Im Kim. I live in a village called Seaford. We lived in a bit of a monarchy but we could complain to our king when have problems. His name was Steven Righteous, I know it was cliché but that was his name. Him and his family were righteous too they did nothing but try to make our village better but that was before I was born. I was born right in the middle of a war. Its called The Great War, cliché enough for ya? Anyway, my dad left my mom and me to join the war against a mystical enemy called Dai Shi. The funny thing about Dai Shi was it couldn't take human form and it needed its Grand Warrior. He or she is like his highest general or bodyguard, it was a part of Dai Shi. So it consumed a boy from a neighboring village and within days he was marching a massive army towards our village. The strangle thing about his army is that our soldiers said as they were fighting them, that they wouldn't die no matter how many times you stabbed them. My dad died while in battle, it didn't take them long to take control of our town. They forced us into classes, the ones who rebellious were the lowest and the ones who worshiped the ground the Dai Shi walked on were the highest. He built his kingdom high in the mountains, which are now called Dai Shi Mountains. Below them a in the forest is the home to the mysterious forest people who are extremely good at archery. People who wonder in those woods are known to come out talking about it changing seasons rapidly and quickly. Anyways I live in a medium hut with my mom, we have a small garden filling up the backyard. I also live near my best friends Jack, Eddie, Jerry, and Milton but lets not forget my mentor slash overseer of our group, Rudy. We made a name for ourselves as the group of fighting misfits. Oh I forgot to add we all know a little something about fighting with a specific weapon or, in mine and Jacks case, weapons. Mine is a bow and arrow and darts, Jack's are bo staffs, swords and a bit of archery, Eddie's are daggers, Jerry's are nunchucks, and Milton's are swords.

Jack and me are walking home from his job. He works two jobs to support his family since his dad went missing during the war but he is dead. We are walking through a flowery meadow and if we were a couple it would be romantic or something. We are not a couple but people like to picture us together, I think im too busy to date. Even though im sixteen.

Now jack suddenly picks me up at my legs swinging me around, ''Jack stop STOP hahaha,'' I yell.

''HAHAHA kimmy's so fragile,'' jack said while putting me down laughing uncontrollably.

''Stop it jack and what did I tell you about using that name,'' I say smiling.

Jack stops laughing a bit to breath and rubs his short hair(yea picture him with a buzz cut). He sat in the tall grass looking thoughtfully at the meadow.

''Not too many places like this,'' he said looking down.

Jack is always talking about Dai Shi and how he ruined everything. We all hated him but Jacks hate was different...more personal...and deeper. I decide to sit next to him since we won't be getting back to the village anytime soon.

''Jack I-I...''

He looks at me, ''yeah.''

''I want you to promise me that you wont go up to Dai Shi mountain to challenge his Grand Warrior.''

He looks at the sky, ''we should probably get goin kim.''

He stands and offers his hand, I look at him with frown then take his hand. He then picks up a flower and throws it at me, running immediately afterwards. The thing about this flower is that it's a special flower that our few painters use and they bleed the flowers color all over the place if not handed properly.

''YOU ARE SO DEAD,'' I yelled.

''HAHAHA!'' Jack laughed playfully.

We ran until we reached his front door which was the across the road from my house. I bent over and out of breath. Jack was standing up straight with a cocky look on his face. He started to pick pieces of grass out my hair. I shooed his hands away angrily but playfully.

''Oh don't be mad kimmy at least you better at archery than me.'' Jack said not smiling anymore.

I looked at him and realized that he was being serious and sincere. Whats with sudden maturity. Jack and Jerry are known for being a bit immature but this was just all of a sudden. He stood there looking at me as I caught my breath and looked at jack with a weird face.

''Sorry about the flower and could you help me a bit more with form later.'' he said while opening and closing his door hurrying.

I walked to my house only stopped by Milton who ran up to me in a hurry. He probably found something boring and worth nothing, again. Even if that is so, he is one of my best friends so I put up with it.

''Kim, me and Jerry were walking trying to find Eddie when we saw-we saw...the Forest People.'' he says trying to catch his breath and pulling my arm trying to get me to come with him.

Just then I saw jack run out his house with a bo staff full speed to where Milton came from. I grabbed Milton and run after Jack him being taller and stronger. Then we reached the farmlands, they're gated off for animal reasons. That's when we saw them. It was about four of them, three on horses, one standing in front of Eddie. Eddie had nothing but a long stick. As as jack reached the gate he flipped over it, show off. He ran full speed toward Eddie who stood fear-stricken. Jerry was laying unconscious in the dirt not too far in front of Eddie. I didn't take Jack long to reach them. Milton and me looked at each other than at jack who was now in front of Eddie, trying to get Jerry. I jump over the gate and beckon for Milton to come, he backs from the gate. So I run to Jack side, grabbing Jerry with Jack covering me.

''Go away,'' jack says calmly.

They do nothing but look at us with distaste. They think they're gods. The guy without a horse backs away and walks back into the woods, the others follow. Jack keeps his eyes on them until they are out off site, I try to slap Jerry awake.

''He's not knocked out he just passed out in the heat,'' eddied replied while shaking his head.

Jerry starts to stir awake blinking and staring at me with wide eyes. I walk away with jack turning to follow quietly with a frown, looking at the ground.

Its late and my mom is home picking through my dad's things...again. She always does that when she misses him or when she goes through one-off those depression spells. It's after dinner and I always leave for a walk with the guys but something tells me to stay with my mom. I ignore it telling her that I'm leaving out, she did nothing to acknowledge me so I left. It's so hard to stand how she ignores me sometimes, like that one time she made dinner for one. I was so hurt I ran to jacks house and stayed over there for hours and jack just acted like himself and I lit up. Well, right now Jerry and Eddie are waiting outside Jacks house having a vivid conversation.

''Hey guys where's Jack and Milton?''

''Don't know, been waiting forever for him.'' Jerry says impatiently.

Me growing a bit annoyed grabbed the door handle twisted it, it was weirdly unlocked. There is a note pinned on the wall. It read, Dear friends and family, I'm going to Dai Shi mountain...I've been thinking about this ever since my dad went MIA. I'm sorry if I scared you with any weird behavior. I'll miss you all so much...please don't come after me. Oh and tell Kim to work on her form.- JACK

I read it like five times while Jerry just looks at the ground in disbelief, Eddie walks out with tears in his eyes. I start to tear up too, I run out after Eddie who was crying and yelling at Milton who looked, for the first time dumbfounded at Eddie.


''To Dai Shi mountain, I know...''

I look at Milton in a surprised, Jerry comes out Jack's house looking at Milton with an angry face. He tries to get to Milton but I grab Jerry's arm, holding him back.

''AND YOU DIDN'T TO TELL US!'' Jerry yelled with his veins popping out of his neck.

''He came to me earlier before he left, he wrote a personal note along with the one you''

Milton walked around calmly and handed us our individual notes. Then he turned and walked home without another word, Eddie and Jerry cave me a hug and left walking to their houses which were beside each other. I leaned against Jack's house wall and opened the note.

Hey Kim, I want to start and say please don't kill Milton, I put him up to it. I also wanted to say that I have really strong feelings for you and that I love you. I knew it the moment I met you. And its okay if you don't feel the same way. I'm so so so SORRY Kim...this kills me to just up and leave you but I have to do this for closure. I wanna be their with you, so badly. Please don't come after me. Love, Jack