June 10th, 2001

If you are reading this, you are very fortunate. You are now a member of our organization. As a member of this group, the information you will be privy to will be shocking. What we are dedicated to studying is no less than the world's longest and best-kept secret.

Do not concern yourselves with aliens. Do not worry about Bigfoot. Do not waste your time with Atlantis. This is real. It is the greatest treasure of all time, as well as the most terrifying. This secret, you must understand, is not contained to one time or place. It is everywhere. It always has been. It very well may have begun with the dawn of all creation. It exists across the entire globe.

National Anthropomorphic Personifications. That's what they are. They look like any ordinary many or woman, but they are very much not human. They are created to represent a region, and that is their only purpose. Their lives are tied to their countries. It dictates their feelings, their thoughts, who they hate, who they love, everything about them.

We know a little of these people. With the help of you and every other dedicated member of this group, we will know even more. By reading this, you have chosen to join our organization and become an integral part of our team. Welcome.

- David Hunter, Human Curiosity Satisfacterors Leader

David Hunter smiled as he flipped through the rest of the leaflets. They had turned out well. Now all that was left was for his secretary to staple them together with the rest of the information they would distribute to new recruits.

New recruits. His stomach clenched. This really was happening. There had been talk of this for so long, and now it was finally happening. After eleven years, the Human Countries Anonymous had officially about to become the Human Curiosity Satisfacterors.

The HCS. It had a nice ring to it, he had to admit.

He felt stupid for being so nervous. Hunter had repeatedly voted in favor of the change to the group. Their original goals were short-sighted, he always felt, and accomplished little. If they were to properly learn anything about those personifications, they had to take a more hands-on approach with their methods.

They would watch. They would listen.

They would learn.

A/N - Hello to all you in Readerland out there! This fic is going to be a tad different from my other ones, namely in that it is a prequel to the Hetalia fanfiction "Human Curiosity", by the lovely SuperSister. If you have already read Human Curiosity, you should have some idea of what's going to be going on. If you have not, go read it! It's awesome! (Though, if you don't want to know what's going to be happening, wait until after this fic is done to read it. XD)

In any case, I hope everyone enjoys! As always, feel free to drop in a review and let me know what you liked, didn't like, etc and so on!

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