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Living Together

The Teams home was destroyed when the heli-carrier was crashed so Peter got them to move in with him and his aunt. Living close to someone you learn their secrets.

Chap 1 First Night

Aunt May was really cool with letting his friends move in. Eva got the guest room all to herself, and Sam, Luke and Danny had to share Peter's room with him. They didn't argue or complain they helped Peter move some of his stuff into the attic so they'd have room.

Fury got them a king sized bed to share, it fit 3 of the boys so one would have to take the floor. That was all Fury could do unfortunately, it was best for the team to stay off radar if he set them up a hotel room or something such a transaction could be found easily and put the team in danger.

The guys didn't have much but their suits and a few street clothes remaining, and of course Agent Colson got them new text books for school, they were thrilled at that…thanks Colson.

Luke helped carry Peter's old bed to the attic. It wasn't a suitable living space only used for storage. Sam got out of helping move Peter's stuff by saying he'd help aunt May cook dinner. Peter put his non necessities in boxes and Danny and Luke helped carry them up. "Be careful guys these are my comics."

Danny sat the box of comics on another box, but somehow the box got knocked over and comics got spilled out onto the floor. Danny started picking them up, and what he found made him grin. "Luke over here, you gotta see this."

Luke looked at what Danny had found and grinned. Peter had porn and not just any porn gay porn, Luke flipped through some pages. "Man Peter's into some kinky stuff."

"I believe living here, has become a greater opportunity." Danny said and quickly put the stuff back in the box.

"I know what you're thinking, and I'm for it." Luke said tucking the magazine behind a comic.

"Hey guys that was the last box, we can bring your stuff in." Peter called up and Danny and Luke grinned.

"Thanks Peter you're the best." The two boys came down from the attic, and began looking at Peter in a new light.

They did like Peter a lot, he was a good guy, and a good friend, sure they messed with him from time to time didn't mean they didn't care. Plus they've seen the boy naked before thanks to Fury's special cameras. Now that they knew his secret they couldn't stop remembering it got them flustered and horny.

The guys played rock paper scissors on who got to take the bed, Sam lost. He got a roll out mattress and changed into his pajamas. Peter put on his night shirt and his boxers. Danny was wearing a tight green speedo and nothing else. Luke was wearing a pair of tight briefs. Both males underwear showed off their packages well. Peter blushed and looked away. 'Damn they are so hot.'

"Umm is that how you guys dress to sleep?" Peter asked trying not to stare it was hard to look anywhere else but the mostly nude males.

"Yes is that a problem?" Luke asked.

"Umm no it will be fine." Peter said and Danny got in bed, Peter stared at the monk's ass and bit his lip to keep himself from getting hard. Peter got in next an Luke closed off the bed.

Peter closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep doing his best to ignore the sexy males that had him sandwiched. Danny and Luke waited for Sam to fall asleep, once he started snoring they knew they were golden. Sam could sleep through anything.

Danny and Luke got hard thinking of all the fun things they had planned. Danny rubbed his bulge against Peter and moaned softly into the male's ear. Luke kissed Peter's neck as he ground his bulge against the boy. Their actions stirred Peter awake, Luke and Danny had their eyes closed and pretended to be sleeping.

"Ahh guys what are you doing? What kind of dreams are you having!?" Peter gasped he got hard and he was shaking in pleasure.

Danny's hand slid underneath his shirt and began teasing a nipple. Peter moaned in pleasure and bucked his hips, his hard cock pushed at the fabric of his boxers. Luke reached down and began groping Peter's cock through the fabric, he could have reached in and pumped it but that would have been a dead giveaway.

Peter moaned softly and quickly covered his mouth. He was torn between the two options wake them up and deal with an embarrassing situation or let them continue. There was no angel or demon choice, Peter chose for himself and let them continue, he came first soaking his boxers, Danny and Luke came soon after soaking their own garments. They cuddled close to Peter and fell into a true sleep. Peter gulped and wrapped his arms around them. 'Oh my god this really happened, I just came from my friends touching me. What am I gonna do?'

To be continued

The season finale was too much to pass up so a fic for the boys and their hormones under one roof