Ok just a cute two-shot/three-shot to keep me in the writing mood. I will be updating "breaking a spirit" soon but I got finals so please be patient. JackRabbit, flamers not welcome

Jack breathed heavily as he landed on an oak branch. His heart was pounding erratically and his vision was growing fuzzy. Slowly he lowered himself down to a sitting position on the branch, resting his cheek on the woods cold surface. It did little to ease the pain, but it was all he could do to bring down the heat in his body. The north wind whistled into his ear, offering comfort where it could. But even that couldn't help Jack.

'Hurts…too hot…'

His vision began to blur more, and the snow fall all but stopped as his body began to tremble. His body felt like it as on fire, and his tongue lead in his mouth. He wanted to drill a hole in his head to relieve the oncoming headache that only seemed to be getting worse by the minute. He didn't even hear the voice calling to him as his vision blacked out.

(Other POV)

Bunny grumbled as he raced through the snow drifts, shivering with every snowflake that made its residence in his fur. North had sent him yet again to retrieve Jack for their meeting. Bunny actually couldn't complain, he had a soft spot for the winter spirit, and over the years the two had formed a friendship. In fact, they were better friends than most of the guardians. He hadn't seen the snow spirit in a few months, Jack going on a trip to Europe to try and control a trail of snowstorms devastating the northwestern hemisphere. Hopefully he was ok, because frankly he was starting to miss the pranks.

Bunny smirked at the thought of their prank wars. He loved to tease Jack by leaving presents that would color the boys face a neon color when opened. That also meant more trouble from the spirit down in his warren. Bunny couldn't even count the amount of times he had hopped down and slipped on the thin sheet of ice covering his home.

'I got to get Frostbite back for that last one,' Bunny thought with an evil grin as he raced towards the lake.

He made it there, and suddenly the snow began to lessen. He twitched, that was unusual. Usually when he came Jack would try to confuse him with a veil of snow. He looked around and his brow furrowed as he didn't see any sign of Jack. Then he looked up and smirked, paws on his hips. Leave it to the winter spirit to be taking a nap in the middle of the day.

"Oi, Jack! Come one North wants us at the pole!" Bunny yelled, waiting impatiently.

He received no response from the other and raised a brow. Usually Jack woke at his yelling, he came closer to the tree, and pounded on it. Suddenly the boy's body tipped to the other side, and Bunny's eyes widened in panic as he raced to catch the teen. Jack landed with a thump in the Easter Bunny's arms. Bunny was gaping at the flushed face of the snow spirit, and the deep labored breaths the other took. He shook within Bunny's arms, trying to snuggle into his fur, but not having enough energy to do so.

"Jack…Oi Frost wake up…" Bunny asked in a hushed whisper.

Jack mumbled before opening his eyes as much as he could. They were halfway open and his usually bright eyes were gray and dull. Panic immediately seized Bunny's heart as the heat from the boy burned his arms.

"B-bunny….hurts…" Jack whispered in pain, wincing as he moved a bit.

"Crap…I got you Jack you just…OI! Stay awake! Don't go out on me frost…JACK!" Bunny yelled in panic as Jack went limp in the rabbit's arms.

'Got to get him to the pole…got to get medicine,' Bunny thought in panic as he opened up a hole and started immediately for the pole, panic squeezing his heart as Jack's breaths became more labored. 'stay with me Jack, don't you dare leave

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