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Derek woke up with a sharp pain to his ribs and growled angrily before opening his blazing red alpha eyes. Derek was upright against warmed metal and he looked into his own cocky smirk. The cambion, in his mirror image body again.

"Ah, awake?" the cambion casually drew his claws from Derek's bare side and Derek growled directly at his imposter. The cambion was completely healed from their fight and Derek could feel everything was in working order for his body as well. The cambion's claws were retracted and the fingers were licked clean of blood. Derek tried yanking his arm forward to slit the throat of his double, but it only rattled against the steel bars he was shackled to. Derek glared at the familiar surroundings. Fuck, this was where Kate decided to torture him and he was stripped naked, the cambion didn't even let Derek keep his underwear. Both his arms were shacked above his head and his ankles were chained near the floor so he as eye level with his own image. He hated it, "Good, I was starting to get bored." The cambion dragged a finger down Derek's jaw and Derek jerked to bite, but he missed and the cambion laughed.

"Oh a biter, biter." The cambion had dropped all acts of being Derek and wagged his finger at him, knowingly it was well out of reach of Derek's mouth, "I know you have no attraction for yourself, and that's okay." He smirked, folding his arms and looked around the place, "I found this in your memory banks and it seemed secure enough. Enough to keep a werewolf caged up for a while."

"I'm going to skin you alive." Derek's low growl echoed and he yanked at his bonds, the steal creaking under the strain.

"Oh, I know you want to. After all, I did take your target from you." The cambion curled a finger under his own chin, tilting his head to the side, "He was a pure virgin in every sense, you know. Inexperienced kisses and timing."

"I don't care about that!" Derek snarled quickly and the cambion chuckled.

"No use lying to me Derek, I took your memories. Your thoughts and emotions are an open book to me. Honestly, it was all too easy to take him. I just waltzed right in and it flowed like a brook." He lifted his hands, smiling, "Take away your apprehension to be hurt again and with a little convincing and romance, he fell willingly into my arms. You have this crude, non-flowery way about things, but Stiles really seemed to like that about you. He likes it a little commanding and rough. It's very sexy." He laughed as Derek was trying to get enough leverage to break the chains.

"So angry. Always so angry." the cambion walked a few steps away and pulled his torn and blood dried shirt over his head, "Do you know how sensitive he is? I don't even have to drug him after the first time. He's so willing and very sexual. Like a little minx." The skin rippled on the creature, turning paler and the hair shorter. Derek's eyes widened as he watched, "He just wants it so bad, you know? He wants to be touched and stroked, and held." The bulk of hard trained muscle reduced and the skin paled in the light. Freckle spotted skin was clean and unmarked turned back to him, eying Derek with hungry eyes. The cambion was Stiles now. Derek's blood ran cold.

Stiles walked towards him, the pants hanging low on his skinny hips and he smiled up at Derek, "He wants love. He wants your love, Derek. But you're too scared to give it."

"Change back!" Derek barked, not so much angry anymore and Stiles laughed.

"Oh, I didn't expect your reaction to be so strong either. Look at this." Stiles smiled gently, a flash of teeth hinting from his lips, "You smell me, don't you. You smell me, completely turned on by the thought of you fucking me." Derek growled and his legs pulled to kick, but it only ended in an unintentional hip thrust. Stiles, the cambion, went right up to Derek and his fingers, his thin, spidery fingers cupped his cock and pressed against it gently, kissing his hard stomach. Derek growled, but it was less vicious, more warning. He tried to think of anything but what he was thinking at that moment. He closed his eyes, imagining Peter being a know-it-all or one of his pack pissing him off. Scott being stupid was always a good turn off.

"Mm, I see this huge cock that wants to come out and play." Stiles said in a sing-song-voice and Derek groaned because he could completely see Stiles doing such a ridiculous thing. "Derek." The voice was soft now and Derek dared to open his eyes, Stiles looking up at him from his belly, lips apart and slightly damp, "Do you know how many nights I've thought about you coming into my room at night and sliding into bed with me? Sliding your cock into me and waking me up with a good hard fuck?" Derek shuttered and his cock betrayed him.

"I hate you." Derek grunted and those thin fingers curled around his cock, like it was some sort of handle or plaything, "lying bastard..."

"If only I could be so creative." Stiles purred, "He has all kinds of fantasies with you. Some are deliciously dirty. Some are naively sweet." the cambion stood back and wiggled the jeans off, not even needing to unbutton them, Stiles was so skinny compared to Derek, "Look at you, so pent up. Sure a few short romp with a few women purged your physical need through the years, but it's not really what you wanted. You wolves crave a good mate. You throw all your eggs into one basket. You give your all." He turned, leaning the back of his head on Derek's chest, looking up at him. Derek was in range to bite, but he didn't move, "Stiles more than meets your quota for a mate, doesn't he, Derek?" Derek bucked his body, shoving the cambion away from him, but Stiles regained his footing gracefully; more so than the real Stiles would.

"Now that is some serious hip action." Stiles grinned, walking close again, "I'd like to see more of that." He leaned closer, whispering, "Inside me." Derek's shackles rattled and Stiles stepped back, new fury mixed with arousal drove Derek.

"I'm going to kill you!" Derek yelled, almost bending the bar that held him in place.

"No, no," Stiles' fingers splayed over Derek's pecs, the cambion was infuriatingly calm, "You're going to fuck me."

"I'm going, to, kill, you." Derek growled between his sharpening teeth and Stiles chuckled.

"You would have bitten my brains out already if you were going to do it." Stiles ran his fingers lightly over Derek's abs and to his hip line, a thoughtful look on his face, his lips slightly puckered like Stiles often did, "It's startling how much you like humans, especially this one. I can see you don't even want to bite his image. I can fully understand why you would want to kill your own image though. Your whole self-loathing attitude is very depressing sometimes." Derek bared his teeth, showing his contempt for the small talk.

The cambion shrugged and rubbed his fingers over Derek's stomach, "I for one love werewolf lovers. They always react so strongly to my drug and their systems treat it like adrenaline." He rested all 5 digits of his hand on Derek's stomach and Derek jumped when he felt several sharp pricks in his skin, "One finger can arouse a full grown human, even ones who have dysfunctions. 3 can send a human into a desperate state of arousal, so much is can hurt. And 5, well, I only use 5 on you big boys." He patted Derek's chest and Derek jerked, feeling the pat thud through him like a drum and his body was already flushing from the heat that spread from the pricks. "After all, only things like you can heal fast enough to keep you from keeling over from that much."

"F-fuck..." Derek tried to curl back but his body was restrained and he could only arch his back and yank hard on the chains above him. It was too hot, his skin actually felt singed. Stiles swiveled on his toes and walked over to the table where the electrocution equipment used to be and Stiles picked up a bottle and waved it back and forth with a devious glint on his face. Lube, great, Derek rolled his eyes, huffing out a breath. But what caught Derek embarrassed was that Stiles flicked open the cap and used the lubrication to prepare himself, right in front of Derek.

Derek shut his eyes, hearing his own pulse in his ears and his body on the edge of something. Derek felt control being ripped from him and Derek focused on his anchor, trying to get angry. Because this thing took Stiles and did exactly what Kate had done to him. And this thing had taken his face and did who knows what with his image. And it looked like Stiles now and it wanted to take advantage of him, of his immature affections for someone who wasn't even out of high school yet. Anger was good, anger kept his mind in place. Transforming now would not be a bad thing.

When Derek thought the anchor was actually working and he opened red eyes to glare, but Stiles was right there, looking at him. Stiles smiled at him sweetly and pressed a whole palm to his belly, dragging it up Derek's chest. All the anger and rage dissipated in one touch like shattering glass and arousal hit him in the gut.

"Shh, don't fight it." Stiles whispered, standing on his toes, lips close to Derek's. Derek's eyes drifted up because Stiles had the key and slipped it into the key hole, which would pop both of his cuffs. And then his steel green eyes focused back on Stiles' lips. The ones that made all those fascinating shapes and expressions. The ones that were slightly parted in effort to twist the key.

The metal popped open both his wrists and Stiles was immediately in the werewolf's grip by his shoulders and pressed into the bite of the cold steel bars. But there was no fear in those brown eyes now, only knowing acceptance. Derek snarled and leaned in, finally giving in to kissing the soft and pliable lips. Stiles' hands gripped Derek's shoulders and he kissed back, strong and eager. Shit, He was just as Derek wanted him to be.

The chains connecting Derek's ankles were long enough to move within a couple feet and it was plenty of room to throw Stiles down on all fours as the passion mounted. Stiles only looked at him eagerly over his shoulder and spread his knees invitingly, fingers digging into the cement floor, back sloped downward. The heat in Derek's blood made him move fast, shoving his cock deep into Stiles and there was a small whimper and gasp, but no protest. They rutted like animals, all vigor, no finesse. The urgency in Derek's body wouldn't settle for anything else. He was pressing Stiles flat on the ground and occasionally Derek wondered if he was fracturing bone, but the human seemed to be able to take it.

The burst didn't last forever and Derek groaned loudly, cumming hard in the body under him. The climax took the edge off Derek's foggy head, but he was far from sober. His senses picked up Stiles and he buried his nose in the soft skin, closing his eyes. He wanted a mate. He wanted Stiles as a mate. He wanted this. He wanted Stiles. He wanted Stiles in his pack. Like only werewolf mates could be...

Derek tasted blood and his eyes opened, Stiles' yell echoing off the brick walls of the room. Derek's wolf teeth retracted and Stiles scrambled from under him. Stiles, no wait, the cambion was pissed. Seeing fury on Stiles' face was uglier than usual and Derek rolled onto his back, breathing hard, feeling weak from the cambion taking his energy. He was cold. That unnatural, unable to warm up cold. The cambion's heartbeat was racing, blood squeezing between the fingers on his shoulder.

"You fucking BIT me!" Stiles spat and looked like he was going to move to kick him but he never followed through, probably realizing that Stiles' body didn't have the strength to hurt Derek, even in this case. He scoffed, lifting his hand and checking it. It was not one to rip flesh, it was a bite to change and Derek groaned, hating himself for hallucinating that it was really Stiles. The cambion sneered, shaking his head, "I guess you really do want him to be part of your pack, don't you? Mm, what a..." He stopped and coughed and Derek opened his eyes, focusing on Stiles. He crouched again and leaned over a box, looking like he was going to throw up. What came up was black tar like substance and Stiles retched, crouching and shaking. Derek's eyes widened, seeing the bite was starting to ooze black blood.

"This body..." The cambion looked at Derek, Stiles' eyes crying blood, "Did you know... no... Shit, Shit!" Derek could only writhe a bit on the ground, trying to turn back onto his belly, so he could push himself up. So he could kill it. So he could kill this thing that wasn't Stiles. Before it could change again, "I JUST changed, you bastard!" Stiles gripped his head groaning in pain and falling to his knees, closing his eyes, focusing. Derek got to his arms, then his knees. He was in reach. He could lunge forward, finish the job...

But he still saw Stiles there, choking on black bile, the body trying to heal but rejecting the gift. Rejecting the bite. He'd never seen it before. He couldn't move past getting to his knees. His mind couldn't unsee that it was Stiles.

The cambion gasped suddenly and rippled, as if taking new life. It grew and darkened, becoming larger, more muscular, and breathing, still drooling black sludge was Derek's own form again. Derek's eyes reddened. He could kill that image just fine, but the cambion's eyes snapped open and the fist was like a cannon ball to Derek's jaw, throwing him back. Derek slammed back into the steel bars, sudden jolts of pain shooting through his still hypersensitive body. Derek strained to look up and it was morbid to see black rivers of blood and bile run down his own reflection. The cambion clenched its fist and lunged forward, following through with the previous delayed kick to the stomach. Derek spat a painful sound out and gasped for breath. He heard a few snapped ribs at least, maybe some organ damage. He rolled over with labored breath, curling his arms over his stomach.

"Fucking little prude." The cambion wiped his mouth as though that was the dirtiest thing in the world. Which to a cambion it probably was, "It's not easy switching forms all the time. It takes a lot of energy! And now I've used up all mine, including the amount you gave me." Derek couldn't help but smirk. Good, he was glad he forced the cambion to use up his reserves. He got a kick to his back and he swore he heard a crunch and he let out a weak cry of pain. Shit. He wasn't healing like he should, "Don't fucking LAUGH at me. No one laughs at me! I'll kill you!" And that was the more appropriate expression Derek wanted to see on his own face. Pure, heartless anger.

The cambion took a deep breath to calm itself and it rubbed its head, the wound on the shoulder was already starting to heal. The black blood was wiped away with the cambion's old shirt and then tossed aside, "Looks like I'll have to visit Stiles again to refuel. Won't take too much to convince him I'm you." The cambion Smiled, "And feeding from him will reset the DNA I have for him. Mm, shame he can never be in your pack." Derek squeezed his eyes shut, pressing his face into the dirt and cement, his jaw clenched tight. Shit... shit...

The cambion locked him up, re-lacing the cuffs for his hands lower, and chaining him on the floor and he pressed Derek's face into the floor, grinding Derek's jaw painfully, "Once I reset I'll come back and feed from you. I don't throw away good food. I'll just bring a muzzle next time." And he stood up and walked to the metal door, throwing Derek a smirk, "Don't worry Derek, I'll take really good care of everyone." And with that, he slammed the door shut; leaving Derek with a slow and painful recovery.