"So... you got the flu?" Scott asked slowly and Stiles was relieved to nod. He was still in the clothes he had been sleeping in, because the doctor said bed rest and prescribed meds that wouldn't conflict with his Adderall. He was wearing sweats and sat cross legged in his bed.

"Yeah. Scared the crap out of me for a minute cause you know, Derek..." Stiles let out a tiny laugh but it stopped very quickly because Scott didn't laugh too. Scott had that serious Scott face on and Stiles rubbed his arm where his muscles were still lightly sore from influenza. He knew he hadn't been feeling the best even before they'd actually had fluid contact, so Stiles doubted Derek had passed anything to him. And Stiles researched it thoroughly once he got back from the doctor's. It had started too quickly. Stiles was 99.9% it was there before he'd started having sex with an alpha werewolf.

"Has he even said anything to you since he's been, coming over?" Scott asked and Stiles picked at the sheets and hugged the pillow that was in his lap. Scott was sitting in his computer chair backwards, arms resting on the back of it.

"I ask." Stiles looked to his phone and picked it up, flicking through his numbers, "He never tells me anything about well... anything outside what we do." He glanced up at Scott, who made a face, "Shut up, do you know how many times I've had to sit and listen to you and Allison go back and forth with all the sultry banter and lewd messages. Bout time I had something too."

"But with Derek?" Scott asked and Stiles squirmed a little, god, why was this sex thing getting so complicated? Stiles sighed, frustrated because he went through his phone book 5 times and Derek's number wasn't there. The hell?

"Look, I know it's weird." Stiles said, "I mean, I'm still getting used to it." He was still getting used to Derek Hale coming over and sexing him up in the early hours of the morning. And he was starting to worry himself by not caring why Derek was coming over, just as long as he was there, "Damn it, where'd it go?" he looked up at Scott, "Do you have Derek's number?"

"No, you never gave it to me. He usually just howls for me. And he hasn't." Scott was staring at Stiles, all concerned, or constipated. Or thinking too hard, "You know I still haven't seen him since you two have been doing it."

"You haven't? That's weird. Right?" Stiles checked once more, checking every single name in his phone, because for the life of him he could not remember the last 4 digits. He knew it was a New York area code, that was it.

"He doesn't even show up when I'm around your house." Scott complained, his jaw resting on the seat, sounding frustrated, "Seriously not funny anymore." Stiles smirked.

"What, you actually want to see Derek now?" Stiles teased.

"Not in the same way you do," Scott looked at him and Stiles shrugged, locking his phone and tossing it to the side. Derek would probably call him again, then he could text him repeatedly until Derek would talk to him. Scott was still staring at him.

"What?" Stiles finally asked, "What do you keep looking at?" He looked at himself, under his arm and behind him.

"You just... you're different?" Scott shrugged.

"Okay..." Stiles rolled his eyes, "That's a very detailed answer."

"I mean..." Scott opened his mouth, then closed it again, trying to find the correct words. Stiles allowed him the time, his thoughts drifting back to Derek again, "You seem happy." Stiles paused, then frowned.

"What? I'm not happy usually?" Stiles asked, though thinking back, he couldn't remember a long term happy mood for the past few months. Monsters and werewolves usually had him distracted.

"Well you can be HAPPY but I mean you know..." Scott made a hand gesture, as if that was supposed to explain all.

"No, I really don't know, Scott. Enlighten me." Stiles' hands opened, leaning forward to prompt his friend on.

"Do you... like Derek?" Scott asked leaned to the side, as if those were the most cautioned words he could think of. Stiles mulled the words over. Well, he liked a few things about Derek now that he was getting laid. But it wasn't like Derek was that much nicer to him. Stiles frowned, because he knew that wasn't what Scott was asking. He closed his eyes, thinking.

"Yeah, maybe." Stiles gave a little shrug, not wanting to think too hard about it right now, "I mean... he hasn't thrown me around for a while. I mean in the bad way." he smiled when Scott made a dramatic gag face, "Well, I guess he just hasn't been as sourwolfy as usual. He's still a dick, but at least now he's being a dick in a way that's useful." Scott was just giving up on making the faces at that point and Stiles pouted, because seeing Scott make faces was fun, "Okay, okay, I'll stop." He paused, picking at the corner of his pillow as he hugged it. It still smelled slightly of Derek, "Would it be, um, bad, if I liked him?" Scott sat up straight.

"You're serious?" Scott asked and Scott shrugged.

"I'm JUST asking, Scott. Okay? Geez. I don't know or anything. I mean, it's not as if I know if he likes me back, he's basically just been a booty call that shows up all the time."

"Oh god, you're wondering if he likes you too?" Scott said, as though it said volumes when Stiles didn't think it did.

"Well, yeah, it crosses my mind, okay?" Stiles' skin flushed, "I mean he comes out of no where this summer after being gone for weeks and pops up at MY... room." Did he ever remember seeing Derek use a door? "And you know I wonder why? I mean, why not someone else. Why me? Not that I'm not an obvious superb specimen of male vitality." Scott rolled his eyes, "But maybe, in his own weird, antisocial way... he might like me too?" Stiles' watched Scott's fingers flex in the back of the chair and Scott looked concerned.

"Maybe?" Scott tried to sound helpful, but at least he didn't make another gag noise.

"I mean, I'm not banking on it." Stiles said reasonably to his fingers, which were starting to pick a hole into the corner of his pillow, "I mean, it's Derek Hale." He ignored the fluttering sensation it caused.

After Scott left, Derek appeared about 20 minutes later. Stiles had been brushing his teeth and when he came back into his room there was Derek, with a plant in hand and Stiles stared at it when it was held out to him. It was leafy green with a pile of blackish berries on a long stem and pale dirt encrusted roots at the bottom. Stiles' nose wrinkled it.

"Is this... supposed to be flowers or something?" Stiles poked the berries with a damp hand, debating whether to be polite and get a vase or just show it to the trash as he stared at the twisted, gnarled roots, "Usually it's supposed to be, you know... pretty?" Derek rolled his eyes and shoved the plant closer to his face.

"It's ginseng." Derek took Stiles' hand and plopped it, dirt and all, in Stiles' palm and wet dirt spilled onto the his carpet. Stiles face was a mix of confusion and ew, "You said you didn't feel well." Stiles blinked and looked up at Derek.

"Yeah... influenza." Stiles squeezed the roots in his hand. It didn't do anything abnormal; it was fresh and springy, "So... you brought this for me?" Derek narrowed his eyes at him with slight condensation.

"You are the one that said you weren't feeling good. This should help." Derek wiped his dirty hands on his jeans and stuck them in his pockets, "You grind up the root and eat some."

"Raw?" Stiles raised his brow at the plant and Derek rolled his eyes childishly.

"You have the internet, use it." Derek told him and Stiles touched the stem with the berries, watching it wag back and forth in his hand, a small smile creasing his lips.

"I'm surprised you care." Stiles said, unable to keep the awe out of his tone.

"I just don't want you keeling over on me, okay?" Derek turned away, kicking off his muddy sneakers and Stiles still smiled, feeling kind of stupid for it after a moment and he ended up settling the plant in a dirty cocoa mug that he'd used earlier. He dusted off his dirty hands and approached the werewolf. When Derek turned to look at him, Stiles leaned an arm on his chest and kissed Derek's scruffy face.

"I'll get you to admit you care about me one of these days." Stiles determined and Derek made a less angry face. It almost looked like he was going to smile, but he wasn't frowning.

"Yeah, right." Derek sat on Stiles' bed and Stiles was not far behind, siding into Derek's lap and wrapping an arm around Derek's neck while Derek's slightly dirt covered hands slip under his sweatshirt. Stiles sighed into the next kiss, his fingers gripping onto Derek's hair, holding onto him as they sank into each other.