One Crazy Adventure, Away From Home

                             Chapter 6: A New Home with OZ. 

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            The OZ soldier in the center smirked. "Great. Come with us and we'll bring you to our boss. He'll make the final decision if you'll be joining us." Drusilla followed the soldier with the others following behind her, climbed into the vehicle with the OZ soldiers driving to their base.

 ~Back with the other's while Dru made it to the park~

            "So…how ling have you girls been Gundam Pilots?" Duo asked trying to lighten the mood. "We've had the skills for a while, but today was the first time to pilot our Gundams and rescuing you guys was our first mission." Lenora explained. The boys looked at them eyes slightly widened, to say the least they were all shocked. "So today is pretty much your girls first day of Piloting a Gundam?" Duo asked astounded. "Pretty much." Isadora answered. "Why only today?" Quatre asked. "Um…I don't know." Mercy said. "Why? It was that crazy lady's entire fault. She came to us and made us come here." Lenora said pouting, "I was hoping Dru would take us to the mall so we could go boy scouting." Alexandra looked at her, "Uh…boy scouting Nora?" "Actually that sounds fun." Isadora sad smiling.

            "Yeah. Lets go to the mall. Come on Mercy. We know you like to go boy scouting." Lenora said nudging her elbow at Mercy. "Nora what about Dru?" Mercy asked sweet dropping. "Oh…Maybe she's there. She doesn't mind boy scouting." "Nora. She wouldn't go to the mall to look at guys." Alex said sighing. "Too bad. She'll miss out seeing the guys. She's probably at the park, probably no cute boys there." "Nora…I think that's the smartest thing you've said all day." Alex said looking at her. "It's been an hour and the first place well look for her id the park." Mercy said standing up. "Do you want all of us to split up and look?" Quatre asked. " Yes. One of the girls go with one of the boys. Mercy you go with Trowa, Isadora with Quatre, Lenora with Duo, Alexandra with Wufei, and Heero you go look by yourself. You'll all meet back here in two hours." Dr.J said when he came into the room. They all took off to look for Drusilla.

 ~With Drusilla~

            Drusilla stepped out of the truck when they stopped in front of the OZ base. "Follow me." Said the soldier who asked her to join OZ. Drusilla followed him into the base and through the many halls till finally they stopped in front of a closed door with two soldiers standing to the sides of the door. "I came to talk to the boss." Said the soldier Dru had been following. "You can go in.," said the soldier to the left. He nodded and went in Drusilla following, they stopped in front of a huge desk with a man behind it. "What is it Brent?" asked the man behind the desk to whom Drusilla assumed to be the boss; to the soldier she's been following. "Sir. This girl wants to join OZ." Brent said. "Well, girl do you have any skills to be a soldier?" asked the boss. "Yes sir. I a soldier." Dru answered in monotone. He looked at her, "Who's side are you on?" "I'm not on any one's side anymore, but I hope to be on your side sir." "Whom's side were you on?" "I was on the…Gundam's. I was forced into it today but I don't care for them, the only thing I did care for was my Gundam." Drusilla replied in monotone. "Really? The Gundams? You're not a spy are you?" the boss asked slightly shocked that she was a Gundam pilot. "No, sir I'm not a spy. I meet Brent and her asked if I wanted to join OZ. I said yes sir because I really want to be with OZ not with the Gundams." 

            "How are your skills?" "About as good as pilot 01 of Wing Zero if not better sir." Dru answered. "Well I like you. You could be very useful to us. Brent what do you think?" the boss asked turning to the soldier. "I think she should join." Answered Brent. "Well girl what's your name?" "Drusilla sir." "Well Drusilla. Welcome to OZ, your new home." He said. "Thank you sir." "Please call me Chris. Brent will get you your uniform and show you where you'll sleep. Get some sleep, you'll need it." The boss said. "Yes sir. Thanks again Chris." Drusilla said and walked out the door following Brent. They got her a couple uniforms and he showed her where she was sleeping.  "Here's your room." He said opening the door, "Get some sleep, I'll wake you up later." He said closing the door when she went in and walked away. Dru climbed into bed and fell asleep when her head hit the pillow.

 ~With the others tow hours later back at the base~

            "We searched everywhere and we still didn't find her." Alexandra said sighing while flopping into a chair. "I even checked the girls restrooms when we walked by one. I didn't see her." Mercy said sitting in a chair next to Trowa thinking. "Yeah. I even checked out all the places where hot guys were and I didn't find her. Though I did get a few of the guys phone numbers." Lenora said pulling out at least 20 pieces of paper with names and numbers on them.

            Everyone looked at her and sweat-dropped. "Nora…wasn't Duo with you?" asked Mercy. "No…" "And why not?" Alex asked looking from Lenora to Duo. "She took off while I went to the bathroom." Duo answered sweat dropping. "Arg…where is she?" Alexandra asked sinking farther in her chair. "This is ALL MY FAULT!" Isadora yelled as she hit her head against the wall. "Yes it is." Alex said glaring at the wall. "I can't figure out which guy I want to call…" Lenora said looking at all the phone numbers she got. She looked over at the door where Dr.J and Dr.P stood looking at them, "Oh. Hello crazy lady, hello crazy ol' man/" All the girls sweat-dropped at Lenora's odd behavior. Dr.J cleared his trough and began speaking to the teens, "Quatre I would like it if Heero, Torwa, Wufei, and Duo would live in your house from now on until I say other wise. Also I would like it if Mercy, Lenora, Alexandra, and Isadora would also live with you until I say other wise. And when of if Drusilla returns I would like for her to also stay with you." "Of course Dr.J." Quatre said. Mercy gasped at the doctor's words. "You don't think she's coming back, do you?" she asked.

            Dr.J sighed, "Not really no. I may not know you girls very well and I've just met you today, I could tell she is very stubborn. So no I don't think she'll come back." "I hope she comes back. She's gota come back." Lenora said. "We should get going. It's getting late we should get some rest." Quatre said looking at the sadden girls. The girls nodded and followed the boys to the cars and they took two cars to Quatre's place. When the got there Quatre showed them their rooms and they all fell into a restless sleep.

 ~Next day-with Drusilla~

            Drusilla woke up to the loud rapping on her door. She got up out of bed and walked over to the door and opened it. What she saw was Brent standing there wearing only a pair of plants with out a shirt smiling. "Morning Sunshine." Dru glared at him, "What do you want?" "Well Chris gave us a mission. So I came to wake you up." He said still smiling. "What's the mission?" she asked becoming serious. "We've got to go to Colony L1. Gota go to a business meeting for Chris." Drusilla sighed, "When do we leave?" "In an hour. Get packin' cause I'll be comin' back in about 50 minutes to get you then we're leavin'." He said walking away.

            Drusilla sighed and closed her door to shower, dress, and pack. 50 minutes later just as he said Brent was knocking on her door. She opened the door. "You ready?" he asked. She nodded and picked up her bags. "Good lets go." He said and they started walking towards the shuttle. "So what exactly do we have to do?" Drusilla asked once they sat down in their seats on the shuttle. "We've just got to talk to some of the leaders of the other bases. See each base has someone that's in charge of that base. Our base leader is the leader of OZ. Every once in a while the leaders of each base will get together with Chris and they'd all discus what's been going on. Though the number of bases are low because of your old team." He explained as the shuttle took off into space. Drusilla glared at him, "If it helps any, I've only blown up one OZ base." "It helps…just a little." He said smiling at her. She playfully hit him on the arm. "I'm happy to be with OZ. When I was with the Gundams even if I was with them for a day…I fought with my friends, I just moved there with them and I wasn't having any fun but since I joined OZ I've been happier." "That's good." Brent said looking into Drusilla's eyes. "You're very beautiful Dru. Has any one ever told you that?"

            "No." was all she could say as she looked into his eyes. "I don't believe that. How can guys not say how beautiful you are?" "I've never even been on a date before." Drusilla admitted looking down. "Really? Well how about we go out tonight on your date?" he said gently lifting her head up to look at him. "Really?" "Really." "Sure, I'd love to." She said smiling at him. "Great. I can't wait." He said also smiling.

  ~The others at Quatre's house~

            The four girls groggily woke up and walked down to the kitchen. When they got down to the kitchen they saw the boys sitting at the table either, reading the news paper (Trowa and Quatre), sitting there with eyes closed (Wufei), staring at the cooks that were cooking breakfast waiting for the food to be done (Duo), or typing on his laptop (Heero). The girls walked over to the table and sat down each half a sleep waiting patently and quietly for their food. "Good morning girls. Hope you slept ok." Quatre said looking up from his newspaper to the girls. "Erg…" Alexandra said yawning. "Huh? What was the question?" Lenora asked grinding the sleep from her eyes.

            "He said good morning and then said that he hoped that we slept ok." Mercy said propping her head up with her hands and resting her elbows on the table. "I don't know about the rest of you but I couldn't sleep at all not knowing where Drusilla." Isadora said laying her head on the table. "Er…what was the question again?" Alexandra sweat-dropped and shook her head at Lenora. "What?" Lenora asked when everyone stared at her. "Nothing." They all said, well except Heero, Trowa, and Wufei and went back to what they were doing. "So what are we doing today?" Lenora asked looking at everyone. "We're probably going to stay right here." Alexandra said. "Why?" Lenora whined. "Cause if Dru turns up we want to be here." Mercy said. "Oh. Quatre cutie, what do you have here for something for us to all do?" Lenora asked looking at him. "Ah…like what?" Quatre asked blushing like mad. "Some thing fun." Lenora said. "Like what babe?" Duo asked smiling. "Um…like a game." "What kind of game?" Duo asked her. "Ah…I know one. And we're all playing. Even Heero, Trowa, and Wufei." Lenora declared smiling widely. Isadora saw this and figured out what Lenora wanted to play. "No. I'm not playing that and I don't think any one else will either," she said. "What?" Mercy asked. "We're all playing…Truth or Dare." Lenora declared.

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