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It had been 300 since I last was…well human. I could feel, touch and I belonged in this world. People actually saw me…not pass right through me, I'm Jack Frost and I've been around for a long time. I hold the power to control ice; like the guardians, who also have some sort of power. I'm used to being alone...I don't like it, but that's just how I am. Anyways, there was news that the legendary pact of guardians were adding a new guardian…I'm not sure who, but their adding someone...I hope it's the greyhound, cotton tail would like that.

I was casually flying around in the frosty air of London. I just love London, the winters are just perfect for me. So as soon as the night fell I had to get to work on my master ingenious plan. Something I'm well-known for.

Having a little fun.


It was now late at night and all the lights were going out, all that was left were the street lamps. I got out my staff and touched all the roofs, almost patting them as I flew high to see the ice spread around the roof in a marvelous design only I could witness. I grinned and flew down, I landed softly on an icy patch on the road and started to walk with my staff resting on my shoulders, when suddenly I heard a loud screech of a scooter or a car. I looked around for the source and finally ended up in a small sector. There was a sign board on the corner lamps, covered with fresh snow. I wiped my hand on the sign to wipe it off.


"Huh, never been here before." I said to myself in a curious voice.

I gasped as I saw an old man on the street opposite where I was standing. He wore an odd-looking cloak and had a long white beard, just like my hair color, he also wore a pointed hat. It looked like he was talking to another person, also with a pointy hat, it looked like a woman.

What was happening? Who has a nice little chat at midnight in the middle of nowhere?! ('Well at privet drive actually') I replied to myself.

And then finally I laid my eyes on a fat wide thick man with a thick black beard and a what looked like a heavy brown coat. He was holding something in his arms. It looked like a baby. All this was weird but I quickly became interested in what they were talking about. Unnoticed I flew some feet above them and hid behind a small bush.

"Professor, are you sure you want to leave him here?! I know these people, they are the worst sort imaginable!" exclaimed the woman.

"They are the only hope we have" replied the old man calmly in a deep british voice.

He then took out a basket and told the thick bearded one to put the baby in the basket. They all walked to a nearby house and placed the basket in front of their door, what are they going to do to him!? I bent closer to listen, for a while all I heard were murmurs and then I heard "harry potter". The fat one started crying for some reason and I got confused, it's not like I wasn't already confused. They just clicked on the door bell, looked one last time at the boy and walked into a narrow alley where they dissolved into the darkness.

As soon as they left I flew to the boy in the basket, landed softly on the stairs and crouched down to see his face.

"Harry potter huh?"I said as I examined his face which was pale due to the cold; but he didn't seem to mind it.

Something very peculiar I found was that he had a lightning shaped scar on his forehead it looked new as the blood was still there. He also had a note that was placed next to his shoulder.

This was so mysterious! Curiosity filled my head with bizarre thoughts as I looked at his smiling face, he was sound asleep. I expectantly looked up at the door and saw that no one replied to the bell that had rung minutes ago. Disappointed I rang the bell again and waited until they would give the boy some shelter from the cold…well basically from me.

I heard footsteps that were probably walking towards the front door, I stood behind the baby. Excited and smiling as if I was the guest at the doorstep…

Which luckily I was not because as soon as they opened the door, I was face to face with a plump man who had a thick moustache and rosy pink cheeks with a very angry look on his face. He looked around on the sides of his house and far out until his eyes finally fell on the newborn that was soundly sleeping in his basket. The look of anger was suddenly replaced with a look of shock on his face as he stared down at 'Harry Potter' for a while. He then carelessly picked up the basket and looked around one last time before slamming the door on my face.

Minutes after that I heard a woman arguing with a man and I was surprised that the baby wasn't crying by now, I just shrugged as response and for some reason I didn't want to lose connection with that baby, for some reason I felt different around him.

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