Brittany had never run out of a room so quick. Not even when she caught Lord Tubbington with the cat next door. Santana Lopez? That girl that Quinn hates? To be honest, Brittany was surprised Santana hadn't recognised her, she was basically attached to Quinn's hip. Brittany had heard many things about Santana, mostly bad things. Actually, everything she'd heard was bad. And if Quinn knew she'd talked to Santana, she'd flip. Like Santana, Brittany wasn't a virgin. She'd lost her virginity to Puck ages ago. She however, unlike most other girls, didn't regret sleeping with Puck. They'd known each other for ages, but drifted apart after he became such a player. Quinn hated Santana, more than anything. She didn't like her friendship with Puck, and was sure he was screwing her, even though she knew she was gay, she was certain of it. See, Quinn was certain that she could change Puck, make him a one woman man, she really did like him, and his popularity was just a bonus for her. She, much like Santana, knew that if she wanted something, she would do anything to get it.

Yet Santana seemed much nicer than Quinn portrayed her to be. She didn't seem to laugh at her, or call her stupid when she was crying, which is what most people did. Brittany may not have been on the smart side, but she'd never forget every time and everyone who had ever called her stupid or dumb, or labelled her as an idiot. It wasn't just an insult to her, it was so much more than that. Every time she heard the word, she flinched, and when it was directed at her, she couldn't handle it. Almost everyone at William McKinley had called her stupid, except Santana of course, but Brittany had never spoken to Santana before tonight, but she felt the need to talk to her more. This confused Brittany, well a lot confused her, but this was really confusing. She was supposed to hate Santana. Quinn expected her too, she was sure everyone did. But she didn't. Well, not yet anyways.

Santana was lying in bed, thinking about her night, but more about the blonde dancer. "Brittany.." she said to no one in particular, racking her brain trying to think how the girl knew her. Santana knew she definitely hadn't slept with the girl, because she'd never forget a body like that. Or someone who could move like that. "Okay stop", Santana said, knowing where her thoughts were going. She was still craving some much needed sexual activity, as a few weeks was way too long for the Latina. But Santana wasn't one to do the job herself, and decided to try and sleep off the distracting tingles in her core.

-The Next Day-

"Lopez, get any last night?" said Puck with a raise of the eyebrows. Santana rolled her eyes, shutting her locker closed. "Puckerman, I was at a children's dance concert. Where or how would I get any there?" she growled. She didn't like Puck's constant questioning about her sex life. Usually she didn't mind, but it was a constant reminder that she hadn't gotten any in a while. "Anyways", she stated, "you get any from Quinn, or did 'Queen Bee' hold out on you?" she said with a smirk. "Nah" said Puck nonchalantly, not wanting Santana to know how much it bothered him. Puck's eye wondered over the corridor, noticing a certain blonde Fabray walking down the corridor. Santana, upon seeing Puck's leering look, turned to see what he was looking at. Quinn, unlike Puck, wasn't the one that caught Santana's eye. Brittany. Santana turned back to face Puck as soon as she saw her. How could she think that way about one of Quinn's friends? If Quinn ever found out, she'd use it on Santana before she could say 'wanky'. As Quinn approached Puck and Santana, the latina had to recompose herself. She was Santana 'fucking' Lopez for crying out loud. Nothing and no one scared her, not even Fabray and her tactics.

"Hey Puck" she said, just before leering at Santana. "Satan" she growled, nodding towards the brunette. Santana caught Brittany's eye, the blonde returning the look with a small smile. Santana could practically feel her cheeks burn with redness, and immediately scolded herself. She could make out Quinn and Puck interacting in the corner of her eye, but her full attention was focused on the tall blonde. How on earth had she not noticed her before? She was beautiful, had an amazing body, and that cheerios uniform showed off her toned legs. Before she knew it, the girls had disappeared, and only Puck was standing next to her. "Are you okay Lopez? You look like a love struck teenager" said Puck, knowing full well that Santana didn't believe in love. "Shut up Puckerman, it's just that Quinn's friend is hot." she said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Brittany?" he retorted, "dynamite in the sack" he grinned, remembering a few years back when he was granted the task of taking the blonde's virginity. "No way Puckerman, straight? Ah fuck off, all the good ones are straight!" she said angrily. The lack of sex had really gotten to her lately, and the little things were ticking her off. "I don't know, she might swing both ways. Anyways Lopez, you and I both know that a girl being straight hasn't stopped you before" he said with a wink. "What do you know about her?" she asked, curious. "Well it's Brittany S. Pierce in case you wanna look her up in the yearbook, and besides, she and I were good friends back in the day but she really doesn't like the player act, so drop that. And she's a bit, special, it can get a bit annoying, but it's kinda cute I guess" Puck stated. He'd always had a soft spot for Brittany, and he'd always have her back if she needed him too.

"Brittany S. Pierce.." Santana muttered, concocting a plan in her head. "Easy as pie, Puckerman." she stated with a tilt of her head. Santana was certain Brittany would be just another girl to add to her list of conquests, but a small part of her felt guilty. Like Puck said, the girl was special. If she was crying over misplacing her cat, then what would she do if Santana fucked her and left? "Urgh" Santana said quietly. She wasn't supposed to be thinking this way, what was so important about this girl? "Easy as pie" she repeated while making her way to class. "Easy as pie".

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