I realized that there aren't that many stories about Jason being jealous. So. Here you go :) And yes, I will be starting a series soon. Really stoked about it. Enjoy!~

Disclaimer: I don't own PJO or HOO, i mean, If i did. Piper and Jason would dominate.

That disgusting green monster. It only began while Jason was rock-climbing. Well, lava-rock-climbing. Leo, Piper, Will (Solace) had been put together for "Activity Day" where groups mix their Cabin Leaders to do "fun" camp activities. Their first activity was Pegasus riding. Jason had tried to sit next to Piper, but Will got in the way. What a disappointment.

Leo sped up and Will started flirting with Piper. Jason quickly joined the conversation and tried to steer Piper away from Will. Will, noticed this and brushed his hand against hers. Jason almost growled and glared at Will, he only smirked. Piper seemed oblivious to all this. She just kept talking about Prestigious Motion or something. Will and Jason had a death glare contest and it was unknown who won because Leo (being the smart-ass that he is) crashed the chariot into the cold, cold water. Jason was disorientated but he saw a glimpse of Piper thrashing. He began to make his way over, although it was difficult.

Suddenly someone or something hauled him up and Jason missed his chance to save the one he loves. Oh, wait! There's more. Will had helped Piper out. And Jason attacked Will on the spot. The two thrashed and fought for dominance. Chiron and Leo broke them apart.

Their next activity was Lava-Rock Climbing. Jason, trying to impress Piper had gone first. She made eye contact with Jason and they had a silent conversation.

Are you okay, Jason?

Yes. I am. Why?

She raised her eyebrow, indicating that Jason would know. He grasped her hand and lightly squeezed it. Leo cleared his throat and Jason began climbing. He was half way up when he turned back and saw Will kiss Piper. Piper first was shocked then, her face was clear of disgust.

Jason let go and fell back and landed hard on this butt. Piper surged forward. Will grabbed her hand and muttered, "Don't". She angrily punched him in the stomach. Jason laughed a little, and winced. He got up, shakily, and said,

"I love her. She, I'm hoping, loves me. I don't think that you would want to mess this up" Jason gave him his, "Perfect-Smirk" look.
Will put his hands up in surrender.

Unexpectedly, Piper kissed him. Jason kissed back and smiled, while kissing. They broke apart and Piper smirked,

"You saved me." She said


"From the wrong guy," Piper laughed and walked away.

And it was true, Jason saved the girl he loved from the wrong guy. Finally.

But Piper was not oblivious to Jason's green monster. It was actually kind of cute