Jack sat on his bed, tears slipping from his blue eyes and onto the sheets in his white knuckled grasp. He fought to keep the tears in, shoulders shaking with the great effort. Now Bunny, his best friend was going to hate him, be disgusted with the mere sight of him. Death would have been better than this, better than having Bunny hate him, and as soon as the rabbit told the other guardians they would all hate him as well. They would all leave him, and he would be alone forever. Death would have been a merciful act.

Bunny was in his own state of shock. Jack loved him. His heart swelled with happiness and began to warm within his stomach. He hadn't kept it a secret that he had a crush on the boy, but he had written it off, but this past week…he realized something. He couldn't live without Jack, not without his smile, his laugh, his eyes, his kindness, the nights they spent racing, and the playful arguments they had daily. That's why he was so angry when jack refused to tell him, his best friend, his secret. He didn't want to lose the boy to a measly secret. Now, he knew. He turned to Jack to reply only to see the boy in tears, shoulders shaking and not helping his sick condition.

"Jack, Mate, breath!" Bunny replied frantically, gently lowering Jack to the bed and replacing the oxygen mask that had somehow fallen off during the yelling.

Jack struggled to keep his breathing in check. Tears still ran down his face, but he stopped in shock as furry fingers gently wiped them away. He looked up to see Bunny, still there and smiling at him gently. His ears were flattened, but they seemed to be down in…embarrassment? No, that didn't seem right.

"Don't hate me…" Jack whispered, weakly gripping Bunny's wrist, hand shaking.

Bunny just smiled gently and leaned in closer, smiling at the violet blush covering the spirits cheeks.

"Now how could I hate you my little Frostbite, I love you too much for that," He chuckled at Jacks shocked state, before gently removing the oxygen mask to lean in.

Jack startled at the feel of lips on his, but melted into the kiss. No tongue, but he felt Bunny's lips move against his own in a gentle but powerful fashion. He closed his eyes at the feeling, but the kiss ended all too soon. He took a deep breath inside the oxygen mask that Bunny had replaced, loving the feeling of the others hands running through his hair and over his hot forehead. Bunny smiled at the other, before placing a kiss on the others forehead, and then placing a cold pack to cool down the others body. He took Jacks smooth and perfect hand in his and held it tight.

"We'll have more time for that Frostbite, when you get better that is. I swear I'm going to become a gray hare with all the stress you put me through," he teased with a mocking scowl.

"Think you can keep up me, kangaroo? I can be a handful…" Jack teased back, utter relief and happiness filling his body.

"Like I said before mate, never race a Rabbit. I can keep up with you, for as long as you want me…" Bunny trailed, squeezing the others hand.

"Then plan for a long trip…"


Briefly after the confession the other three Guardians burst in to see what had happened. Jack revealed his secret, and Bunny had stated what they were now. A couple. The room was silent for a second, scaring Jack of their response, before the room erupted in happiness. Bunny had to jump out of the way to avoid Tooth as she flew into hug , smothering the boy and chattering away. Cute couple, oh taking pictures, the cuteness of the two, how her baby was growing up, scolding him of keeping it a secret for so long, and just ended with snuggling Jack on the bed. Now Bunny would have been jealous of that, if it wasn't for jacks recent confession. Sandy flew over to Bunny, North in front of him. North clapped him hard on the back while Sandy gave him a thumbs up.

"Good Job my friend, I am very happy for you…but there is condition!" Sandy nodded to North's statement.

"And what is that Mate?" Bunny asked, raising one brow.

"You hurt my boy, and you…well let's just say you'll disappear mysteriously…" North finished with a wicked grin.

Sandy nodded, punching his fist into his open palm, very serious. Bunny just gulped before glaring at the two.

"I will never hurt Jack you gumby's!"

"Good, then we have no problem!" North trumpeted.

That had been a month ago, and everything was going well. Jack had fully recovered, if not for the occasional cough, but he tried not to show it least the Guardians make a bigger fuss than needed. He was flying in the air, thinking of how full his heart was ever since he and Bunny had become a couple. Bunny wouldn't leave his side in the infirmary room. Holding his hand tight or leaving a kiss on his forehead. It had only reinforced the love he had for the Rabbit, not saying that , that had stopped his mischievous streak. But Bunny didn't seem to mind. He was making his way back to the ground, gently floating down and letting his feet touch. Suddenly a hole opened up and he fell down into the hole, sliding down the tunnel. Soon he landed in a patch of soft grass, slightly dizzy from the sudden encounter.

"Have a fun ride frostbite?"

Jack just chuckled before floating up and over to his boyfriend, who stood proudly there with a smirk on his face.

"Very fun, but maybe a little warning next time," Jack joked back, chuckling as the Rabbit wrapped his arms around him pulling him closer.

"Wheres the fun in that?" Bunny laughed, before leaning in to kiss the other.

Jack moaned and melted into the kiss, tilting his head to give the other better access. The kiss was soft and passionate, conveying every ounce of love they held for eachother. Bunny nipped at the others bottom lips before slowly drawing back. Frost covered Jack's features as he blushed from the passionate encounter. He pressed his forehead to the others, and sighed in relief as he didn't detect any heat, only his love's natural chill.

"Bunny I'm not sick," Jack joked, obviously catching Bunny's act.

"Just checking Mate, you had me worried," He whispered, pulling the other close and loving the feel of his codler lover against him.

Jack just snuggled into the other fur, feeling safe and sound within his embrace.

"I know…but now I have you, so I'll be ok."

"Darn right you are, I'm not going to let anything happen to you…unless you cause it on your own…"

Jack just chuckled at the joke at the end, leaning up to give Bunny a quick kiss on the lips.

"That's why I love you Kangaroo,"

"You better Frostbite…love you too.."

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