This ones a little short but this writing thing is harder than I thought, anyway I finnish school in two days so I should be updating more :) please send me reviews on ideas and things you want to see more of e.g. cammie+zach bex+grant joe+abbey COC... thanks guys! x

The first day of school was just as usual except there were boys in all our classes, Zach and I both being pavement artists had all the same classes and lets just say you see a different side to a person when you're in class with them. He was very smart and nothing seemed new to him, Grant on the other hand was an average student in everything except P&E in which he was nearly as good as Bex. Cov ops was the best. As we headed to the elevator down to sub level 3 (Yes we were finally aloud in sub level 3!) we were all excited for a new assignment. We found our way to the class room where Mr Solomon was standing at the front, "everyone find a seat and i'll explain your next mission"

I sat at the back with Zach next to me with Bex on my other side and Grant on her left, Macey sat in the desk in front of us next to Nick. Mr Solomon cleared his throat and said, "All of you will be going to Washington to practice tailing CIA agents, we will leave tomorrow and the mission will be the day after, and we will return the following night." Macey's hand shot up but Solomon ignored her, "You will need to pack 2 changes of clothes, toiletries, and laptops to write your reports on the way home." He looked Macey right in the eye, "Only one small bag each." She sighed. The rest of the class was 50 ways to change your disguise in public, broad daylight and without your tail noticing. We headed to the P&E barn for our last class of the day.

No matter how much Grant begged, Bex and I partnered up for sparing, I noticed the guys watching us but my focus was on Bex as the time started and she tried to put me off balance by kicking my knee, I grabbed her arm and pulled her to the ground as she grabbed my shoulders and flung me over her body and jumped up waiting for my next move I was still on the ground so i grabbed her ankle knowing she would twist and pull it out of my reach so I twisted the opposite way and she fell to the ground, I took my opportunity with my grip still on her ankle and turned her onto her stomach then grabbed her arm and bent it around her back and counted, "1,2,3,4..." I heard bex sigh, "8,9,10!" A split second after I released Bex jumped up and flipped me onto my back, "Dammit!" I cried a little winded, "You know you love me." Bex said with a wink and held out her hand to me. The boys all clapped, it seams we pulled quite a crowd. "Thats my british bombshell." Grant said, I expected Bex to go off her head but instead she smiled, Zach looked a little worried as I limped a little and tried to catch my breath, he came over and held me up. Bex noticed this and came over, "I didn't think you landed that hard?" She said with a concerned look on her face, "No.. I just... I um... hit my head... I think." I felt really tired and went to lie down but Zach stopped me, "No, no Gallagher girl you can't go to sleep." "take her to get checked out." Bex said still concerned. Zach picked me up, to show off I think, and took me to the nurse.

I didn't have a concussion but I was told to rest anyway. Zach held my hand as I wouldn't let him carry me again, He started towards my room but that was the last place I wanted be. Instead I took Him to my all time favorite place, we went through a hole in the wall and turned left twice before coming to an almost invisible door into a very small library with a couch in the middle. We were surrounded by books that could possibly date back to a thousand years ago, it was a fairly small room with only natural light from one window high in one wall. Zach sat down on the couch so I sat down with my head on his chest. The silence was comfortable, we didn't need to talk and I like that. We would have been sitting there for around half an hour before Zach spoke, "Im glad I came to Gallagher for this year," "why" I replied.

"So I can protect you, for a spy you're pretty clumsy,"

I smiled, "Maybe you're the one that needs protection I mean, you're only the second best." He hated that I was a a better pavement artist than him but I think he was a little relieved to, that it was me and not a random guy.

"No but seriously, Im happier knowing you're safe or at least that I'm here if anything happens." He said.

"I feel safer with you." I quietly replied, with that he held me tighter and lifted my chin to his. We were so close and I could feel the electricity rising inside of me as he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me even closer and then kissed me so softly but passionately that I couldn't resist. The kiss deepened as I fell back onto the couch lying down so he was on top of me. His arms went down to my waist and I held onto his neck with my fingers in his hair. We turned over so I was on top of him but we didn't go any further, we didn't need to, I know we both wanted each other but we didn't need to do that. I stared to fall asleep on his chest with the gentle rhythm of his breathing the only thing I could hear. Just as my eyes were closed and I was about to fall into a deep sleep I could have sworn I heard Zach whisper so low that I could only just hear him,

"I love you Gallagher girl."