One Crazy Ass Adventure,

Away From Home.

                                                     Chapter 1: Crazy Lady

               This fic is mostly about 5 girls…and no they're not the Inner Sailor Scouts…though the Sailor Scouts will be in this fic sometime later. This fic has Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, and some of my own characters. I already have couples picked out. I hope you will like this story and will review.

            I do not own SM, GW, or DBZ…but I do own Drusilla, Mercy, Isadora, Alexander, and Lenora.


            Five girls were walking down the sidewalk in Rochester, Minnesota. It was a beautiful say in September. "Hay Drusilla do we have any home work?" asked Isadora, the girl with a little past shoulder length dark cherry-brown hair. "Yeah we do." Drusilla answered, the girl with waist length blond hair with black highlights. "Well what do we have for homework?" Alexandra asked, the girl with dark cherry hair same length as Isadora. "I can't remember. Mercy do you remember?" Drusilla asked one of the girls behind her. "Yeah. We have math homework and I think that's all." Mercy said. The girl with mid-back blond-blue hair. "You guys are lucky you're all on the same team. I'm all by myself." Lenora said, the last girl out of the five with sandy blond shoulder length hair. "Don't worry Nora, hopefully the principal lets you come on the red team." Mercy told her. (an: It you ate wondering what in the hell I'm talking about with this team thing, I'll try to explain. See I'm kind of basing the girls around me and four of my friends and the school around the school we went to. At the school we had three grades; 6,7, and 8, in each grade there are teams, it's hard to explain…it's like different classes but we have teams and on it's too hard to explain. Well in 6 grade there's like three different teams: yellow, orange, and purple…I think that is all of them… For 7 grade it's blue and silver and for 8 grade it's green and red. Does that help? Do you get it now? If you do…good. If you don't tough luck, I'm not going to explain it anymore. ^_^ ) 

I hope he lets me." Lenora said. "Well since it's Friday and school just got out, what do you guys want to do?" Drusilla asked her best friends. "How about we go over to one of our houses?" Alexandra asked. "That's a good idea." Mercy said. "Yeah only one thing is we have to decide whose house to go to." Isadora brought up. "Can't go to my house." Alexandra said. "Not mine." "We never go to your house Lenora. Your mom wont let us. Can't go to mine either." Isadora said. "Can't go to mine my little brother has friends over and my mom said no more." Mercy said. The girls looked at Drusilla. "Ok. It's settled we're going to my house than. It's closer to the school anyways." Drusilla said. The girls started walking towards Drusilla's house. Half was there they stopped because a lady in a strange out fit stood there looking at them. "Hello girls. I'm here to ask you some thing important." "Who are you?" Drusilla asked looking at her.                                                     "I am called…" 

"Hello. Tell us who you are we don't have all day!" Alexandra said. Waving her hands up and down starting to get pissed off at the lady standing there wasting their time. The lady sweat droped. "My name is Setsuna and I am called Sailor Pluto." The lady said. "Ok… Sailor Pluto. What do you want from us?" Lenora asked looking at her friends like this lady escaped from the Mental Institute and making a crazy sign with her hands and pointing to the lady. "I'm here to ask you to do a favor for me." "Well…go on." Isadora said slowly growing impatient. "You will be transported to a different dimension. I will give you your memories back from the past and you will.." she said but was cut off by Mercy. "Whoa hold on. What do you mean give us memories from the past." "Here I'll just give them to you. That way I wont have to explain things." She said as she raised her staff and it started to glow. She pointed her staff towards the girls and their foreheads stared glowing. Mercy's forehead glowed and the sign of Mercury appeared. On Isadora the sign of Mars, Lenora the sign of Venus, Alexandra the sign of Jupiter, and Drusilla the sign of the Moon. They got all their memories back from their past.    

Well I hope you like it so far. I'll try to write more soon. Thanks, Moonluna.