Snow angels

Snow is such a beautiful thing, the way it covers the ground and blankets the trees with its cold embrace. The only thing that could more beautiful is a little girl who lays in the snow. Her arms stretched out as far as they could reach, her pale white skin almost mimics the snow, not only in color but in temperature.

Her legs, now also stretched as far as they could stretch, moving in perfect symphony with her arms in an upward downward motion. An innocent smile appears on the little child's face, her purple hair lays down on the snow making a deep imprint in it.

The little girls laughter fills the what seems like an empty place, there were what looked like houses all around but there were very few people outside. One person in particular, was watching this little girl play in the snow.

This woman was a very pretty person, her silver purple hair almost matching that of the little girls, her hair is tied up using a piece of ice. Her blue-purple eyes watch the little girl with such happiness in them, this little girl was her world.

This woman's name is Tsurara Shirayuki, her and her husband had a daughter four years ago and now she had grown up so fast. Tsurara's eyes almost water up when she thinks about how much her daughter has grown in those short years.

The little girls name is Mizore, she was a playful little girl and didn't really have any friends so her mother was her friend. The young little girl looked up at her mother playfully, she put her palms on the ground and slowly pushed herself off the ground trying not to mess up what she had just made.

The little girl moved as fast as she could away from the snow and over to her mother who was sitting in a chair and watching her daughter play. "Mom look what I did!" Mizore said as she pointed over to her snow angel.

When Tsurara looked to the little girls snow angel, a lump of snow fell down from the tree branch above, the lump of snow fell on the snow angel and made the little girl furious. "Jerk tree!" The little girl said as she began to freeze the tree from the roots up.

Tsurara just laughed into her hand at her daughters arrogance and just plain old silliness. Mizore was In a pout now, her perfect snow angel had been ruined by the 'jerk tree'. Mizore's mother stood up and took her daughters hand in hers.

As they walked to the snow Mizore was wondering what they were doing. "Its okay, we can make more!" Tsurara said as she fell back on the snow. Mizore's eyes lit up with excitement as she to plummeted into the snow.

Tsurara and Mizore both laid in the snow laughing and moving there arms and legs against the snow to make perfect snow angels. Mizore's smile always made Tsurara happy even if she was in a terrible mood, and that would never change no matter what.

"You'll always be my little snow angel" Tsurara said to Mizore, both of the girls smiled as they continued to make there perfect snow angels. But, in only a short amount of time Mizore will be having her own kids and off making snow angels with them.

XXXXX thirteen short years later

The same young girl that was making snow angels with her mother is now sitting at her dinner table. The same house, the same town, and the same people. Her head is firmly planted on her palm as she takes a deep breath in through her nose. She was so bored that even her mother couldn't make her want to play 'stalk the neighbors'.

This was finally the year that Mizore was ready to start having kids or more importantly, kidnapping herself a boyfriend during a snow storm that the snow woman cause. Mizore always wanted a boyfriend and finally being able to have one and have him forever made her extremely happy.

Her mother was not apposed to her leaving and bringing back a man for herself, but she really didn't want to lose her little snow angel to some boy. Mizore stood up from the table that she had been leaning on.

She slowly walked over to the window to see if the other girls in the village were leaving yet. Today was the day that they would find someone to have babies with. Since the snow people are few in numbers they begin to mate as soon as there bodies are ready for child birth.

The snow woman would cause blizzards in many human towns, this causes distractions so that they can kidnap men for mating. Mizore formed a smile on her face when she noticed the other girls beginning to walk away from there houses.

Mizore ran to the door and grabbed the door knob, she turned around before she opened the door and looked at her mother who was waiting for a goodbye. "I'll be careful I promise" Mizore said smiling. Tsurara held out her hand, in her palm were a couple lollipops, these were meant to keep a snow woman's internal body temperature just right.

Mizore grabbed the lollipops from her mother before she wrapped her arms around Tsurara and gave her a large, comforting hug. Both Mizore and Tsurara smiled before ending there hug. Mizore was grown up now and she was going to become one hell of a woman.

Mizore ran out the door leaving it wide open, Tsurara slowly walked over to the door and closed it. Now the only thing Tsurara had to worry about was not if her daughter was going to be okay in the human world, but what kind of Guy she brought home.