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Chapter Eight

After a night of singing at the bar and sharing a kiss when the ball dropped, Sebastian drove them back to his place. Seemed as though she weren't in a rush to go back to her apartment seeing that his condo was lush and about forty times more comfortable. Of course he didn't mind that she stayed over, they shared a hotel room for a few days, and he even woke up to spooning her.

What he did mind was the silence that seemed to follow in the car and in the corner of his eyes he could see her chewing her bottom lip looking out of the window. At first he thought she might have been tired but after spending so much time with the fiery tempered Santana he knew better. She was antsy about something…

Maybe she wasn't sure about the kiss? He wasn't exactly sure what was bothering her but he didn't want to ask, insecurity and the fear of rejection filled him to the brim.

Sure the man could dish out the harsh-browns but he couldn't take them himself.

They returned to his home and she was the first one out of the car and at the door. Now there was something wrong.

He walked in after opening the door for her and found her in the foyer watching him, her lips parted as if she wanted to speak but couldn't form the words quite yet.

"Is something wrong?" He returned her gaze with a queer expression.

"It's hard to describe," She make small strides towards him. "So that song was really about me?"

"In a way, it was." No he felt that he had to own up to it. "Yeah, it was."

"You're gay." She said moving closer and he could feel the knot in his throat form but he managed to force it down.

"Doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you." He said with a smile, he had not said that in so long.

"I'm not into guys."

"I'm not into girls," He was then looking down into honey brown eyes when she stopped in front of her. "But I know how I feel. Nothing like this has happened to me before." He was entranced by her gaze and when she blinked he enjoyed her long lashes sweeping her cheeks.

Her hands reached out and wrapped around his neck, leaning him down so his lips were flush against his. This kiss was slow and longer than the previous, her tongue brushing against his lips and he yielded.

He knew that she didn't really care for him the way he cared about her but that was okay. She needed a balm, something to ease the pain of her break up but he wasn't put off by that. He felt his eyes close and her body against his; warm and soft. The silky material of her blue dress sliding against the tips of his fingers as his arms encircled her.

Santana needed the void filled, needed to feel that someone cared about her. This desire was impulsive and often caused her a lot of heartache but she fell into old habit at times, she was only human. She pulled away to look at him again, looking into the depths of his eyes. Lust and small traces of green, the brown rings of his irises made the crisp color even more striking.

"Come with me." He said, almost whispering, he found his voice as well as her hand. Sebastian half expected her to be put off by this proposal, but her lips turned up a small smile and she let him lead her up the stairs.


The space between the top stair and his bedroom door seemed too long, at least that's what he thought as he closed the door behind them and threaded his fingers into the long black curls as his lips devoured hers.

Santana moaned into his mouth as her hands slipped beneath his shirt, tracing the muscle there. He felt dizzy, but whether it was from his illness or from the heady feelings she was stirring within him, he was not certain. She yanked the article over his head and tossed it to the side as he was kissing down her neck and unzipping her dress. This seemed a bit fast but neither of them was a stranger to this kind of desperate need.

The blue article pooled around her feet and she stepped out of it, laying back on the bed with her lips flushed and parted; her hair hanging loose around her shoulders. She looked good this way, surprisingly he wasn't repulsed by the female form… or at least not hers; he was more than definitely aroused by the sight before him.

He threw away most of his regrets when he slipped off his pants and socks, and joined her on the plush comforter going in for another kiss, but this one traveled from her chin down her neck. Santana's hands were running up his sides stimulating him in ways that made him shiver. His hands slipped under her and worked off the clasps of her bra and he removed it from her, but didn't pause too long, he attacked her flesh with teeth and tongue. His tongue traced a path over the top of her breast to the dark dusky nipple. The moment that his mouth touched it, she sucked in a breath.

"God stop teasing me," Her words came out in soft pants. "These panties better come off in the next ten seconds or I'm going to flip us over."

"Not one for foreplay?" He mumbled as he moved to her stomach, planting kisses and finding that underneath her soft skin she had muscles. Her whole body was taut, drawn so tight she could snap like a rubber band.

"It's not that I don't. It's just that… I got Splash Mountain in my drawers."

He stopped and laughed with his forehead against her belly. Typical Santana, cracking jokes and it took him a little bit to compose himself.

"Just let me do what I do, Satan." He smirked and yanked her panties off and knelt between her legs, his head inches away from her. He suddenly felt nervous and jittery with being this close to a woman. He spread her nether lips apart and nudged the sensitive bud with his tongue. She cursed softly and he immediately assumed that what he did wasn't bad or wrong, and the taste wasn't bad at all, he had psyched himself up for it to be worse than what it was. With even more confidence he ran the appendage and stroked with the tip before sucking on the nub.

Santana thrashed a little bit and he could have smirked but wasn't physically able at the moment. Whatever he was doing made her press her thighs against either side of his head, and it encouraged him to slide in a digit. The feisty Diva was tight around his finger as he curled it inside her stroking nerves that made her legs quiver and shake.

"No… that's enough." She said giving his hair a little tug. Sebastian took the hint and withdrew his tongue and finger from her quivering sex. He slid back up her body planting wet kisses on the sweep between her neck and her shoulder, his harden member brushing the inside of her thigh. She used the time to regain her composure before doing something that took him completely by surprise.

Santana wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer, their hips flush, and his manhood aimed and hit its target. He slipped inside her with a loud groan as she looked up at him with a small smug grin. He paused for a moment, he couldn't help but to savor the warmth that seemed to spread through him. She was so warm and wet, it was unprecedented, being inside the very thing he thought he was repulsed by, and feeling profound pleasure from it.

"Looks like you got a lot going on up there." She said breaking him from his thoughts. "You can move, you know."

He growled softly, the sound almost primitive. "Be quiet for a second will you? Fuck." His hips pulled back and then pushed into her again, drawing out a soft sound of pleasure from her. He unwrapped her legs from his form and angled her hips as he dove into her, he wasn't being particularly gentle with her and that's not what she wanted him.

The sounds filled the room, both vocally communicating it in the erotic way that lovers did, though Santana was the louder of the two. He looked beneath him to the scene laid out before him; her body taunt and gripping the sheets as she both cursed and praised him.

He felt himself nearing completion and wanted to see her following him into it. He reached down and thumbed the small little bud of pleasure with his thumb (he couldn't remember where he got that from… maybe from Hunter, who needed to not tell him things about his affairs anymore… though part of him was thanking him) and she was wailing and rolling her hips back into his.

"Santana, come for me… I want to see you and hear you…" He panted and tried to hold out for her. She tightened around him as her mouth fell open in a silent cry. Sebastian could no longer hold back and came, a low groan as each burst left him and into her.

Both were relieved and sated.

They needed this.


'Santana Lopez, what are you doing with your life?' She thought once Sebastian fell into a sleep. What she had with Sebastian was incredible mind shattering sex but now she almost felt… shame.

She spent most of her high school years denying who she was and trying to hide it from the world only to take five steps backward into the closet… with a gay man. Not only did she push Seb onto her personal sinking Titanic that she called her sexual identity but she felt all the pain she went through, the tears were for nothing.

She needed to leave, clear her head and think about this and pick up all the pieces.

Slipping out of bed was fairly easy to do without waking him, he was out like a light and sleeping peacefully. She found her clothes and put them on as quietly as she could without too much rustling. As she stepped into her shoes, she cast one look at Sebastian; his hand beneath his head and the other on his stomach, the blanket not really hiding much of him besides below the waist… even his feet were sticking out from beneath the blanket.

Sebastian sleeping was when he was at his most innocent but the sight was almost as tempting as an unguarded candy bar.

She shook her head and snuck out of his room and into the guest room to collect her things. All the while she couldn't help but to think about what he'd think when he awoke to an empty bed, knowing she ran from her problems, regressing back to the way she was before. That didn't stop her from leaving his condo and calling a cap back to hers.

Santana needed her fucking space and she needed to get away from him for a little while.

When Sebastian woke up a few hours later he found that she was gone. At first he wasn't concerned, maybe she went to the bathroom or was downstairs. After sitting in his bed for a few seconds, he ran his hand over his face and listened. No water running, no clanging of pots, or routine Santana rummaging. The house was too quiet, she wasn't there.

He reached off the bed for his pants and fumbled through the pockets for his phone.

Sebastian: Satan, where did you go off too?

He waited for some time and no answer from her, then he called. Maybe he went too far. She didn't answer her phone either, it seemed to instantly go to voicemail almost as if she were deliberately ignoring his calls.

He sighed decided to take a shower. A night with Santana, he wasn't sure if it was the right thing but damn did it feel right and good. He still found himself wanting to label himself, he tried to imagine himself with celebrity women, women that were attractive on an unearthly plane and he found it did nothing for him, it didn't affect him in anyway. He supposed it was because he had some feelings for her, he was attracted to the person she was, not just her anatomy.

He pulled the towel around his waist once he finished bathing himself and went to check his phone once again.

1 New Message

Santana: I think we should just not see each other for a little while.

He nearly dropped the phone on the bed.

What was he to say to that? He didn't know. He set his phone down and sat on the bed thinking for a little while.

Maybe she was right. He combed his fingers through his hair and released a heaving sigh and told himself.

What they did was a mistake, as he said before she needed him to temporarily fill the void.

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