Female Phantom

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It's been a year since Danny obtained his phantom powers (note: in my fanfic Danny got his powers when he was 13) he is now a 14 year old good natured teen with phantom powers. Life went on smoothly with only his closest friends Sam (Samantha) Manson and Tucker Foley knowing his secret.

Yory (Yozora) AKA Yory Preston, a 14 year old girl with onyx eyes and waist length raven hair arrives in Amity Park with her crazy ghost hunting parents. She used to live in Tokyo Japan until her parents, Izumi Preston and Kaoru Preston decided to move for they were not able to catch a single ghost in Japan. (They believed Japan was ghost free) In addition Izumi also got a promotion as a historian and he was quite happy that Amity Park had such a big history. So luck was on their side. Yory hates her real name and often strangles who uses it. Like Danny's parents Yory's parents also built a ghost zone portal which changed the poor girl in to a ghost two months ago. Her DNA was influenced with ectoplasm. And she ended up being a ghost.

Right after moving Danny's parents come to their doorstep with a welcome gift, a cake. The two parents quickly become friends while Danny thinks Yory's laugh sound like bells. While they eat lunch both their ghost sensors go off and Yory beats Danny to the toilet while the crazy Skulker fires and destroys some buildings yelling for Danny Phantom. Both families watch in excitement for Danny Phantom to come for the rescue, well Danny's parents didn't they were forced to wait due to the request of their newly found friends. Danny watches the TV screen in worry not knowing what to do next then out of the blue, a ghost who was in a uniform just like Dani in her ghost form appeared, after fighting Skulker she revealed her name as "Yory Phantom" and left a message for Danny "A new Phantom's in town!"