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"WHAT?!" Hiroto, Shuuji, Haruna and Midorikawa exclaimed.

"Well…" Clara mumbled.

"Well… fine. We just can't let Hitomiko catch us. I guess its just a bit of fun, but we're not rebelling ever again," Shuuji said with a frown and a nod.

"Are you guys sure? I'm not sure if it's a good idea, considering that Haruna is working for us to have money and I would be feeling guilty if she got fired just because of us." Hiroto frowned and lifted his eyebrow.

"Although I'm in charge of you guys, I'm fine with the idea as long as the kids have fun, we don't get discovered, everyone else approves of it and no ones takes this as a signal that I'll allow you guys to do bad things," Haruna smiled and then nodded in approval. "I'm sure it will be fine, Hiroto, you don't have to feel bad."

Hiroto sighed a little. "I hope so. I just don't want you to lose your job, and besides, we wouldn't be able to have as much fun as we do when you're around."

"Don't worry, I have an adamant feeling that things will work out great! And thank you, but I wouldn't want to lose my special time with you guys too, and its because this sounds fun and I'm sure its only a once in a while thing and its plenty of fun, so you all should be waking up feeling not too tired." Haruna assured Hiroto.

Hiroto nodded. "Well, I trust your judgement then." Haruna grinned back.

"I don't have a problem with it, as long as we are careful and don't get caught or something, I don't want to get in trouble," Midorikawa gulped.

Hiroto sighed. "I suppose that once in a while, Hitomiko won't have a problem to let us have this sort of fun."

"If we're gonna have it, we'll have to plan. Games, course of actions to NOT get caught, rules, you name it all, and other stuff. And since this a midnight PLAYOVER there's no point in doing our own stuff. We should have fun and do stuff that you would actually do in sleepovers. Like interacting with each other," Shuuji added in.

Clara nodded. "Um… yeah. So what's the plan?"

"Shuuji and Hiroto can discuss with Yuki and Clara and Midorikawa can come with me to tell the kids the good news and prepare them for the suspense and surprise," Haruna grinned.

"Okay…! lets do this!" Hiroto exclaimed with determination.

Haruna, Midorikawa and Clara are silently crept down the stairs.

Midorikawa started to feel unsure. "Are you sure we should do this?"

"Come on. We don't get much of this fun." Clara smirked. "And Shuuji is smart and knows that Ai is totally fired up for this, so I'm sure he'll find a good way."

"How is Hitomiko like towards you kids?" Haruna questioned.

"It actually just depends. Most of the time she's pretty nice and caring, except when we don't listen to her or do bad stuff, then she gets a little stricter. She never uses anything physical on us though." Clara smiled.

"Yeah! I'm pretty excited for the playover thing though, but I just don't want to get caught or feel like a rebel," Midorikawa gulped.

"I'm sure that we'll get through. I just hope that they will finish the planning soon so we can start as soon as possible and have more time…", Clara sighed.

"Its been an hour since dinner. Let's go tell the other kids!" Haruna said softly so that Hitomiko would not hear, but enthusiastically.

"Wait- I just remembered, Hitomiko is going on a 'hangout' with the creepy coach soon! Which means we have much more convenience! I'm SO happy!" Clara giggled in excitement.

"Yeah, good point Clara! But that means…" Midorikawa sounded hesitant "Will they…as in the creepy coach's students… harm us?" Midorikawa shivered.

Clara smirked haughtily. "I'm sure they won't be too scary."

"Huh?" Haruna lifted an eyebrow.

"Oh, yeah! We know our father is in jail. He used to be only 'The Genesis's' father, but one day he wrote a letter from his prison saying he vowed to be all our dads forever, so he is now all our dad! Anyway, before that letter got delivered, the postman there was sick on the day so they asked another cell guard. He accepted, but did have to get permission from the top prison guard and he said: "Do it at the risk of the letter NOT being delivered then." Father had no choice but to do it because he was desperate that the rest of us would get sent to another orphanage and risked it. Besides, he said that in the letter that that prison guard was really friendly to him. The letter got delivered by a mysterious boy around our age with a hood…uh… and….he looked scary, mysterious and suspicious and had a very very strange and creepy speech pattern like how a silent pervert would speak like!" Midorikawa gasped for air, since the long speech made him feel out of breath.

"There was another letter attached that was by father. It said Hitomiko should get married soon and he though that she should get to know a man… which apparently is the son of the really friendly prison guard. And he also wanted his son to get married, and they were pretty much 'friends', so…" Clara mumbled.

"Now they are getting to know each other? I'm happy for Hitomiko, and aren't you all feeling the same as well?" Haruna sounded happy but questioning at the same time.

"Yeah. And we can't remember his real name but this is their first 'getting to know' period. And Hitomiko is pretty alert and smart so she probably won't get in any trouble even though they haven't met yet." Clara looked cautiously around the orphanage's windows to see if the "creepy coach" had arrived.

"I see," Haruna nodded. "Anyway, we're at the room where they are at, right?"

Midorikawa slid open the door. "Guys! I have good news!"

Everyone else turned their heads towards the trio.


The doorbell rings and Hitomiko briskly walks towards the door and opens it.

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