Hello! This is my first fanfiction on FF, as I am still adjusting to the format and community :) Thank you for clicking on my story! Your acknowledgement does not go unappreciated, and I'd like to thank you c: I saw RotG just about a week ago, and wanted this to be my first story. Please R&R if you get the chance :D [WIP, might finish if by request!]

It's a very rare sight to see Jack Frost fall from the sky.

Tooth watches from a distance, hovering over the sleigh. She stares with paralyzing horror, waiting– wishing– for him to regain his ability and stop falling. But he doesn't.

"Tooth," North warns, a great amount of alarm in his voice that cannot be masked by his thick accent. In a flash, she's flying towards Jack at break-neck speeds, through the misty clouds, trying, trying to get to him. She's so close.


Just as she catches Jack's wrist, she hears it. It's a sound she cringes at. Whirling around, it's difficult to spot the Night Mare coming at her. She jerks to the left, and dodges the monster narrowly, feeling it's coarse dust skim her arm too close for comfort. In the commotion, she almost drops Jack; he's slipping from her grasp, hanging by a single freezing pale hand, so she quickly pulls him up in her arms, safe from danger. She won't let anyone touch him. He's safe, she lies to herself, and it's a comforting lie.

"Jack?" Her voice is shaking. "Jack, open your eyes."

He doesn't open his eyes. His head is tilted back slightly, body limp. Tooth can detect the faint rise and fall of his chest from under his blue jacket, which is admitably very little comfort to ease her panick.

"Tooth, let's go!" Bunny calls to her, but she can hardly move. The rabbit's eyes fixed on the youngest Guardian as he lay motionless in Tooth's arms, and he too becomes a victem of the panick.

The sleigh comes up from behind her, and a pair of furry paws pull her and the teenager into their escape vehicle. She drops into the seat in the back next to Bunnymund and Sandy, North steering in front.

"Tooth? Tooth, whats wrong with him?" Bunny's voice is frantic and worried. She's only vaguely aware that Sandy took Jack from her to lay him down. Her senses flood her thoughts, and tears spring to her eyes rapidly, uncontrollably.

"Bunny, I..." The delicate feathers atop her head are trembling, and she turned to glance at Jack again. He still isn't moving, and looks to be in a painfully deep sleep. Sandy is looking worriedly at the boy, eyes flitting over his body for any wounds, scratches, bruises. Something he can fix, anything that they can heal. Theres nothing.

"Bunny, h-he was flying away from the Mares," Tooth manages to explain. "And I just saw him drop out of the sky. I couldn't even–" she's speaking faster than normal, voice taut anxiously. She looks at her hands, and then at Bunnymund in front of her. His attention is trained on Jack, now, a sort of confused concern in his eyes. He looks at Tooth.

"Did Pitch attack him?" Theres no ignoring the edge in his voice.

"I didn't see him hit Jack at all," She said wearily. "All I saw was–" Tooth gasped. Her eyes widened in devastation as realization dawned on her.

She turns, wings fluttering, looking over the sleigh's edge in desperation. She looks like she's searching for something in the dark night sky, but Bunny doesn't know what. He puts a paw on her shoulder, turning her to face him. He's almost suprised to see the alarming dread in her violet eyes.

"Bunny!" Tooth cries. "Jack's staff– it's gone!"