I was preparing my favorite passageway with a view, to watch the girls come home from summer vacation tomorrow, when an all too familiar voice nearly knocked me off my balance, "watch the spider to your left Gallagher girl." I turned around to see Zach smirking at me as I jumped out of the way from the spider that is larger in my imagination. He laughed then pulled me into his strong arms, his sent giving me butterflies and his abs on mine made a faint blush rush to my cheeks. I smiled as I felt him breath a sigh of relief into my hair. We broke apart and sat down as he asked about my stay with my grandparents in Nebraska, he of course visited me but only for a few days before going back to help Solomon prepare Blackthorn for something he wont tell me. I hate that I don't know but he's just so stubborn.

"I got you something," Zach said breaking the comfortable silence. I lifted my head off his shoulder as he reached into his pocket to pull out a small box, he handed it too me and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. I opened it to find a gorgeous silver necklace with pendant in the shape of a 'Z'. I smiled from ear to ear and Zach even did too, "thank you so much! Will you put it on for me?" I asked sweetly. He lifted the chain and carefully reached around my neck as I lifted my hair out of the way. When he was done he cupped his hand around my face and laid a soft kiss on my lips. Im still unsure where Zach and I stand but I feel closer to him now, I don't feel like I have much to worry about.

We sat, hand in hand, in another silence before I remembered school goes back tomorrow for both of us, "Shouldn't you be getting to Blackthorn?" I looked at Zach, "yes but I don't need to leave for another half hour." He replied, then looked at me and smiled.

After Zach left I didn't know what to do, mum was busy preparing for the year and the girls weren't here yet, I didn't have anywhere to be and I had already been to the dining hall to eat. My summer with my grandparents meant not being alone much so this felt weird. I admit I missed Nebraska but theres something safe about Gallagher that makes me feel warm inside.

I decided to go to the P&E barn for a late night workout. I went to my room and got changed into a pair of black short shorts and a blue sports bra, it was a warm night and I wasn't expecting company. As I ran laps I started to think about Zach and the pendant around my neck. He had never called he his girlfriend and there were times that we were just friends, but then when things were like this afternoon I felt like he was mine and I his, I felt like this boy could be the one I would be with forever. Relationships don't happen for a spy though it's too risky, you would be away for long amounts of time with no contact, if you were partners missions could get complicated, and then there was also the possibility of going MIA. Seeing my mum and how she felt when dad went MIA was the hardest thing and I don't think I could go through something Like that with Zach. There's always the Abby option, ignore your feelings. It's so easy to see the sparks between her and Mr Solomon but they both know that with their jobs the worst thing they could do is have a relationship, but I can tell it's hard for them. I don't know how Zach even feels about me, maybe he just wants to be friends or maybe he loves me and doesn't want to tell me because we're spies and it won't work. My mind is racing and its getting late, I head back to the dorms for a shower and then sleep, Macey will be here before 11 and I have to look presentable.