Title: Love and Marriage

Genre: Romance (and maybe something extra)

Rating: T – and maybe M later on.

Summary: While planning her wedding in the Bahamas, Casey MacDonald comes to realize that she's getting a lot more than what she bargained for on this vacation. But when it's all over and the wedding day has come, was the week of fun in the sun and setting things straight with old enemies worth it in the end? Dasey!

Disclaimer: I don't own Life with Derek

Author's Note: I thought I tossed this out the window when I was frustrated with it, but I kept it, yay! I think it's going to be super cute—hope you all enjoy.


To wake up next to someone and realize that everything that has happened in the past week was a mistake that tore through Casey MacDonald like a tornado, sending debris all over her emotions and across her mind. It sent questions about herself and her control. The entire week she had been guiltless, and this morning there was shame and horror that she did this; that she let everything go that she believed in—that she taught herself to be: A proud, strong woman who wouldn't let anyone overcome her.

Except, of course, for one person.

What did that say about her? How did it make her look in the eyes of the man she lay next to? She felt like she could be dirt—scum, even. Unclean, something no one wanted with them; something people wanted to clean themselves of.

Just let go of yourself and enjoy what you have. You're too young to be so stressed out over everything. Like you said, this is your week, make it worth your while was all he had to say before she acted like it was a prophesy and screwed herself over. She needed no help in that department and couldn't blame anyone else.

So, what happened to her week? When did it become their week? When did she decide to be that stone that broke the mirrors around her, eventually being dumped into the mud and covered with earth to be forgotten? What switch flipped in her brain to be promiscuous?

Casey lay in the plush bed, staring deep at the sleeping face of the man she once hated—still did sometimes—and wanted to disappear; just to close her eyes and vanish away from this place. Go home, back to London, back to her apartment and pretend like nothing ever happened. Pretend like she didn't just ruin what was going to be perfect and wholesome. What might have once been home to her heart.

She felt grungy and guilty. To put on that dress and march down the aisle like nothing had happened would be wrong, it'd be a lie. To make vows and promise to be there for him now and forever would be a contradiction, but to tell him all her secret would be like setting the building up in flames. It'd be stupid and wrong and so utterly honest.

Love was a question now. To be able to hop into bed with another person the same week she was supposed to be wed to the man she was supposed to love to the end of time and life itself, led her ask: Did she really love him? Could she commit herself to this man who promised to commit himself to her?

Author's Note: Bum, bum, bum! Super short prologue. I'm not big on wedding stories, or wedding or funerals (not that there is going be one) in general, so I can't really say everything in here will be spot on. I also can't say if it's going to be funny, sad, or even angsty. I can say it's romance and this is just the prologue—just a taste of something I hope will be good. So stay tuned, and review. Thank you.