General Aqua led us to the throne room, he is childish like Jerry. They joked the way to there. Jerry might make a heck of a dad one day...wait did I just think that? Whatever. We finally get to a large, decorated door, it had two golden dragons on it, they both made an 's'. Both of the dragons had their heads sticking out towards us. They were greatly detailed. On my left I was a bit startled by a wiping noise to my left. It was just a cleaning guy, he was older, brown hair sprinkled with gray. He was awfully skinny too, he smiled sweetly. I then remember him, he's one the brave cleaning servants of the cruel Dai Shi.

''Hey Shawn,'' I say with a smile.

''Hey Kim, best of luck.''

He frowned and walked away, slowly. We all, including the General, stood at the door just staring at it.

''Let's go.''

I put my hand below the dragons mouth on the handle and pull the left door open. Behind the door it revealed a large throne room, on the left and right it had assorted weapons. Everything from bows to double-headed axes, two guards behind us close the doors behind us. Guards line the walls of the room, while Dai Shi is in full battle armor on his magnificent throne made of pure gold. I expected Dai Shi to look like an older guy but he look around our age, blonde mo hawk, kind of short and muscular. He also looked a bit like Jack, which made me mad.

He stands, ''welcome, my friends.''

We don't say or do anything.

Dai Shi frowned, ''come on, you traveled all this way to see me.''

He had black eyes that were searching at all of us. Finally, one of us spoke up.

''Who are you?'' Eddie asked.

''I'm Dai Shi, of course but that's not what you mean, right''

Eddie bravely nods, ''this body's name is irrelevant, you are here for your friend.''

He crosses his arms across his chest and that's when I saw his rings, just like in my dream. I suddenly get a surge of energy and confidence.

''Where is your Grand Warrior, Dai Shi?''

Just then a dark figure emerged from the shadows on the right side of Dai Shi's throne. It had on a black cloak, covering its face. It slowly walked until it stood beside the stairs, by Dai Shi. It bowed towards me then turned towards Dai Shi, getting on his knee, head bowed. I noticed that the guards are shaking slightly and so is the Grand Warrior.

Dai Shi notices and gets mad, ''STOP IT ALL OF YOU...T-THAT OLD MONK'S PROMISE IS FALSE!''

The guards stop shaking for a quick second only before starting again.

He looked to his Grand Warrior, ''rise.''

The Grand Warrior obeyed.

He flopped on his throne, ''leave the girl and only the girl.''

I look around at my friends, noticing the General Aqua is gone. I look back at the Grand Warrior who was now in front of the throne. I waited for him to show himself. Breathe Kim. His hands reached for his hood, when he started to pull the hood back the first thing I notice is bangs brunette hair. My eyes widen as the hood falls to the floor.

'' th-that...''

''OHMYGOD ITS JACK GUYS!'' Jerry yelled excitingly.

I didn't know what to do or say. Jack obviously grew up, he was taller, stronger and most importantly his hair was...long. All the way to his shoulders. He cracked his knuckles and his neck.

''J-Jack its us...your friends...your best friends...'' I say.

Jack glared at the guys in disgust but when his eyes landed on me, I glared back. His eyes were dark like Dai Shi but with a sprinkle of brown.

''What is this Dai Shi, why is like this?''

Dai Shi sighed then smiled evilly.

''You village people don't know half of what goes on up here,'' he said, still not answering my question.

''You see the Grand Warrior supposed to be strong, a fighter 'till the end if you will.''

I nodded.

''Ya boy Jack here killed my LAST Grand Warrior, so he became the NEW Grand Warrior.''

It didn't take me long to figure out what was going on. Jerry...not so much.

''How did Jack kill the last Grand Warrior if he or she was immortal?'' Jerry asked.

Dai Shi frowned at this, I face-palmed.

''That's besides the point,'' he said.

I took a long hard look at Jack, he stared at the wall behind us. As if on cue the guards begin to stomp and hit their spears on the ground.

''The point is you came all this way for a fight...''

Two servants came out carrying a highly decorated, long and skinny box. They got on their knees in front of the throne facing Jack. The servant on the left opened the box, it was beautiful. It was a bo staff, a gold one with a dragon at each end of the staff, wrapped around it. We stared in awe.

''Then a fight is what you are gonna get...''

Jack arm went behind him and the staff, magically flew to his hand. I put my hand on my bow, which was on my arm. Jack got in his fighting stance and the stomping quickened. He then flipped and twirled the staff around with such ease and control. He ended his routine and got back in his earlier fighting stance. This time though he was slowly walking toward us, Jerry slightly moves in front of me. What's with the sudden bravery? I take my bow off my arm and an arrow out quiver.

''Maybe I can rig his memory,'' Jerry whispers.

''Jerry I wouldnt-''


Oh no.

''Remember me bro, i'm-''

With a swift move he hit Jerry in the stomach sending him flying in to a rack with different size bows and arrows. He must've hit it hard because he didn't make a sound after he knocked it down, he just laid there. It kinda pissed me off. Eddie's eyes got wide at the sight, Milton ran over to help Jerry. Milton shook him but he still didn't budge.

Instead, he ran over to us, ''guys what are we going to do?''

Before I could say something, Eddie grabbed the thing nearest to him, which was a bow, and ran to Jack. I'm surprised when he actually succeed, after a couple of misses, in hitting Jack upside the head. Jack stumbled back but regain his balance quickly. Blood slipped down the right side of his face, slowly. It was black.

''Jack, remember please...''

Jack shook his head, vigorously, ''Get. Out. Of. Here. Guys, NOW.'' Jack struggled to say.

A glimmer of hope washes over me but leaves as soon as it comes when Jack twirls his staff around hitting Eddie. He flew into Jerry who was starting to stir, knocking them both out. Now its just me and Milton. Milton looked at me and me at him. I sigh and hold the bow up towards Jack. He stares at it, like it was his weakness. Jack was also sweating like crazy, Milton being smarter than the others moved behind me and just stood there, being incredibly still.

''Now Jack-''

''SHUT body knows you...its knows all of you...'' Jack says, soaking himself with sweat.

Milton moves beside me, ''I know what's happening to him.'' he says excitingly.

I urge him to continue, ''you see the spirit of Dai Shi has a mind of its own, right?''

I nod.

''Well Jack has a mind too, they're probably both fighting for control of his body...''

My hand tensed on the bow, ''maybe if we can-''

Jack grabs Milton's arm and with a swift move he flips him on his back then proceeds to put his foot on Milton's chest.


''O-okay i'm just gonna stay on the floor, yup right here,'' Milton says looking up at the ceiling, dazed.

Now it was just me and Jack/Dai Shi. We both stare at each other daring the other to move.

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