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A shot in the dark

A past, Lost in space

And where do I start

The past and the chase

You hunted me down

Like a wolf, a predator

I felt like a deer in love's light

She Wolf- David Guetta

Looking back Tino realised that he'd been a bit stupid. No, a bit stupid was putting it lightly, he'd been an idiot.

Had he been smart he never would have decided to take the shortcut home from his evening class. After all, in what world does walking alone across a dark park at night equal a smart move, especially when the one doing the walking is hardly the biggest or strongest boy around?

Had he been smart he also wouldn't of paused and look around for 'the probably cute but lost dog' that growled at him. No, he would have realised that a growl that loud had to have come from a very BIG dog. Not to mention one in a bad mood.

But no, he'd gone looking for the dog and, even when he caught a glimpse of thick silver fur and bared fangs that glinted in the moonlight, he didn't run.

No he'd stood there and tried to soothe the rather large animal that was charging at him with calming words. The canine would have easily reached his waist when standing possibly higher since it was hard to tell when that streamlined and thickly furred body was stretched out mid-leap. Its fur was white and silver, ears as sharply pointed as the intelligent face and dangerous looking fangs. Its eyes caught Tino's attention though, for they weren't a friendly brown or gold like a typical canine but a cold and calculating blue.

Tino would have liked to say that he'd done something smart after that but he couldn't. He'd fainted before he could even scream. His last memory being of the dog, no wolf he realised, bowling into him and sinking two-inch-long fangs into his shoulder.

Then, nothing but darkness.


The small Finn groaned when he eventually came to. His head was pounding and his shoulder was throbbing painfully. His fingers came away coated in congealing blood when he hesitantly reached up to touch it.

"L've 't" a gruff voice commanded, words marred by a thick Swedish accent. Tino immediately froze, glancing up only to give a small squeak of terror.

"W-w-who are you? What's going o-on?" he stammered, shrinking under the large man's glare. He had a bundle of bandages in his hands as he met the small blonde's purple-blue eyes with his own cold blue ones that were hidden by a pair of glasses.

Blue eyes… cold and calculating…

The memories of the previous night immediately came back to Tino and made him flinch away from the other's touch. He knew those eyes.

"st'p m'vin' 'nd I'll t'll ya… I n'd t' tr't 't" the man growled, narrowing his eyes as he grabbed the smaller boy's arm to try and clean it of blood and dirt.

"y-you… t-the wolf…" Tino whimpered, partly from the sting of antiseptic and partly from fear as his shoulder was bandaged with practiced ease.

"ja, wh't of 't?"


"b'rw'ld. Th' B'ta of th' n'rd'c w'r'w'lf p'ck."

It took a moment for Tino to translate the words into recognisable English. When he did he came close to fainting all over again.

Berwald. The beta of the Nordic werewolf pack.

Something told him his life was about to become far more complicated…


The itching started a few hours later, starting at the site of the bite before radiating outwards. The itching soon turned to painful twitches though; every single one of Tino's nerves feeling like it was being teased with a red hot brand. His skin was feverishly warm by the time the sun set and he felt both parched and ravenous.

Berwald, despite his terrifying appearance turned out to be a life saver. He'd press a glass of water to the Finn's lips, coaxing him to drink at every available moment. His hands were cool on Tino's too hot skin and he even forgot to be scared of him when the pain struck.

Nothing could be done for food though. The small blonde couldn't keep anything down as his stomach rebelled, time and time again. He bit back cries every time. His skin felt like it was stretching, pulling taut before relaxing. Bone's shifted and changed beneath flushed flesh before settling back to their original positions.

Tears leaked from his clenched shut eyes as his body once again tried to move in ways that it was physically incapable of doing. Tino felt the brush of lips against his cheeks, smearing the salty trails on his flushed skin.

"'m s'rry… s' s'rry…" the gruff voice murmured, sounding authentically apologetic as he brushed tears away and held the trembling boy against him. "tr' n't t' f'ght 't…"

The words were meaningless though as Tino bit his lips to hold back a strangled whimper, the sound changing mid-cry and becoming rougher, more animalistic. His chest was heaving with each breath as his heart raced and beat a frantic rhythm against his ribs.

His senses became more acute, painfully so. Scents assaulted him mercilessly. He could taste his surroundings on his tongue. And the darkness, the darkness was too bright. It all made him whimper further as his skin no longer relaxed when it pulled taught, his bones no longer settling but continuing to shift and crack painfully. Clothing tore with a distinctive ripping sound.

His cry of pain twisted in his throat, becoming animalistic, lupine. Nothing more than a wordless howl before he finally fell limp but for the harsh pants tearing from his jaws. His body was still shaking as he tried to push himself upright, squirming free from Berwald's grasp.

He felt wrong. What he could see looked wrong.

Colours were too dim even if his sight was sharper. Scents… he closed his eyes to inhale deeply and still his trembling form and immediately picked up on a myriad of smells. He caught the scent of wolf, of man, wood, dirt, everything.

His ears twitched to focus on the steady breathing of the Swedish man in front of him, unable to make out the words as he reopened his eyes. He could feel himself close to panicking as he tried to make sense of everything.

"'t's 'k'y… j'st r'l'x…"

Why didn't the words make sense…? Tino was confused, not to mention scared when he realised that it wasn't the other man's accent that was making it hard to understand. His fear only increased tenfold when he growled and bared his teeth anxiously.

He tried to speak but nothing came out but those canine growls.

So for the first time since his first stupid act Tino did what he should have done from the beginning.

He turned and ran. He didn't know where or how. But still he ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

Yelps came from between his jaws as he picked up on every little thing that was wrong.

Air and twigs catching at a thick layer of fur.

The ground cutting into his paws.

Ears twitching at the faintest sound.

A tail curled as tightly between his legs as he could handle whilst still running.

No. no. This couldn't be happening. It had to be a dream. Just a nightmare. Tino tried to tell himself, wishing that he could just wake up already.

Wake up before the heavy but still light footfalls behind him caught up.

Wake up before he had to truly see himself.

Sadly his wish didn't come true and he had the breath knocked out of him as he yet again caught the scent of man, wolf and treated wood and sawdust. He rolled several times with the immense weight of the larger wolf on top of him, unable to stop himself from whimpering and trying to squirm free.

Berwald immediately put a stop to his attempts with a growl and a paw between his shoulder blades. Apart from the warning growl there was no sign of any malice in his stance. He was breathing heavily but his coat lay flat against his skin and his tail and ears were relaxed.


The word crossing his consciousness made Tino panic again but a soft nip to his ear made him freeze.

I said enough. Berwald growled. His accent was still there but nowhere near as apparent as it was when the man spoke. Like this it was extremely easy to realise what he was saying. Not to mention pick up on the underlying tone.

Once the Finn was still Berwald gave a canine sigh, licking at the ear he'd nipped soothingly. I'm sorry. For everything. He murmured, releasing the smaller wolf.

I don't understand…? What's going on? Tino begged, shaking slightly as he sat up. His eyes were wide within a lupine face.

You've become what I am. A werewolf. You weren't meant to… the swede sighed again shaking his large head. I'll explain later. What's your name?

T-Tino… I'm Tino.

The wolf gave an endearing growl, nuzzling the smaller one reassuringly before pulling back. I'm sorry Tino. We'll change back and I'll take you to people who'll explain everything okay?

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