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Another inappropriate high school musical directed by the Yaoi club/drama club president, Elizaveta and the vice president Kiku… How the hell did this


Dude… the whole plot is based off a horror movie called the evil dead… You should know what to expect… It gets pretty freaky and messed up.

The Evil Dead Musical

The Cast List

Hey everyone! This is a notice from your drama club president! The Auditions were awesome this year and here's the cast list. I hope no one is too upset with how things turned out, we tried to make things as fair as possible. Please be kind and support us in any way you can!

Ash Williams- Alfred F Jones

Linda- Arthur Kirkland

Scott- Gilbert Beilschmidt

Shelly- Francis Bonnefoy

Cheryl Williams- Matthew Williams

Annie Knowby- Tino Väinämöinen

Ed Getley- Feliciano Vargas

Jake- Scott Kirkland

Professor Raymond Knowby- Lukas Bondevik

Evil Trees- Matthias Denson, Ivan Braginsky, Lars Govert.

Hope you all have a lot of fun and come by the dram room after school to pick up your scripts. We will be rehearsing after school on Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturday. Call ahead if you can't make some days. Also, some of the names will be changed so that you don't have to dress in dresses… I know the school will let us do this musical, but they won't let us put boys in dresses…

If any of you try to get out of this I will hunt you down with my frying pan. Have a good day. This has been a friendly warning from the drama club president Elizaveta and vice president Kiku.


Shinigami-cat: So I hope you all like this and want me to continue it and I'm sorry if I got some last names wrong… Please review!