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Part I: Rebellion

All is fair when love is war..

Chapter 1:

*Tick tock tick tock...*

I can mentally picture a clock assuring me that it's late, the signal's late. Commander Caleb Blackstone, a 17 year old from District 2, was in charge of signaling me that the train was almost here, so I and siblings Commander Brenna and Soldier Destin Fontaine from District 4 can lead a few of our troops onto the train, set up the bomb, and make sure to get out before it detonates, unless we want to meet out maker.

"Anything Commander Hartley?", I hear a cheeky 13 year old boy's voice coming from my ear piece, Destin.

I sigh, whispering into the small microphone attached to the earpiece, "Not. Yet. If this costs us-"

"-It won't, Mali, Caleb has never gone down without a fight.", he interrupts me, using the nickname everyone normally uses for me instead of Malika.

"He's never been this late though.", Brenna says this time, trying to hide her worry for the tall ashy blond boy from District 2, "What if-"

"-They haven't captured him, not yet anyways.", I say trying to calm her down. I use the night vision binoculars, zooming in on the train tracks, though there's nothing, no train, no signal from Blackstone either. I sigh in frustration, looking up at the sky. Not one star in sight, all black because of the stupid Capitol's overuse of lights. I press the button on my earpiece, whispering while trying, and failing, to hide my anger, "Commander Blackstone, can you hear me?!"

I wait for an answer, but, nada, not even a sound. I try again, "District 2 can you hear me?!"

"Yes ma'am.", someone answers, but it's not Caleb, it's a girl's voice, then I remind myself that it's District 2 Soldier Lilith Jaeger.

"Not you Soldier Jaeger. Have you heard from your Commanding Officer?!", I ask her, looking through the binoculars one last time.

"Nothing, Commander Hartley. What do you suggest we do of this situation?", she answers, and I start to feel as if all eyes land on me for an answer, though I'm alone in this part of the woods, curled up in a tree branch far enough from the train tracks.

"Should we abort the mission? I find it too risky from where I'm standing.", Destin suggests. I take a deep breath, feeling the gun on my back, making sure I'm well armed for what I'm about to do. Guns? I check the rifle on my back and the two pistols I'm hiding in my boots, plus the guns on my waist. Check. Knives? I feel the knife tied in my inner bicep and the other one tied to my left wrist. Check. I do this a few times before answering, "Mali? Malika?! Malika Rose Hartley! Commander Hartley!"

"Quiet you!", Brenna and I say into our respective earpieces, and I bite my lip, muttering "District 3 are you there?"

"Yes ma'am, I'm close to the train tracks.", District 3's 17 year old Soldier Jason Azure mutters, "No word from Commander Blackstone yet. What should we do Commander Hartley?"

"Soldier Azure, " I start to say, "Alright everyone listen up! There's been a change in plans, Commander Blackstone has failed to communicate with us on whether or not the train is reaching the destination. So here's what we are going to do. District 3, since you are the closest and have the bomb, you will set one of the grenades on the tracks, and I mean one, careful not to be seen. Soldier Jaeger, you will flank Azure from behind in case of surprise attack, which I doubt. Commander Fontaine, what's your status report?"

"Nothing but the bright lights of the Capitol, Hartley.", Brenna answers, "Wait, the train, it's almost to your destination! Move now Twelve now!"

"You heard the Officer! Move now! Except for my instructions the others haven't changed so move move move!", I yell, jumping from the branch, and start running as fast as I can through the small patch of woods that divides District 2, the closest district, from the Capitol. I put my mask on and night vision goggles, which thankfully, cover my Seam grey eyes from being exposed. We all wear the same simliar black bodysuits and mask, that way the Capitol can't prove which Districts are involved. I climb to the nearest tree from the tracks, taking my rifle out pointing it onto the tracks. I lean my head left, looking for a light of the train and watch as Jason lights up a grenade then throws it onto the tracks, and it explodes just in time. The train comes to an adrupt stop as the grenade blows up the tracks in front of it. I put my finger on the lever of the rifle, pointing to the conductor window, and shoot an approximate five times. Blood spews on the glass windows as a few of the troops, led by Brenna, pounce on the roof of the train and go inside, and immediately you can hear the tension and yelling and shooting coming from there.

"Commander Fontaine is everything alright?!", I say, trying to prevent from signaling the rest of our troops inside, but she doesn't answer, "Commander Fontaine?! Soldier Fontaine can you hear me?!"

Again no answer, until someone says, well yells, "We need backup in here! It's a Peacekeeper train not a cargo one!"

"Soldier Jaeger! We're on our way!", I yell, "Alright troops let's go inside!"

I stand up on the branch, and jump onto the roof of the train, and in a split second I'm surrounded by Peacekeepers. I take four down with my rifle, and smack two unconscious on the back of their heads with it. I do a one hand cartwheel as one of them shoots me, but he ends up shooting the one behind me instead. When I finish them off, I get unexpectedly hit in the back of my head, falling onto the roof dazed and confused as ever. I'm able to regain enough of my energy before my enemy tries to smack his gun to my temple, and kick him in the shin, giving me enough time to stand up again, and high kick his face so hard he falls unconscious onto the ground. Still a bit dazed I grab my rifle again and keep shooting down Peacekeepers, one by one, until I'm forced to fall flat on my back inside the train because my rifle had just ran out of ammunition. The room starts spinning and my vision is obstructed with a few red spots here and there, but I make myself get up and hide behind a wall, and, taking out one of the guns on my waist, I shoot a Peacekeeper's head, knocking him right off of Brenna's back. She sighs in relief at the sight of help, and I'm not sure but I think she's smiling under her mask. I stand up, taking the knife out from hiding it in my inner bicep, and, with a gun in one hand, knife in other, start evading and attacking Peacekeepers. Caleb isn't the only one who doesn't go down without a fight. Speaking of Caleb Blackstone, as I'm fighting off three Peacekeepers, a very tall muscular figure dressed in black jumps down and lands right behind me, his back to mine.

"Well look who just decided to drop by.", I say as I side kick one of the Peacekeepers in the face. Caleb swears under his breath, and I know he's angry, furious even. I also know who he's furious at, me, "You're late, Commander."

"Sorry. Was busy making sure you guys LANDED on the right train!", he yells back at me, "By the way, DUCK!"

I do as he says and stab my knife on one of the Peacekeeper's legs as he shoots another that almost sneaked attacked me, and I grunt, "Well what was I supposed to do?! You could have warned us that the cargo train was late!"

"I did warn you!", he grunts as he knocks another one with his gun, and we automatically switch sides, still gunning and slicing and blood spewing everywhere, but now he yells angrily, "My earpiece wasn't working properly thank u very much.. So, I warned you by not saying anything! THAT was your warning!"

"THAT WASN'T MY WARNING!" I scowl under my mask. He grabs my arm, and I lean myself on his back until he flips me in front of him, switching again, back to back, and I shoot another Peacekeeper down, "What happened to the good old fashioned 'Hey, ignore this train because it's the wrong one!'"

"Well it's too late now! Besides, as Commanding Officer you should have aborted the mission! Risking our troops and yourself isn't a way of stopping things!", he say as he stabs someone in the chest. I growl under my breath, and keep fighting, shooting them down.

Something freezes me at the last minute, and it's the sound of a familiar voice coming from my earpiece, "You all have to get out of there now! Move!"

"You think I don't know that Trent?!", Caleb says, hitting a Peacekeeper with the butt of his gun, and he pushes me aside, "Your girl's frozen you know."

That voice, that familiar voice, the one that I trust the most, almost gets me killed if it wasn't for my survival instincts. It's Trenton, Commander Trenton Maybeck of, you guessed it, District 12, like me, "Malika, you need to get your soldiers out! Commanders Hartley, Fontaine, and Blackstone, there's an entrance to one of our tunnels near your location, but first you need to get out, the bomb's about detonate."

"On it!", Brenna said as she ducks, sliding down through one of the Peacekeeper's legs, and kicking his leg, smacking his head with her gun. She starts signaling our troops out, and as she's about to climb out herself, one of the Peacekeepers grabs her leg, and slams her onto the ground. I shoot him before he has the chance of killing her, grab her arm placing it over my shoulder, and jump out the window onto the patch of grass. I make myself stand up, letting Brenna's weight over mine and start trudging as fast and swiftly as I can. I hear footsteps behind me, but don't dare look around, with Brenna like this, I can't shoot and half drag/half carry her at the same time. I suddenly feel a jolt of pain on my leg, and crumble to the ground, trying to keep Brenna from getting killed, pushing her off of me and roll her down this small hill, ok that probably wasn't the best idea, but maybe someone else can take her back to the tunnels. Someone grabs my arms, pulling me up, forcing me to stand up. I look down, some part of me thinking this is how it will end.

"Make her look up.", a man says in front of me to the ones holding me, "I want to see the pain in her eyes as she falls."

I feel a hand on my chin and it jerks my face upward, and see a big bulky man with brown hair and these madman dark eyes in front of me, gun in hand, "Let's see how the rebels feel when they lose one of their own men."

*Do not meet his gaze.*, I start to repeat to myself in my mind, *Don't you dare meet his gaze, you can still get out of this. Just don't meet his gaze.*

But instead, I thought, if I'm going to die, I'll die fighting, and look at him straight in the eye, all fear I had dissipating as my instincts kick in, my mind setting into warrior mode, thinking of a way to get out of this. The man points his gun to my forehead, and yanks my mask and goggles off, letting my wavy black hair fall down to my back, revealing my olive skin, and my unmistakable District 12 grey eyes, "Well look who we have here, a District 12 street rat. The President will be so pleased to know that Twelve is a-"

That's it, one shot to the head, and he's down so fast he couldn't finish. I watch as the guards next to me lose their grips on my arms, and fall as well, blood starting to flow as if it were a river. I stand there trying to think where those gunshots came from, did Caleb do it?! Did Brenna gain enough consciousness to take a gun and shoot them down?! All I know is before I can react I feel a hand on my mouth and a familiar voice whispers in my ear, "You shouldn't be reckless as to show them your pretty face, Commander Hartley."

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