How It Happens

Summary: April falls fast, fast and hard. Andy falls so slowly that he doesn't realize he's falling at all. Short sweet Andy/April fluff.

April falls fast, fast and hard, because the first time he makes her smile, something goes off inside her heart that she isn't ready for at all. She's not supposed to care and suddenly she does, so she defends him when Derek and Ben mock him. She thinks of ways to make Andy as happy as he makes her, bringing him coffee and helping him with his band. She knows she falls fast because her jealousy towards Ann is more volatile than it should be, considering she hasn't even known Andy for very long. She's never been the type to go a little crazy with anger or feel so hurt, but every time she sees him pine for Ann, she has to swallow hard and fight away the emotion. In the end, it's an exhilarating free fall and a hard landing, and terrifying, but when she thinks about Andy, she finds no room inside to be afraid.

Andy falls so slowly that he doesn't realize he's falling at all. When he first meets her, his heart is still wrapped up in Ann and he's so busy trying to get her back that he doesn't notice what's right in front of him, not at first. But April is cool and fun to hang out with, and totally supportive of what he's passionate about, and as time goes by, he thinks of Ann less and less. But April - he's pretty sure she's too young for him, and he doesn't want to come off as a creep or something, though part of him thinks maybe he shouldn't care. It's their picture on the summer catalog that really makes him think about it all, makes him realize that all his happiest moments in the past few months have been with her. Because of her. And he finds himself going out of his way to make her smile, because every time she does, his heart feels like it might explode. He even writes a song about the feeling. And when she finally forgives him for kissing Ann, when they finally find a way to be together, he realizes how far in love he already is. For Andy, the fall is slow. The landing is soft, and warm, and feels a lot like April wrapped in his arms.