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First attempt at fanfiction! So let's see how this goes.

Part 1

Her fists clench tightly at her side as she waits for the elevator to stop moving, her right foot tapping the floor impatiently.


As the elevator opens at what seems like an agonizingly slow pace, she storms through the metal doors and down the hall before stopping in front of her apartment door. Her left hand reaches down and fishes through her purse searching for her keys. Her hand touches cool metal and she tightens her grip before pulling the bulky keychain from the confines of her purse.

"Shit," mumbles Brittany lowly as she removes the key from the lock and tries the next one. Her hands are shaking slightly and she jiggles the door handle, forcing the lock to click and busts open her apartment door, immediately throwing her purse on the floor. Her heels click on the aged wood floor and she doesn't even bother looking back as she slams the door shut behind her. She can hear the television playing in the background as she makes her way past the kitchen. When she reaches the living room, the click of her heels is muffled as she steps onto plush carpet and walks past Santana, who is lounging on the couch, to stand in front of the T.V.

Santana is stretched across the length of the couch with her laptop settled comfortably on top of her outstretched legs. "Hey, babe" Santana says with a yawn, but doesn't look up from her computer screen. The right leg of her jeans is bunched up slightly around her calf from adjusting herself on the couch and she is wearing one of Brittany's old dance t-shirts.

She can feel eyes boring into her and when she hears a clank of metal hit the coffee table, she glances up to see Brittany standing in front of her with her arms crossed and a tight scowl across her lips. She takes a second to rake her eyes up and down Brittany's body, admiring her choice of outfit for the day. The simple blue v-neck shirt forms perfectly to Brittany's round breasts and her dark skinny jeans hug her ass tightly, and don't even get me started on those damn heels! God, her girlfriend is smokin'.

She hears her girlfriend clear her throat and immediately brings her eyes back up to Brittany's piercing blue ones. Santana furrows her eyebrows in confusion as she locks eyes with the blonde who is still glaring intensely at her. Her heartbeat starts to pick up when she recognizes this look and realizes that Brittany is pissed. She hasn't witnessed this look very often, but she knows it, and she knows it's not good.

"Uh, everything okay there, B?" she questions tentatively. When she doesn't get an answer she closes her laptop and places it gently on the coffee table next to Brittany's thrown keys, before sitting up on the couch. "Brittany? Can you say something? You're kind of freaking me out here."

"Angela," Brittany hisses out.

Santana cocks her eyebrow and stares up at her girlfriend. "Excuse me?"

"You heard what I said, Santana" she spits out as she makes her way around the coffee table to stand in front of the Latina.

"Okay, yeah I heard what you said, but I'm confused. What about her?" Santana replies as she puts her hands on the cushions in an attempt to stand up. But as her butt lifts off the couch, Brittany's hands slams into Santana's shoulders and she is pushed back hard onto the couch.

"What about her!?" Brittany lets out a deep laugh and slowly leans over the brunette.

"How about the fact that you've been fucking her, Santana."

Santana's eyes go wide and her mouth drops open as she stares up at her girlfriend. Brittany cocks an eyebrow, challenging her. "Not even going to try and defend yourself, huh?"

"B...Britt, come on," Santana says nervously. "You're talking crazy, Angela is just my assistant."

"Yeah, you're assistant who has a mad crush on you! Who follows you around like a friggin' puppy!" Brittany almost yells.

"B…she is my assistant. That is her job" Santana replies through clenched teeth, frustration starting to get the best of her.

"Remember the company Christmas party? 'Oh Santana, you're so funny! Oh Santana, you're homemade carrot cake is so moist and delicious'" Brittany mocks in a girly voice, an octave above her own. "She was blatantly trying to flirt with you, completely disregarding that fact that your girlfriend was right next to you, holding your waist. I can only imagine how she acts towards you when I'm not right by your side!" Brittany's chest heaves up and down as she runs a hand through her hair and closes her eyes slowly.

"I think you are being a little dramatic, Britt. She's just a li…" but Brittany cuts her off before she can finish her sentence.

"Dramatic!" Brittany scoffs and opens her eyes. "Oh no, I don't think I am, but I will show you dramatic. Let me assure you, Santana," Her tongue darts out slowly and wets her bottom lip before starting again, her voice scarily calmer than her last outburst. "Let's not play dumb, Santana. I have eyes you know, the girl is hot, I get it." Santana tries to interrupt but Brittany cuts her off again. "Blondes are your weakness and we both know you have a thing for being in a position of authority." Brittany moves closer and leans over Santana on the couch, her face merely inches from the brunette's face. "It's kind of your thing to always have to be on top, isn't it? Of your career?" Her voice goes lower, "Of me?" The blonde cocks an eyebrow and glances unconsciously down at her girlfriend's lips for a second. Santana takes notice of the eye movement and wants so badly to just lean up the couple inches separating their faces and crash her lips into the ones before her, but knows she would likely get a slap to the face at this point if she were to try so she stays still. Brittany's eyes move slowly back up to her own. "But I'm going to show you exactly who's in charge here, Santana. Who is really on top. And trust me, it ain't you." Santana can smell Brittany's strawberry chap stick and a hint of mint from a previous cough drop that she likes to suck on throughout her day as the blonde breathes hotly over Santana's mouth for a few seconds before continuing.

"And I swear on Lord Tubbington's grave, San, that if you know what's good for you, you better not move from this spot" Brittany says quickly, blue eyes baring into brown, and her hand shifting down to Santana's jeans as she loops three fingers into the waistband and pulls her closer, possessively. Santana nods her head shakily. Brittany releases her hold on Santana's jeans and pushes her back into the couch.

Santana can hear the click of her girlfriend's heels fade slightly as she walks away into their bedroom in the back of the apartment. She can hear the sound of a drawer being shut forcefully, the sound echoing it's way back to Santana's ears. The Latina clenches her eyes shut tightly and takes a long exhale, trying to calm her nerves but also trying to still the undeniable heat that is building low in her stomach. She'll admit that is more than freaked out to find out what Brittany is planning, but can't help how turned on she is at the same time.

After a few minutes, her eyes snap open at the familiar clicks resounding closer indicating that Brittany is coming back into the living room. But she is too afraid to turn around and watch Brittany re-enter. Suddenly she felts hot breath on the side of her neck, just below her left ear, and she shudders involuntarily.

"You think that you can just go around fucking other people, and there will be no consequences, Santana? That you can get away with it?" Brittany says, her voice low and husky and her hot breath moving up and down Santana's neck.

The brunette clenches her eyes shut again and barely moans out a throaty "no." Suddenly her head is yanked back as Brittany has a firm hold on the girl' hair. Santana squeals at the unexpected gesture and whimpers as she feels Brittany's mouth at her throat, teeth lightly scraping her pulse point.

"What was that? I couldn't quit hear you, babe," malice laced in her tone, her tongue dipping out to run lightly up the other girl's neck.

"I said, 'No'," replies Santana shakily, more loudly this time, making sure she is heard. She can't help but rub her thighs together, trying to find any sort of relief to the pressure building soundly in her lower region as Brittany tightens the grip in her hair one more time.

"That's what I thought. And you want to know what happens to little girls who have been bad?" Brittany brings her mouth back to Santana's ear. "They. Get. Punished," she states before sinking her teeth down on Santana's neck, not enough to break skin, but enough to mark her. To show the brunette just whom she belongs to, and Santana loves it. Brittany can tell just how much her girlfriend is enjoying it as well by how her breathing has increased ten-fold and her thighs are currently moving against each other trying to create some sort of friction. She smirks at the sight and the sound of her girlfriend, but only for a second before releasing her hold on the raven-haired girl and moving to stand back in front of the couch.

Santana's breathing is still labored but calming down slowly as she feels her girlfriend release her hold and walk to stand in front of her again. She can feel something being thrown onto the cushion next to her but doesn't have time to register what it is before she snaps her head upwards in the direction of the blonde. She all but opens her eyes for half a second before her breath is sucked from her body once again. There in front of her, blonde hair flowing freely across her shoulders is her ridiculously hot girlfriend, shed of her previous work clothes and instead in nothing but black lace panties and a matching satin and lace corset. Santana can't help but moan as her eyes roll into the back of her head at the sight in front of her and she brings her hands up to lace in her hair as her head falls back on the couch. This girl is fucking killing her. Suddenly she feels the couch shift and a hand behind her neck pulling her head up to stare into deep blue eyes. She glances down quickly to see Brittany sitting a top her, straddling her thighs, and groans internally before looking back up.

"Hope you're ready to find out just who you belong to."

To be continued…