Hello, Internet traveler! I hope you enjoy this story! Disclaimer- Nope. Just borrowing.

The Doctor finished his scribbling on a scrap of paper, which he had pulled out of his dimensionally transcendental pockets along with a pen ("Given to me by J.K. Roweling!"), and handed it to a skeptical looking Martha.

"See?!" He asked excitedly. " Like so!"

Martha studied it, her eyes widening and jaw slacking very slightly. She stared back up at the smiling Time Lord.

"This...Hurts my brain to even look at..." She admitted.

"I told you that I could do it!" Responded the Doctor enthusiastically. "You said it wasn't possible! But here it is, right in front of you!" He continued triumphantly. Martha briefly looked at the piece of paper again before returning her gaze to the Doctor.

"How...How did you do that?!" She demanded to know, clearly aghast. " A triangle! With three right angles! It shouldn't be possible!" She exclaimed.

"Well it's not-" The Doctor began.

"Then how did to draw this?! A triangle! That's 270 degrees! There's only supposed to be 180 in a triangle!" She said, rushing words in her great confusion. The Doctor raised his eyebrow quizzically.

"You done?" He asked. Martha took a deep breath and nodded.

"Not all races can draw a triangle with three right angles. Like humans for instance. You're only aware of three of the twenty-six dimensions." He explained, motioning as he usually did in his animated fashion of speech."You have to use at least five dimensions to be able to draw this." He informed her. Martha rolled her eyes in a joking manner towards the Doctor.

"How many dimensions are Time Lords aware of?" She asked.

"All twenty-six." The alien responded. Martha's eyebrows escalated towards her hairline some.

"So that was easy for you to draw, yeah?" She asked, pointing to the scrap of paper still gripped in her hand. The Doctor nodded, confirming her question.

"I could even do one with..." He considered for a moment. "Seven right angles." He declared confidently. Martha crossed her arms.

"No way." She denied.

"Yes way." The Doctor replied, quite seriously. Marsha handed the piece of paper back to her traveling companion.

"Prove it." She challenged. The Doctor smiled, accepting the paper from Martha and brushing the hair out of his eyes, before setting it down and beginning his drawing of impossible angles. The game, between the Time Lord's capabilities and his human friend's challenges, was on.

Yes, small little Sherlock reference there for all of you who caught it. I was in Geometry and we're discussing triangles and how they can only have one right angle. So naturally I had to write a Doctor Who story about it. Naturally. So tell me what you thought, it would be very greatly appreciated as I'm always trying to improve my writing. Other than that have a great day and DFTBA!