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Part 3

Santana's eyes go even wider and she can't help but start mumbling incoherent words. "Britt…oh my god." Her arm, still shaking from her two previous orgasms, reaches out to try and push Brittany away from her still throbbing, but overly sensitive, center. "Seriously….don't…can't handle it."

Brittany ignores the trembling pleas of her girlfriend and instead grips her hands tighter around toned thighs. She moves her head directly in front of the Latina's core, making sure that she has direct contact with coffee colored eyes before darting her tongue out and taking a tentative lick through soaking folds. Santana inhales sharply and her hands grip tightly in blonde hair as she tries to force the girl away her center.

"Oh my…fuck, B! Stop!" she grits through clenched teeth. Brittany's hold moves from thighs to waist so she can try to still the struggling woman before her. Her head turns to the side and she starts placing small kisses along the inside of Santana's thighs, occasionally nipping at soft skin, as she works her way back up towards the brunette's dripping core.

Santana is becoming all to aware that she can't overpower the other woman, no matter how hard she tries to push Brittany's head away, her own body way too exhausted. Internally, she's already come to terms with the fact that this is going to happen whether she wants it or not, because Brittany obviously wants it. And even though her body feels like it's about to collapse in on itself, she would be lying if she said didn't want it too, because nothing is better than being at the mercy of Brittany's skillful tongue.

So she gives in. Just like Brittany wants her to. And just like Brittany knew she eventually would.

So Brittany leans forward and dives back in. Her mouth makes quick work of slick folds as she bobs her head up and down furiously. No longer having to fight against the struggling girl, the blonde reaches up to grab at the Latina's perfect breasts; squeezing them in sync as each path up Santana's slit causes Brittany's nose to bump the Latina's bundle of nerves. As the dancer dips her head low one more time, she opens her mouth to cover as much as she can of the heated core in front of her before sucking in deeply. She can't see her face at this point, but Brittany can hear the growl of satisfaction run through Santana's body.

Brittany is seriously so worked up at this point from their previous encounters and the sounds that are currently erupting from her girlfriend's mouth, that she reaches down to the juncture of her own legs and starts stroking the fake cock rapidly. She can't help but moan into Santana's center when she feels just how wet the silicon still is, which causes the brunette to jerk her hips upward. Brittany loves knowing that it's because of her that her girlfriend has already had two powerful orgasms and is quickly approaching her third. This fact makes Brittany's own arousal increase ten-fold. She continues licking the girl in front of her with abandon as she strokes the cock, making sure the base hits her clit each time. Brittany wraps her spare hand around Santana's thigh and pulls her closer so she has even better access to her center.

Where as before when Santana was trying to forcefully push Brittany's head away from her, the girl's hands are now fisted tightly in the blonde's hair and she is using the leverage to buck wildly into her girlfriend's mouth, searching out her release for the third time. Brittany knows that the girl is just on the edge of her climax once more.

Brittany quickly sits up from her legs so that she is kneeling instead, and moves her hand under Santana's ass and lifts so her center is on level with Brittany's new position. The dancer's tongue moves from the girl's slit, upwards and her lips wrap tightly around her clit, sucking as hard as she can manage.

"Ugh….fuuuck," and a series of unintelligible grunts are the only things able to leave the shorter girl's mouth who is so near desperation to finish.

Brittany decides to end her misery, if you can call it that, by releasing the girl's clit and moving down once move to the girl's dripping entrance. She darts her tongue out, and as a stiff as she can possibly make it, plunges it as deep inside Santana's center as humanly possible. Her chin is suddenly soaked in Santana's juices. With one quick curl into spongy flesh, the Latina's back arches even further off the couch and her thighs instantly squeeze together around the blonde's head as a guttural scream that sounds very much like her name, erupts from her throat as her third orgasm rips through her body. Brittany's arm threatens to give out but she somehow manages to hold up the brunette while she rides out the series of shocks pulsing through her, with Brittany's tongue still very much deep inside her, trying to prolong the aftershocks for as long as possible. Thank god for years of dance training that she still has incredible strength to do so.

Meanwhile, Brittany's other hand is still feverishly stroking the cock between her legs. It takes only seconds before her breathing is so rapid and she approaches her own intense climax. One more jerk of her hand and she holds the dildo in place on top her clit as her own orgasm crashes through her body. She quickly removes her tongue from her girlfriend, for fear of asphyxiation otherwise, and turns her head to the inside of Santana's thigh before biting down hard to try and muffle the scream that leaves her throat. Brittany is sure they are already going to receive noise complaints from half the city by now.

Both girls collapse down almost immediately after, no longer able to support their body weight anymore. Brittany can hear Santana breathing harshly above her and she herself is sitting on her legs once again. Her arms move to wrap tightly around the other girl's waist and she lays her head down on a tanned thigh.

After what seems like ages and Brittany is sure that she won't have cardiac arrest if she tries moving, she slowly opens her eyes.

She immediately sees the bright red mark on Santana's other thigh from where she bit her and she lifts her head to the area. She runs her tongue soothingly over the spot on the Latina's thigh where she is sure there is going to be a bruise tomorrow, but can't help smile inwardly at the thought.

Santana shudders violently at the action, knowing that she will definitely not live through another round with the blonde. Her hand immediately finds place in Brittany's hair again as she heeds warning.

"No more," she mumbles out, breathlessly. "My body can't take it." Brittany giggles once before pushing up on Santana's thighs to lift herself back onto the couch directly next to the Latina. She quickly loosens that straps that are gripping tightly to the woman's waist before shimmying the harness down her legs to rest on the floor.

"Don't worry, babe. I know I have awesome stamina, but that was almost too much even for me. Almost," she chuckles.

"Oh…my…fucking….god, Britt. That was…god I can't even form words right now," Santana breathes out deeply, running her hand up to her forehead and stopping it to rest in her hair, trying to deeply regain her breath. Her heart is still jack hammering in her chest and she seriously worries that she might have a heart attack at any moment.

"So it was good, huh?" Brittany asks smugly, a grin appearing across her face that she just can't stop.

Santana turns her head to the right and shrugs her shoulders once before replying nonchalantly, "Eh, it was decent." She knows she is a terrible liar and can't help the small smile that forms at the corner of her mouth as she tries to deny the fact that she just received the most earth-shattering sex that she can ever recall. She winks once at her girlfriend before turning her head back straight and closing her eyes once more, still trying to inhale as much oxygen into her body as possible.

Brittany scoffs; fake hurt lacing her tone, before moving her body to face the brunette. "I think that the three orgasms, not to mention your juices that were dripping down my chin and my cock would tell me otherwise," she tells the girl matter-of-factly, voice low and still husky, as she grabs Santana's hip and pulls the other girl to face her while nuzzling her head in the crook of the shorter girl's neck. The girls' legs automatically entangle below them. She gives Santana's ass a tap and squeezes lightly as if to ensure her point. Point taken. Thinks Santana as she squeaks once before giggling at her girlfriend's actions.

"Well I can't help it that angry, jealous sex with you is like the hottest thing ever, hands down," she grins as she turns her head to look at Brittany. "I just wish we didn't have to act like I cheated on you to get you that bent out of shape," she shrugs her shoulders lowly. "Even though it's not true, it still makes me feel guilty," she says while looking down.

The tall blonde lifts her head from nestling in her lover's neck and cocks an eyebrow at the woman in front of her. "Are you saying that instead, the next time that I come home and find your shoes all over the foyer that I should throw a raging fit and come in here and punish you until you've learned your lesson?" smirks Brittany.

Santana lets out a throaty laugh. "Please do. I will have absolutely no objections to being punished by you."

Santana turns her body so she is facing the blonde and grabs her hands before staring up into her eyes.

"You do know that you have nothing to worry about though, right?" She squeezes Brittany's hands to reassure her point and Brittany looks up into Santana's eyes. "Not with Angela, or any other living, breathing thing on this planet. Or any shrub" she adds for good measure, while smirking. Brittany giggles. "No one could ever compare to just how beautiful and amazing of a person that you are." Santana releases one of her hands and smiles while she brings it up to cup Brittany's cheek. "I love you, so, so much, Brittany Susan Pierce."

Brittany's eyes brighten and she tries to keep her mouth shut to contain the huge smile that is threatening to overtake her face. "I know you do." Brittany says as her free hand reaches up and covers the back of Santana's that is still cupping her cheek. "And I love you so much more."

With that, both girls lean into each other and brush their lips softly against one another. The kiss is small and light, but it conveys the love and emotion that both feel for the other. Soon, heat is already kindling low back into both of their stomachs. Brittany moves in to deepen the kiss before Santana quickly backs away.

"Hey!" Brittany pouts, "Where are you going? I want my sweet lady kisses still!"

Santana runs into their bedroom and Brittany can hear her rummaging around for a couple minutes before she reenters the living room holding a big cardboard box. Brittany stares at her questionably before Santana reaches in the box and pulls out one of her beloved high heel shoes and throws it on the floor towards Brittany's feet.

"Oops" she says coyly while throwing a wink in Brittany's direction before making her way to the foyer and tips the entire box over, letting the array of shoes fall all over the floor. Brittany lets out a small chuckle before standing up.

"You know, girls who are bad deserve to be taught a lesson," the blonde says while shaking her head, a slight smirk gracing her lips as she moves from the couch and towards her girlfriend.

"I was planning on it," replies the brunette huskily as she makes her way back towards the Brittany, meeting her halfway. "Show me what you got, boss" she challenges before grabbing the dancer's waist and pulling her flush against her body and presses her lips hard against the blondes.


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