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Chapter 19:

Gemma's PoV

"Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for your host, Ceasar Flickerman!"

I look at the screen as Ceasar, in his neon green attire, walks to the stage with a very wide grin on his face, waving at the applauding crowd of Capitol citizens. He's, as everyone puts it, a good talk show host, so I guess that's why they brought him from the dead. He motions for the crowd to quiet down, "Alright alright. Settle down!", he chuckles and gives the camera a very dorky grin in my opinion, "Now, this year is obviously the 1st Quarter Quell, so we've got some very interesting Tributes, a very intriguing arena, and obviously lots of surprises ahead of us. But for now, would you like to meet the Tributes?!", this is met by applause, "Well, let's head to the beautiful, and luxurious district first eh?! I'm talking about District One!", more applause. Oh great.

I walk over to a mirror they have so we can double check that everything's in place, and I lightly fix my hair and straighten my dress with the tip of my fingers. My stylist is a genius, I'm wearing one of the few short dresses here. It's smart. And it certainly makes an impression. It's a mini cage shaped strapless dress made from gold silk tulle which features an embroidered bodice with hand painted gold feathers and metallic sequins that complement the shades of gold.

My hair's in a classic curled updo with gold flower hairpins holding it in place, and my makeup is kept to a minimal. Something about keeping it natural. I absolutely love it. Though I guess we all look good in a sense. My attention goes back to the screen as Ceasar starts to call the Tributes, "Alright! Let's see if she's as luminous as her name, please help me bring out the beautiful Lumina!"

I watch as Lumina walks out waving gracefully at the crowd, blowing kisses and smiling flirtatiously. The sexy approach, nice... Ceasar asks her about the score and if she thinks she's capable of winning the Games, to which she replies with a confident yes. Then the more personal questions come up, in which she answers with flirty phrases and such that makes me personally barf inside, even though I'll have to do the same. The alarm sounds and she's escorted off the stage, then Jett goes next. I don't pay attention to Mr. Amberson's interview because suddenly my heart starts pound excruciatingly in my chest. I'm next, crap I'm next. Easy Gem, just calm down. It'll all be over soon. I'm led to stand behind a curtain as I only hear Ceasar now, "Well this next girl certainly impressed us with her rainbow of colors, now let's see if she's as bright and beautiful as a gem can be!" what's that supposed to mean?! "Everyone, please give a warm welcome to the lovely, Gemma Beauregard!"

Here we go...

Brenna's PoV

Gemma's interview is pretty much the same as Lumina's, except she mentions other stuff like Sapphire and her family back home. I didn't know she was neglected back home, that's new.. I guess I actually don't know much about her. Then again, I thought she was a snob. Her interview ends successfully then moves on to District 2, and it's Caleb's turn to wow the crowd. I sit down casually, careful not to rip my one shoulder, lavender, Grecian inspired gown made of sheer, flowy, material with a criss-cross pattern at the bodice. My hair's in a casual updo slightly curled at the ends, and my makeup is kept natural except for soft lavender eyeshadow.

Caleb's tough angle is going well up until the part where Ceasar asks him about his brother Aster, to which he tenses up immediately, but I don't think anyone notices except the rebel side. He takes a moment to answer, "Honestly Ceasar, I wasn't thrilled with the idea but, you can't prevent it so, we just have to see what happens."

"And that we will Caleb.", he answers with a pat on the back. From tough to humble in just one question. Lena walks next to the stage in her halter, metallic grey dress with an A-line tulle skirt, her eyes a bold smokey grey with simple straight hair, and she portrays the playful approach with ease.

After that I unconsciously tune out up until Ceasar mentions District 4, and Fenton goes next. Okay it's my turn now.. Dear god. The alarm sounds and I somehow forget what I'm supposed to do, "Now, we all know her as the Mermaid of District 4.", thanks a lot Finn. "But to all in Four, she's the enchanting Brenna Fontaine!"

Mali's PoV

Brenna walks to the stage in the most confident way she can, obviously trying her way on the sweet approach. I know her well to know she's not so sweet as everyone thinks sometimes. Ceasar asks her more personal questions because of this, and it makes her look even more innocent with the mentioning Destin and how he's practically her only family left. Damn it she's so believable I almost thought she was too sweet as can be. Almost. If it wasn't foe the "I know you that's a fake smile" thought in my head. Lizzy walks up afterwards and she's as beautiful as a mermaid can be. Her nickname fits her well. the Siren of District Four. The siren has a short sleeve sea green gown with intricate beading on the sleeves, bodice, and skirt. Her hair's in side-swept loosely curled tresses, and her makeup is in soft hues.

She plays the cheeky approach and jokes around with Ceasar, and this is met very well with the crowd. Nice Lizandria, you never fail to please with your craziness. With the corner of my eye I see Alec smile brightly, his eyes glued to the screen, never leaving at any second. I saw them leave the elevator together so I'm pretty sure they shared a moment. After I don't pay attention much except with a few one's that catch my attention, until, without me noticing, it's finally District 12's turn. I stand up and walk to the mirror to take a last glance, looking at my bold colored flame dress. It's a strapless, sweetheart neckline gown in blended shades of red, cream, and black. My hair's in a low braided chignon entwined with gold beading, and my makeup consists of thin black eyeliner and a bold red lip.

I glance at Beck's reflection and he nods encouragingly, as if telling me "good luck". I nod back and walk to the stage as Ceasar introduces me, smiling a dry yet confident smile as I do this. I'm met with millions of pairs of eyes, and suddenly I find myself mentally panicking. What now?! What do I say?! What was my angle?! My eyes dart through the crowd and I try to find Deuce, or Alice, or Meliora to say the least. I find Bae and decide to lock on him.

"So Malika," Ceasar starts but I cut him off, "Oh Ceasar don't call me that. It's sappy. We're all friends here aren't we?!", the crowd laughs and cheers at this, "Call me Mali."

He grins at this, "Well alright then. So Mali, what do you think of the Capitol so far?!"

"Well it's a whole lot different from home I can tell you that."

"Yes it must be.", he chuckles, "So tell us. You got a score of 11. That's an impressive feat. But we all want to know how you got it obviously.", the crowd yells in agreement, "See?! We're all just curious!"

I sigh in a saddened manner, "Unfortunately I'm not allowed to say much.", the audience groans in an annoyed tone, "I guess what I can say is that, thankfully, I have good aim?!"

"I guess that'll do for now.", he laughs wholeheartedly. Idiot robot thing. This is all a load of bull, "But moving on.", he takes my hand and I mentally shudder at this stranger's touch, "I think I speak for everyone when I say that we were all mighty touched when you and Mr. Maybeck shared that moment on Reaping Day. Was that a farewell kiss?!"

"Honestly Ceasar, yes, it was.", I say seriously, my eyes never leaving the crowd.

"Well I guess we'll ask him then.", he says smiling what seems to be a genuine smile. How can someone have teeth so white?! He keeps asking personal questions like family and stuff but I remain private of it and don't answer much. My angle, approachable but conservative. When the interview ends I breathe calmly once more, it's over, I'm done. For now.. I'm met with praises from my mentor and stylists, and look at Beck as he has his interview. He goes with the confident but funny approach, reminding me of one certain interview when he gets asked about "his girl". It reminds me of Peeta Mellark's interview; the way he so easily got along with Ceasar from the start. I blush at his seriousness about me, about us, about his love. I can't believe it. It's all too good to be true. He's too good to be true. I love him, I really do. And I'm happy to know he loves me back. When his interview ends I realize that today is our last day, tomorrow the real work starts. The real battle starts. The war between the districts and the Capitol will really begin. And, with no fear or remorse, I say to them, to the Gamemakers, to the President, to the oblivious Capitol people, and to the Tributes:

Let the Games begin...

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