Snow angels: a new life

A/N: to those beautiful readers of mine just want to let you know the story is nearing its end! Have a couple more chapters planned then its over, i know some people are going to be mad but still i think its a perfect ending anyway hope you enjoy!

Life had began to spring within Mizore and Tsukune, they were both engaged in kissing each other as they hit the walls carelessly walking through the hallway to their bedroom. They were so moved by each others bodies that they hadn't broke their kiss, their lips constantly rubbing against one anothers as they moan and move there hand on one anothers bodies.

They momentarily break their passionate kiss, only to open the door to their bedroom. Tsukune had made way for Mizore as he blindly made his way to the bed, breathing rapidly in short hot breaths, both Mizore and Tsukune were under the power of the snow white. It wasn't only the snow white, they had a bond which could outlast any who challenged it.

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Tsukune had flopped down on the bed, Mizore had shortly followed. As they laid on the bed their bodies had began to get hotter as they had gotten more aroused. Mizore was now on top of Tsukune, he hips carefully place over his, her legs spred one either side of Tsukune's.

"Tsukune... I love you!" Mizore said as she blushed looking away from Tsukune. He couldn't believe what was happening, he actually loved this girl, he wanted her and he wanted her all to himself. Mizore felt so embarrassed, Tsukune hadn't said he loved her back, so knew it would take some time but it would make her happy if she heard it one time..

Mizore flinched when she felt Tsukune's rough, warm hand grab hers, "i love you too Mizore!" Tsukune's words floated through the air and had hit Mizore's hear like a bolt of electricity. They had both moved in embracing each others love with a passionate kiss sending shivers throughout there bodies.

Tsukune had began to take Mizore's shirt of as she did the same, as Mizore's shirt came off Tsukune was now staring at Mizore's naked breast. Her pail white breasts were so perfect, her nipples, like cherries. Tsukune had reached his hand forward grabbing and squeezing every inch of Mizore's soft breasts.

Tsukune's shirt was off all the way now revealing his scared chest and his naked abbs and his strong body and core, Mizore's moans had become more of a turn on for Tsukune as he continued to rub Mizore. Tsukune was having all the fun and Mizore knew it, she could feel his hard penis pushing up against her.

Tsukune had now flipped Mizore around, she was laying on the bed and he was on top of her. Mizore could only watch as Tsukune slipped her skirt off with ease, Mizore was laying with her hands at her side and her other arm across her breasts.

Tsukune had easily taken his pants off leaving only his boxers, "is... it okay?" Tsukune asked as he dry gulped watching Mizore. Mizore couldn't talk, she had never felt this much pleasure, being with a man. She nodded her head yes, her cheeks were as red as can bed as Tsukune slowly slid her panties off.

Her pussy was soaking wet as Tsukune looked at every bit of her, Tsukune couldn't just watch though, it was time for them to become one. As Tsukune removed the last bit of clothing he had, Mizore was surprised, he was much larger then expected.

Tsukune had positioned himself just right, Mizore's legs were wrapped around Tsukune's hips as her rubbed her sensuality with his penis. As he began to push it in Mizore had clinched up making it even harder, Mizore had sat up and wrapped her arms around Tsukune's neck as he entered her.

Tsukune was now fully inside of Mizore and hsd stopped, they had broke there hug and stared at each other. It was finally done, they were a real couple now, as Tsukune began to move slowly and at a perfect speed for Mizore moans of pleasure emitted from both Tsukune and Mizore.

Mizore was hurting extremely, she had dug her nails into Tsukune's back as he began to move at a quicker pace. Tsukune had was feeling every inch of inside Mizore, her insides were gripping to him and rubbing against him so roughly he couldn't hold back. As Tsukune forced himself inside of Mizore once more, he had released his seed letting it flow into Mizore.

Mizore had moaned as she too came, she had never imagined that amount of pleasure before, Tsukune had laid down next to Mizore and had smiled at her as they began to rest.

XXXXXXX(end of lemon)

Mizore and Tsukune had had sex, letting all of their passion out had made them a perfect couple. But now it was time for the part that Mizore feared, Tsukune had gotten dressed and was waiting in the living room for Mizore. Tsurara had gotten back and they were ready to leave for Tsukune's home, "oh my, Tsukune your bleeding!" Tsurara said as she looked at Tsukune's back, Mizore had dug her nails into Tsukune's back causing his blood to seep through his shirt.

"Oh.. no its okay im fine... really!" Tsukune said as Tsurara had began to lift up his shirt, she slowly put it back down when realizing that it was fingernails that had done the damage. Tsukune had turned around to see Tsurara with such a happy look on her face, "just call me grandma!" Tsurara said smiling.

Mizore had finished getting dressed and had walked out of the room, she was still blushing but she was alright. "Alright! Since everyones here now!" Tsurara continued, "its all set, Tsukune you and Mizore will have to leave right now though!" Tsurara said .cocked her head and smiled.


Tsukune and Mizore had gotten everything ready for there trip. They had to leave at this moment if they wanted to leave thought, Mizore had ran out the door getting everything ready. "Oh Tsukune! You and Mizore might need these!" Tsurara said as she her hand above Tsukune's dropping a couple of lollipops into Tsukune's hand.

"There to keep your body temperature at perfect for the snow maidens body!" Tsurara said, Tsukune was a little confused. He was not a snow maiden why would he need one as well? "Thanks, we will be back soon!" Tsukune said as he began to run out the door.

Tsurara had walked to the door to watch her daughter leave, as they faded away in the snow she smiled. They were going to make it, her smile was gone however, when another shadow appeared in the snow. It was the snow maiden that were to deliver punishment to those who helped humans leave, like the one who had shot Tsukune.

Tsurara walked calmly to a cubberd that sat behind the makeshift dinner table, she opened the cubberd slowly and pulled out two large lmgs. As she calmly walked back to the door she could only smile, "I've always wanted to use these!"