"What do I care if you turn your back on me?" Even her words felt hollow. She threw the real Succoria's tooth at his back. But, to her dismay, he didn't even spare a glance. He just got in his car with Lita- Lita, she thought miserably as she fell to her knees. "Just like the rest of them…you're just like the rest of them!" She yelled out as he drove away. And she started crying.

They warned me that something like you might return.

They warned me about a lot of things.

But I just don't care anymore.

She looked at her tears, her normal, human tears, and for a while she just sat there, without purpose, trying to process all the events that just transpired.

Ironheade abandoned me. Lars died. Eddie revealed himself as bloody untrusting as everybody else. And Lita egged him on.

She didn't know what to do. With no other humans but Ironheade, who, she suspected, all believed just like their new Queen Lita that she drank from the Sea, the Fire Barons, who would not form allies, and the Zaulia, as untrusting as Ironheade, she kept no company. And Titans help her if she turned to the demons.

I might as well just die, she thought bitterly, just fucking lay down and die.

But she wanted revenge. She wanted to show them all. She wanted to form an army, and prove to them her worth.

You want to make an army out of Laser Panthers?

As much as she hated it, she knew nothing else living besides the beasts only tameable with Eddie's guitar.

Her only hope lay in the very thing that made the world so judgemental of her.

No! Fuck, I am not going there!

But with the only other worthy choice being death, Ophelia would much rather the Sea of Black Tears.

If I become the very thing they fear, maybe then they will understand.

It took a week to arrive at the gates of the Sea. Even if Ophelia wanted to turn back now, she knew it impossible. The mountain lay open, and the Sea persuaded all but the demons to its depths. Doviculous and his minions' work, she bet. She heard Aetulia's wails in her mind as she wandered to her doom…and images of Eddie flashed in her mind as she called.

Those you trust will hurt you badly

Something now I'm sure you see

So drown your tears in me, my dear

As you drown

My dear

In me.

Somewhere, distantly, she heard an organ drone. She knew the song. She wandered onto the bridge, looked over the balcony.

Just a taste…just enough to make me their master…just enough to have that power…

Ophelia…drown in me…


Yes…come…you want to…

Yes, she did. She wanted that power, even if she died for it... she wanted a guitar, a car, an army...without thinking, she climbed, and plunged.

No! No!

Air…she needed air.

Don't swallow it, don't swallow the water

And all went black.

Somehow, distantly, she felt her grip on the necklace slacken…