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Stiles groaned painfully in dramatic fashion as the sunlight was glaring in the window and his dad was standing over him, all dressed up for work. His dad was giving him one of those concerned parent looks and Stiles could only stare bleary up at him. All Stiles knew was that there was not a warm werewolf curled up next to him, which was sadly per normal, and he and Derek had been having actual sex for the past 5 nights.

"Son, I know it's summer and all but it's 3 in the afternoon and you haven't even been out of the house in 3 days." His dad watched him as he grabbed for his phone, missed twice because it was an extra 2 inches from its usual spot. Finally he grabbed it, found 14 messages from Scott and his clock said 2:56pm.

"S'not 3 yet. I got 4 more minutes." Stiles mumbled and frowned up at his dad, "And haven't you heard of knocking?"

"I DID knock." Sheriff replied, scratching his head at his offspring, raising an eyebrow at him, "Once at 7 to see if you wanted breakfast, once at 9 because Scott came over, then for lunch, and then 10 minutes ago. And then once more before I came in." Stiles blinked, he couldn't remember any of those times. And he still wasn't that hungry. He was a bit sore; in one obvious place, but also his arms and back was sluggish and he found it hard to keep his head up. His dad crouched down, eye to eye with Stiles, eyes squinting and mouth slightly parted, "Do you feel alright, son?"

"Yeah, yeah." Stiles lied smoothly and shook his head, then pressed his palm to his forehead as his brain raddled around in his skull. He made a note not to do that again. His fingers gripped the sheets and he looked back at his dad, leaning his chin on his propped up hand, "Still tired though." His dad didn't seem convinced.

"I appreciate you staying around the house for more that 5 seconds in the summer time, but it is summer, you don't have to make up the time during school by sleeping in. You CAN go hang out with your friends."

"It's fine, fine." Stiles' waved his other hand, which took more effort than he thought it would to wave off the heavy concern. His dad didn't buy it and got up, turning on Stiles' light and Stiles covered his eyes, "Too bright..."

"Stiles, you've been sleeping all week," his dad walked back over to him, "Have you even looked at yourself recently?"

"I..." Stiles' eyes grew used to the light and he forced himself up, only wearing a large black t-shirt and nothing else. He pushed back the 3 layers of blankets and sat up, "Okay, maybe I don't feel that good." His dad leaned close, which seemed like a fast movement so he eyed his dad, frowning, "What?"

"What are those bruises on your neck?"

Stiles' hand slapped to his neck, remembering Derek had made a point to suck his skin hard last night, damn him, "Ah... I, have... what bruises?" His dad stood up, both brows raised.

"You're going to the doctor, I've already made an appointment."

Stiles groaned, "DAD, I'm fine. A doctor isn't needed."

"Get up and get dressed, we're going in 30 minutes." His dad tilted his head to one side, "When did you get that shirt?" Stiles looked down and winced because his neck strained, but he realized he was wearing Derek's shirt.

"Uh..." Stiles glanced back up, "Old gift, I think." Stiles was sure his dad didn't believe him again. His dad clapped his hands together, making Stiles flinch from the sudden loud noise.

"Shower. Now." His dad then left.

Stiles forced himself onto his feet and he realized how lethargic he felt. He rubbed his eyes and shuffled to the bathroom, flicking on the light. His eyes blinked furiously with the light and he jumped as he looked in the mirror. Oh god, that's why his dad looked so worried. His skin was pale and his freckles looked like someone had used a black marker on his face and his skin was all blotchy. Not to mention the dark, almost hollowed out bags under his eyes. Maybe he WAS sick. Wait. Derek. Stiles got a cold shiver up his spine. Derek hadn't used a condom the first few times, so did the werewolf pass something onto him? He was starting to think going to the doctor was a good idea. Stiles stripped off the shirt and stepped into the shower, cleaning up. He remembered that Derek had been sneaking into his house for the past two weeks, sexing him up. Stiles was worried, thinking of all the rumors and stories of people getting HIV and AIDS. Was Derek sick, or was he a carrier? Or did the werewolf thing just keep it at bay. What the hell? He wasn't even sure it was that, but now he was worried.

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