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So I decided to make Ron evil, just so you know.


The train was moving smoothly across lakes and forests, heading to Hogwarts.

Here I was going somewhere I could start a new life away from the dursleys, away from all the pain I went through.

Luckily the boy I met earlier near the station shared a cabin with me.

We had plenty of space to our selves and it seemed quite cozy inside.

"My name's Ron, Ron Weasley" He said with a smile as he finished stacking his luggage and sat down with a satisfied sigh. "What's yours?"

"Harry potter" I said nervous of my own voice. I returned him a smile to ease things out. After all this was the first ever friend I had in a long time.

His face suddenly tensed as he looked at me like I was an alien or something.

"Y-your H-harry potter! D-does that mean you have the umm…the scar?" he whispered the last two words leaning forward while I grinned.

I pulled back my hair to reveal the lighting shaped scar that was quite famous amongst the wizards. As Hagrid said that I was the only one who was still alive after volde- 'he who must not be named' s curse

The rest of the train ride was quite fun! Except for the fact that jack had left the cabin out to explore the others because he was slightly disappointed that Ron couldn't see him. I was about to follow him out but he seemed all right so I just sat down with Ron. Besides, leaving Ron might cause a big risk in our friendship. 'Sigh' I guess I'm thinking about this too much.

Through the journey we talked a lot and he told me about how he likes a sport called 'Quiddich' which I was slightly eager to learn. Even I told him some things about me, in fact I told him all there is to know about me. I felt happy to know I have a new friend. Someone I can trust. Besides jack of course.

"So where exactly are you from?" Asked Ron while munching on his red liquorice wand.

I couldn't let him know about my relation with the horrid dursleys, he would probably never talk to me again. 'Wait what?'

"Umm… somewhere in London-" before I could finish I heard a voice.

"Has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Neville has lost it" said a soft yet nagging voice at our cabin door, it was a girl, close to our age already wearing her uniform. She had the bushiest mess of hair I had ever seen. She looked quite smart and was probably a new student to Hogwarts as well.

"No, I haven't" Said Ron with a bored look on his face. I probably looked dumb because my face was just plainly observing, not realizing it was being observed as well. "Have you?" she said as she looked at me, expecting an answer. "Umm…"

SCREECH! There was an abrupt halt in our journey. The train just stopped and everything fell silent. My breathing also went silent as the lights around us flickered simultaneously. Ron gulped as he moved closer to the window and saw something.

I helped the girl up as she had stumbled down from the force of the sudden halt. "Thanks" she replied as she got up and started dusting her skirt with her hand. The only light source we had was the typical dimly lit sky that was shone through the windows.

"H-harry, there's something moving out there" he said terrified just by its shadow. I gulped as even I tried to peek through the chilled window. I sat back down, as I couldn't see anything. It was too foggy outside. 'Where was jack? He always gets lost when I need him' without him I felt defenseless for some reason. "We can't be there yet, there's still half an hour left!" the girl spoke complaining. Before I knew it she closed the cabin doors with a quiet pull and sat down beside Ron. He just shrugged and moved closer to the window.

"AAAHH!" chills shot down my spine and legs giving me Goosebumps. "Who was that?" I said breathing heavily. "I-I don't know but I'm scared!" said the girl, panicking.


Someone or something boarded the train.

"AHHH!" "EEEPS!" "what is that!" the screams and cries became louder and louder as 'it' approached us. My heart started beating faster. 'Was this a bad idea? Yeah right Hagrid, this is NOT safe at all'


We all shook from the heart clenching sound of…an animal?

Even thought it was an animal, I automatically became terrified of it and sank back in my seat. When it spoke again I realized, it sounded like an animal, but one with no life, something filled with fear. It was as if it was a form of fear itself.

Then finally, I saw a glimpse of it, as it magically opened our cabin doors. It had a body made of small particles of what looked like metallic sand, except black and shiny, as if magnetized to the body's core, and mercilessly dark eyes of deep yellow, almost glowing around the dim light. I was simply paralyzed in my spot as it huffed out humid steam from its nostrils and seemed to be blindly searching for something in our cabin.

Still shocked I managed to turn my head slightly to see the faces of the two sitting opposite me. The girl looked terrified and was holding in an urge to scream, and Ron was just like me, frozen in his spot looking at the creature as if it was out of this world (despite his world being out of the ordinary).

"NEEEIIGH!" the horse then 'smelled' each of us, I don't know why.

First was Ron, he was more terrified than ever if you ask me, and I was desperately looking around from the corner of my eyes searching for something or possibly someone.

Then came the girl, the horse did smell her, but unsatisfied moved to the next living thing he could see


Hopefully he would also let me go, whatever he was looking for, couldn't possibly be in me, because I just got introduced to this world of witches and wizards. But, no the exact opposite happened, the 'horse' gave out another loud sound and raised his two front legs, now half in the air it was certain that I was going to be smashed to a plump. Everything suddenly slowed down.

"Harry! NO" said Ron but the horse seemed to pay no attention to him whatsoever.

I braced myself by putting both my weak arms out in front of my face forming a cross. With no chance of survival, I began thinking of why he came only to me.

Finally zapping out of the slow scene, the horse's hooves hit my arm as I fell back onto the floor. The pain shot through my arm like an electric shock, which then became numb.

I was already losing balance and I knew I was going to faint.

I heard another voice shouting a muffled "HARRY!" at me.


Now my eyelids were half open as I saw a zap of bright blue light, and then before completely going unconscious; a glimpse of the person I needed the most, Jack.

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