Author's Notes: My entry into the DMHG Challenge for the month of November.

Dramione Drabbles: Polyjuice

By: y3llowdaisi3s [on livejournal] - l0stinl0ve [here]

Title: Greed
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

"Help me?" Her husband whimpered into her chest.

"And why would I do that?" She looked at him with mock sympathy.

"So I can take Scorpius trick-or-treating!" He scowled back, or at least Hermione thought it was a scowl. It was hard to tell when he was so small and furry.

"You just want candy. I won't help you and it only serves you right for trying to use your son's hair to Polyjuice as a child so that you could get your own candy."

She laughed as he muttered to himself, "Shouldn't have let him get a pet ferret."