he would get me a friend. He was really a sweet child. Look what he turned into."

"He's a prat."

"He's the High King of Prats." Morgana grinned and continued to watch the festivities.

"Get the little witch! Do you know what happens to little witches here?" Gwaine had picked Rhia up and was tickling her. "Death by tickles!"

"No!" She shouted and her brother jumped up onto his back.

"I know what you are thinking, Morgana and I still say no."

"Why? He would make a perfect Blood Knight. And Morgause would be an amazing High Priestess. It's in their blood."

"Some parts of the Old Religion need to stay buried, Morgana." Gwaine brought the girl over and dumped her into her mother's lap. Rhia quickly jumped off of her mother and darted into the crowd again just as Aithusa landed outside the crowds of people. The children eagerly flocked to her side for them to get rides from her. She enjoyed the attention given to her and did almost anything they asked.

"I have to say that you look fantastic Morgana. Absolutely edible." Gwaine was really quite drunk at this point so Merlin stopped his glare at his friend.

"Glad you think so. I thought you looked that way a few years ago."

"Oh? Really?" He flirted.

"Yes after I had taken over Camelot with Helios. When you fought for me. It was really quite exciting." Her voice had taken on a slightly husky tone. Merlin's hand tightened on her hip and she smirked before continuing. "All the sweat and muscle. Quite delectable. But I am afraid that you would have been less than agreeable in my bed and I had no interesting in forcing you to be there. Rape was distasteful to me then and is abhorrent to me now."

"I might not have been as unwilling as you might think, my dear Morgana." He winked before sauntering off as Merlin resisted the urge to do something uncomfortable to the man. Morgana leaned back against him with a feeling of accomplishment in her chest.

"How interesting." Morgana mused.

"Is not."

"Jealous?" She arched an eyebrow and jumped as Merlin pinched her side.


"Liar." She leaned up to kiss his lips before she turned back to the dancing and moved her body closer to him.

Arthur walked up to the couple, "Finally make an honest woman out of him, Morgana?"


"Never, brother, what are you doing here?"

"I was going to ask you for a dance, my lady." He extended his hand to her.

"Certainly, my champion." She took it and stood up to dance with him. When they were far enough away they began to talk as the music dictated their movement. "How do you feel?"

"About my sister marrying my best friend? Better because they have two children together."

Morgana laughed, "You should come visit us more."

"If I had any time to myself I would." Arthur sighed.

"I could take over."

"Yeah, not going to happen."

"I tried."

"It's been more than four years since we brought you here in chains with a collar around your neck. Amazing how time passes by isn't it?"

"You should have killed me."

"There has been too much death and I never wanted you dead, despite everything you had done."

"You should have."

"I loved you. Still do. It's my curse."

"I don't know how I could have ever stopped caring for you, even with that spell. You were the only one that ever showed me love besides Gwen. You were always there to poke me and challenge me and it was nice."

"Same here." Arthur chuckled as he spun her around. "You look beautiful, absolutely stunning."

"I feel stunning."

"It reminded me of that first night with Merlin, when you strode in confident and beautiful."

"That was ages ago."

"Thirteen years, at least."

"Impossible." She was taken aback, "Thirteen? Really?"

"I'm nearly thirty two years old and that makes you…"

"Don't even say it. I'll never look my age anyway."

"…Thirty-four." Arthur finished. "OW!" He shouted as she stepped on his foot with force.

"I told you not to say it, didn't I?" She chided him.

"Hey, where did Merlin go?"

Morgana looked around for her new husband but didn't see him in the crowd. "Maybe he needed to use the chamber pot or something."

"He never could hold his ale."

"I can."

"I know you can. Very unladylike by the way." He chided her.

Annis walked up to her then, the elder queen had a touch of grey at her temple in the organge fire of her hair, "Congratulations on the ceremony, Morgana. You and your husband looked quite enchanted with one another."

"Thank you, Queen Annis."

"There hasn't been a celebration like this in many many years I would gather."

"Not so peaceful like this, no."

"You're brother has taken to his role quite seriously. He is a different person than he was years ago when he killed my husband."

"Indeed he is."

"You should come by my kingdom sometime in the future. I have things I want to discuss with you."

"What sort of things?"

"Not here. It can wait." Annis smiled, "It's pertaining to magic which is why I would call on you."

"Not my husband?"

"Some things are best handled by women, no?"

Morgana laughed as her daughter raced up to her and Annis. The girl gave a quick bow to the Queen before she addressed her mother.

"Mama! Mama! He's here!" Her daughter, whom she would always call Morgause or 'Gause panted while her son stood guard over his sister.

"Whose here?"

"You will see!" She raced away again.

Rhia raced through the crowd and into the arms of a man she had not seen in almost a year. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a hug. "To mama!" She announced and pointed back to Morgana. The man chuckled and carried her through the crowd. Gorlois was trailing behind them with a glare centered on the man's back. He did not understand his sister at all sometimes.

Morgana stumbled into Arthur as they were dancing as soon as she laid eyes on the figure approaching with her daughter in his arms. Mordred waved with his free hand and gave her a smile. "Mordred?" She said incredulously. He had vanished without a word nearly a year ago and it had deeply saddened Morgana and her daughter, but not her son or Merlin. She looked around for her husband now and when she did not see him she breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't want to fight him about it now. Mordred smiled as he came over.

"Told you mama! I love Mordy!" She emphasized her words with a hug to his neck. Her daughter had been besotted with Mordred since she had been able to crawl. It was about the time that her empathic powers had begun to develop. Both Morgana and Merlin had thought that it was because of something the little girl had sensed in Mordred, a sort of brokenness that she was drawn to in order to try to fix.

Arthur released her and clapped Mordred's arm in a soldier's handshake before Morgana embraced him in a hug. "Where have you been? I've been worried! Leaving like that!" She watched her brother leave her side to give her some time with Mordred.

"I'm sorry. I just had some things I needed to do for myself. I knew I had to come back for your wedding! I raced back so that I didn't miss it after hearing about it from some travelers."

"I'm glad you came. Life hasn't quite been the same without you."

"I know. For me either. Especially without this little angel here!" He hugged Rhiannon tighter.

"Gause, don't suffocate him." She chided her daughter who was clinging to him.

"She's fine."

"Where did you go?"

"Many places. I have to leave again after tonight as well."

Morgana gave him a crestfallen look, "Won't you stay for a little while?"

"I know when I'm not wanted. Your husband would be none too happy to see me here. Speaking of him, where is he?" Mordred looked around them only to find the man absent.

"I have no idea. He's been gone a while now." Morgana looked around and felt a slight tug at her consciousness as well as a buildup of magic in the air. "What is that…?" She turned around to follow the trail of power in the air. Mordred followed with Gorlois in tow.

The pull of magic was getting stronger as she got closer to the source of the power. She also heard chanting coming from the area. Merlin's hands were up in front of him as he chanted a spell while the people surrounding him were watching with interest and a little bit of fear. A pale white glow emanated from his hands to the ground in front of him and a bright flash of light momentarily blinded all who were watching. When the light faded there was a person standing where only a moment before there was nothing.

Morgana blinked rapidly before focusing her eyes on the woman standing in front of her. Brown eyes took in the scene with confusion from a face that reminded Morgana of the sidhe. Blonde hair fell in light waves down from her head over her shoulders and the red dress she was wearing only cemented the vision in front of her. "Sister?..." A confused breathy question to the woman who centered her gaze on Morgana and after a few beats gave her a small smile and a nod. Morgana walked forward through the crowd of people as if under a spell. The world around her slowed to a crawl and blurred as she moved closer to a woman that she had killed that was most certainly dead.

"Sister." Morgause breathed with wide eyes as she took in Morgana's appearance, the dress, her face and hair, "What is going on here?" Confusion laced her words as her unique accent and way of speaking made Morgana smile and feel slightly giddy. She looked as she had before her death, before Morgana had slain her and Merlin had caused her illness. Merlin… She brought herself back to her surroundings as she turned to look at Merlin who gave her a neutral look.

"What did you do?"

"She's not alive. She knows that. I brought her back as something like a shade except she has her free will and memories, unlike someone else who was in the same situation. You have about 2 hours before she goes back to where she came from."


He gave her a look of such love and devotion that it made her heart beat a little faster. "Because I love you and because I know you miss her despite not knowing why. Think of this as a wedding present."

Morgause grabbed Morgana's arm with her hand and pulled her back to her, "What is going on, sister? Why is that servant talking to you like that?"

"He's not a servant. He's my husband."

"Husband?! Why would you marry a serving boy?"

"He's a sorcerer?"

"Impossible. We would have known."

"He was the one who thwarted our plans time and time again."

"And yet you married him? Have you grown complacent? What is going on here, sister?" Her voice was getting harsher with each question.

Morgana knew how it must look to her. She had died and expected her sister to have succeeded in their plan to take over Camelot, kill all in their path and rule with magic. She knew that it would be shocking to her to have such a sudden plan change. The people around them had almost dispersed, afraid of the woman that most of them barely remembered.

"You can't use your magic or hurt anyone. And the only ones who can touch you are those related by blood." Merlin told the woman, "Don't even think about trying to convert my wife over to your side. If I even think you are doing so I will cease your time on this plane with a wave of my hand. Understand?"

Morgause looked defiantly at Merlin and sneered, "You don't command me."

"But I do. You are here because I wanted you to be, because Morgana matters more to me than anything and because…" Merlin was silenced by Morgana's lips against his own.

"Let me handle it from here, my love." She whispered against his lips before she turned back to Morgause who was looking much like a startled deer at this point. Morgana gave him a final smile and look of love before devoting her attention to Morgause.

"I will explain it all to you. First I have something to show you." Morgana took Morgause's hand but before she could teleport them away a shrill voice disturbed her.

"Mama! Mama!" Her daughter's voice was laced with urgency and fear and Morgana watched as the crowd parted for the little girl. She ran up to her mother with tears in her eyes holding a bloodied ball of fur, "Mama! Mama! He's hurt. He hurts so bad." She sobbed to her mother. "Help him!"

Morgana knelt down to soothe her daughter before taking the ball of fur that turned out to be a little brindle kitten into her hands. The blood had gotten all over her daughter's dress. Her daughter was dangerously empathic most of the time and required a thick shield of magic to keep her from becoming catatonic until she could control her gift. Pain would always break through the shield though. Any time there was a hurt animal her daughter would always bring it to her, bird, rabbit, dog, cat, weasel, it didn't matter. Her brother always protected her while she searched for them and Morgana knew that he had a talent as well, one that he wasn't revealing to her any time soon. Morgana held the pathetic creature in her palms as she looked over the wound on his leg. "It's just a bite, little dove."

"A doggie hurt him. Make him better mama."

Morgana brought her daughter closer with a gesture and Rhiannon watched as her mother's palms started to glow and in front of her eyes the kitten's leg stitched together and within moments it was moving around again. "There, see. Nothing to worry about."

The kitten leapt from her arms and scampered away before her daughter hugged her around her neck. Morgana looked up at Morgause who still had that look on her face. It would have been comical had it been anyone else. Her daughter looked up and saw the woman standing a few feet away. Curiosity infused her blue-green eyes as she wiggled away from her mother and approached the woman.

Morgause looked down at the girl who seemed to be a little version of the woman standing near her. "Hello, child."

"Who are you?"

"My name is Morgause, little one." She knelt down to make eye contact with the girl.

"That's my name! Well, one of them! My real name is Rhia, but my mama calls me 'Gause. She named me after her sis….." The little girl's eyes got really wide as she stared at Morgause while she stepped back into her mother. "Mama?!"

"This is your aunt Morgause, dove."

"But she died! Rules mama! Rules!" She darted behind her mother and hid from the woman.

"You have a child?" Morgause stood up from her position near the ground.

"I have two. That little hellion there was Rhiannon Morgause Le Fay. We named her after you. And…." she looked down to see her son come up to her side. She picked up the boy and planted a kiss on his temple, "This is Gorlois Balinor Le Fay. They are twins."

"They are incredible, sister."

"Come. Let's go. I have so much to show you." Morgana took Morgause's hand and tried to put her son down.

"I want to go, mama." He resisted.

"Sweetheart, we aren't going anywhere fun."

He just narrowed his eyes stubbornly at his mother while her daughter clung to her dress. She looked over at Merlin who merely shrugged. "Do what you want."

"Where did you learn to heal like that?"

"It's a natural talent. I'm the most powerful healer in the land."

"But you wouldn't know that would you? While you were using your magic and hers for only destruction." Merlin bit out and Morgana gave him an admonishing look.

Arthur had joined his advisor and was looking at Morgause with a highly suspicious gaze. "Are you sure she cannot do any harm?" He said quietly to Merlin while Morgana whisked them away.

"I wouldn't have done this if she could." Merlin said quietly back.

"Do you think this will change anything?"

"We are going to find out aren't we?"

"One last test?" Arthur was looking at his friend with surprise.

Merlin clapped his best friend of nearly 14 years on the back. Arthur was older now, wiser and just as a king. Merlin felt as if he had done well with his task. "No, but it was something I think she needed."

"I'm glad you shaved that thing from your face by the way. Now you are all baby-smooth." Arthur joked, "I'm the only one allowed to have a beard. It makes me look wiser, more distinguished."

"Shove it, you."

"So why were you gone so long?"

"I put a dragon into an enchanted sleep in order to keep him alive."


"Dragons are a part of magic. I do not wish to see them extinct while I can keep them from being so. Aithusa is the only female dragon left and he was the only male after your father had they all hunted down."

"I can't believe you lied to me about that."

"Well, now you know. Doesn't it make you feel better?"

"Hardly. Sometimes ignorance is bliss my friend. What are you going to do now that your bride is away?"

"Have some more fun I suppose. I will have eternity with her beginning tomorrow. I can give her to someone else tonight."

Arthur clapped Merlin on the back as they resumed their ceremony and celebration while Morgana was miles away having a small celebration of her own.


The next hour was spent on the Isle, which was blessedly empty of people because of the wedding. Her sister had been silent through the tour of the grounds, looking with wonder at the restored castle. She filled the silence telling her sister of all of the things that happened beginning with just after her death. She first spoke of raising the army with Helios, destroying Gwen and Arthur's relationship and taking over Camelot by herself along with her visions of Emrys despite the protection of the bracelet. Her sister expressed pride over her sister's accomplishments. Morgause also watched the two children race around the castle laughing and playing while casting small enchantments and spells as they did so. They sat down next to the Rowan tree and Morgana began telling her in a quieter voice about her captivity in the well by the Sarrum, his abuses of her and her eventual escape. Her sister had embraced her warmly and soothed her as tears fell down her cheeks. She complimented Morgana's strength and had gently admonished her for getting caught in the first place. "A dragon? You have a dragon?"

"Yes. Too bad you can't see her. I have some control over her as a Dragonlord's mate, but it is only a power of strong suggestion. Not that I have to use it. She's loyal to her mother."

"You've been busy while I've been gone. Powerful allies, my dearest sister." She placed a hand on Morgana's cheek. "You are so resourceful… and you look beautiful as well on your wedding day." It was slightly off topic but Morgana appreciated the break in storytelling.

Morgana smiled and put her hand over her sisters, "As do you."

She began again and told about her captivity in Arthur's castle, the way that she was treated and the eventual change her in personality in response to the treatment, the love that Gwen and Merlin had shown and given her. She spoke of Ellie with a smile and Morgause had many questions about how Arthur had married the peasant and begotten children. She asked why Morgana did not gain their trust and betray them.

"I don't know, sister. I was just so tired of fighting all the time. I wanted peace. My mind was so broken and I was nearly mad. I needed something else to drive me because the rage was going to eat me up until there was nothing left of Morgana only a husk of black and dark evil. I needed you so much and you left me to do it by myself. I wasn't ready for it. It wasn't even what I really wanted. You pushed me to take the crown, to want it. After your death it became not about restoring magic to the land, but punishing those responsible for your suffering and mine. That wasn't what we were trying to do. At least it wasn't what I was trying to do. It took me a long time to see that again."

"I'm so sorry that you were alone, sister. I would have stayed with you if I could."

"You lost your son and then you were so broken. I tried to save him. I delivered him. I should have done something more. I had no idea what that must have felt like for you but now I do."

"It doesn't matter now, sister. I have seen my dead son in the Underworld. Who rules Cenred's kingdom now?"


"He was a weak man, unlike Cenred. It was unfortunate that I had to kill him. My son would have made a fine ruler."

"I know he would have." Morgana smiled at her sister and took her hand. "I don't know what he did, but I do know that I have missed you so very much. Please tell me that you aren't ashamed of me."

"Look at what you've done. You've restored this place to glory, you've brought druids and sorcerers to the castle, and you are their Queen. I am proud of your accomplishments, but I have to say that I am still disappointed in your lack of ambition to be High Queen. Albion you said? A joining of the 5 kingdoms into one untied one?"

"That was never what I wanted. I just wanted to stop being afraid, and for Uther to pay for his mindless vengeance against those who did nothing wrong. It was you who had higher aspirations. I found out about the blood magic you used on me."

Morgause's eyes flashed briefly with guilt but she did not exhibit any remorse, "I did it for you in order to protect you. You still cared for them, all of them after your poisoning. I knew that you would not come to our side like that, with that love in your heart not as quickly as we needed. I made it easier on you and had done what you already would have changed to had you had the time to do so. I made a decision and I do not regret it."

Morgana knew that her sister would never admit wrong but did know that talking to her now she was a different person than she had been under her sister's wing. "I know you do not."

"Then do not look at me as if you expect an apology, sister. I did what I had to."

"Mama! Look!" Gorlois brought a small seashell to his mother and deposited it into her hand.

"Thank you, sweetheart." She closed her hand around it and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

"He looks a lot like you, sister. They both do."

"I'm going to train them. Gorlois is going to be a Blood Knight for his sister. Merlin disapproves but I will not allow the old ways to die."

"As well you shouldn't. Nothing should ever be lost."

Her daughter ran up to her next and climbed on top of Morgause's lap, making herself at home on the bewildered woman's lap. "Hello aunt Morgie! Like Aunt Gwen!" She snuggled closer to the blonde woman who wrapped an arm around the girl and looked down at her with kind eyes.

The continued to talk until Morgana felt a familiar presence materialize near her. Her gaze went to Merlin, who was walking up to her with Mordred in tow. Surprisingly enough. She adjusted her son, who was now asleep in her arms so that she could face them. Their daughter had long since fallen asleep in Morgause's embrace and the dead sorceress was stroking her nieces back and hair while watching both men with chilly eyes. "It's time." Merlin walked over his sister-in-law, "Time to go sister."

"Don't call me that." She hissed while Merlin's hands passed through her body as he picked up his daughter. She stirred at the movement but snuggled closer to her father and he responded by stroking her face and kissing the top of her head. "They are beautiful children."

"They take after their mother." Merlin responded.

"I don't approve of what you've done to her."

"The feeling is mutual."

"However, she's happy. That much I can see… happier than she was with me. Thank you for that."

"It's been interesting. I can tell you that. I suppose she told you everything did she?"

"Indeed, Merlin, she has."

"It's time for you to leave, Morgause."

"I know."

"But perhaps you can come back a few times more if Morgana wishes it."

"What sort of power do you have that you can bend magical laws like that?"

"You don't want to find out." Merlin chuckled to himself.

"Who is that?" She asked of Mordred.

"Mordred. He's a druid boy that I sort of helped to raise." Morgana stood up with her son in her arms and brought him over to Morgause.

"Hello, Mordred."

Morgana turned from them to Merlin, "Thank you."

They began to talk in hushed tones and neither of them paid much attention to what the other two people were doing near them. They most certainly didn't see when Mordred lifted his hand absently to give her a handshake and his hand made contact with hers. Morgause's eyes widened and her lips parted. "It can't be…"

Mordred was equally startled but both of them said nothing as the newly wedded couple turned back to them. Mordred moved away from the blonde woman as Morgana walked over to Morgause and embraced her sister. "Goodbye, Morgause."

Morgause gave her a kiss on the cheek before parting, "See you soon, perhaps?"


Merlin waved his hand and the image of Morgause faded into the night. "There, now we can take the children back to Camelot. They are sleepy little things."

Morgana looked over a Mordred who was staring at his hand in bewilderment, "Mordred? What's wrong?"

Mordred's head snapped up and he looked at Morgana, quickly smiling at her, "Nothing. I came to tell you goodbye. I convinced him that you would be irate if I didn't."

"You would have been right." She walked over to embrace him warmly and plant a kiss on his cheek, "I hope you find what you are looking for."

"I think I will very soon." Mordred hugged her back, thinking on the connection between them and now the strange connection to her sister.

"See you soon?"

"Perhaps." Mordred joked before Merlin took Morgana's hand and teleported them back to the party.


Merlin collapsed in the bed, pleasantly buzzed while Morgana walked over to her vanity to begin to let down her hair. "So no one will be back tonight?"

"Nope. They are all staying at the castle." He put his arms under his head as he watched Morgana take down her hair.


"Did you like your gift?"

"I did. It was precious to me. How did you do it?"

"It wasn't hard. I used a similar spell that you used with Lancelot and Morgause used with Arthur's mother. I'm surprised you didn't think of it first."

"I am too."

"But you can't use it often. Terrible things can happen."

"You are such a damper aren't you?"

"But I'm your damper." He teased back.

"Who has the children?"

"My mother." Merlin answered.

"Good." Morgana waved her hand and Merlin suddenly found himself shackled to the bed. At first he was deeply confused but then he tried to summon his magic to break him free, but when it didn't come he started to struggle a bit. "I've wanted to do that for a long time. Now I can."

"What is this?"

"Six months you kept me waiting. That's not going to happen again is it? Of course not. I'm not going to let it. By the time I let you go…in a few hours you will be mad with lust. But until then…" She stood up and turned around with an evil glint in her jade eyes and a smirk on her ruby red lips while she brought a dagger up to her lip and tapped it a couple of times while walking over to the sputtering and struggling sorcerer. She placed a hand on his chest and drug her nails over the cloth and flesh there, "Let's play a little game, shall we?"


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