Chapter 20! Before the Games..

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Chapter 20:

Brenna's PoV

"BRENNA!", a familiar cry rings through her ears as her eyes frantically dart through the crowd, searching, praying he's alright. A wave of worry, pain, and other emotions consumes her as she can't find the owner, and that's when she starts pushing through the crowd, not caring for those she had pushed so hard that they fell. She has to find him, she just has to, she can't lose him too. It wasn't an option right now or ever. She starts running as fast as she can, hopelessly looking for her brother. Where are you?!, she yells in her mind, WHERE ARE YOU?! Brenna stops to catch her breath, cupping her hands to her mouth, not caring that this could make her a target, and yells with all her might, "DESTIN!"

"BRENNA!", there it is again. That cry of pain and fear and PAIN. The word just runs through her mind, repeating over and over. Destin's in pain. Someone's causing him pain. She starts running once more in the direction the cry came from, dashing through the city as she comes to a halt, staring directly in the eyes of the one accountable for her little brother's pain. Destin's on the floor, one hand on the gash of his throat, the other clutching the stab on his side, a fatal pool of the crimson liquid next to him. His face as pale as a ghost. His eyes, which used to be blue green, his eyes were now glassy and dead. The sight made Brenna scream in agony for her brother. She failed to keep her promise. She failed to keep him safe. Now, he's going to die. No. He's dead. She looks up at the Peacekeeper, her piercing blue eyes filled with savagely rage and tears that dissipate as her protective instincts cloud her mind. She didn't care who he was, or what Destin did, she just knew, she would make this man pay. He will die by her hand. He will die, by her weapon. She picks up the weapon in front of her, a trident, the same one she will use to pierce his heart. She knows how she'll do it, she'll take out his heart in the most painful way possible, she'll cut it, burn it, then throw the body to the wolves, after tearing that apart as well. Her hand grips the trident so hard her knuckles turn whiter than they are, and she looks at the Peacekeeper once more, only to find him replaced with Fenton, a smile plastered on his face that is so sinister, it should be on the face of the devil himself. This adds to her anger and hatred as he lifts up his blood stained sword, ready to strike once more. She grips her trident, ready for his try, and snarls in a way only an animal can do. She was no longer human, she was an animal. She's as angry as an animal can be when it comes to their young. And her young has just been wounded, no, killed. Fenton steps back waiting and the animal lunges for her prey, tackling him to the ground in just one strike of her trident. He's pinned down, and she takes the sword, raising it, ready to plunge it into his heart. "He will die.", she mutters to herself, then looks at Fenton in a manner that's fit for a demon, "YOU WILL DIE."

And with that menacing screech, she sends her newly required sword through his chest, moving it, stabbing him many times before she proclaims him dead. And even afterwards she proceeds to slit his throat and stab his arm. She punches the body many times as well, her rage and anger still pumping through her veins, still seeking revenge for her loss. Destin was gone, he will never come back, and he will be avenged. She was no longer herself, she will no longer be herself because of this. She wasn't Brenna, she wasn't an animal, she was a monster.

Snap! This makes the monster look up with an intense glare, gripping the sword tightly on one hand, the trident in the other. She kept her ferocious stare at the forest around her, as she's no longer in the city of District 4, and stays still as her next victim slowly creeps out of the trees, her back to Brenna. She stands, eyeing cautiously the bow in the girl's hand, she didn't recognize this girl, but she'll die, she will be her next prey. It's been decided. The girl stops in her tracks, obviously getting the feeling that she's not alone anymore in these woods, and her hand goes straight to the quiver on her back, arming her bow, before turning around with the cord pulled back, her arrow pointed at the mother monster. Her unmistakable gray eyes soften at the sight of the blood stained Brenna, before turning cautious as she notices that her friend was in a cat-like crouch, poised to kill. She keeps her stance but her eyes project pain and worry, and she idiotically lowers her bow a bit, "Bree, it's me, Mali. Remember?!"

The sound of her brother's nickname infuriates her even more, how dare this girl use HIS nickname for her. She didn't know who this Mali girl is, but she will be the next to die. She growls, and before Mali can react, she's already on the ground, Brenna pinning her down, one of her hands on her throat. She tries to reason with her through the gasps of air, but Brenna doesn't want to reason, her reason disappeared just like her brother's body did. Someone knocks the sword out of her hand though, before tackling her to the ground, giving her a nice slap on the face to see if she'll snap out of her insanity. She closes her eyes to hold back the tears that would stream down her face, the sign of weakness, a sign that she recognized her wrong doing. "I almost killed her.", she cries to Alec, who was the one that tackled her, "I could've killed her."

Brenna stays still waiting for an answer, waiting for someone to tell her she's fine, that she's not crazy, that it was just a misunderstanding, but nothing comes.. She reluctantly opens her eyes in hopes of meeting people staring down at her, but there's nothing. They're gone, Fenton's body is gone as well. A pair of dark eyes meet her's, and she notices at the sight the beak, the dark feathers, a bird. It's a bird. Something about this bird made her feel uneasy, and her uneasiness is suddenly confirmed as she recognizes the bird. Jabberjay. It's a Jabberjay. The bird starts to scream just like her baby brother, and others appear and scream in the way her loved ones do. This makes her cover her ears and scream at the top her lungs as well, curdling up in a ball on the ground. "Make it stop!", she thought in her mind, "MAKE IT STOP!"

She stands up and tries to run, but her knees buckle under her, apparently not letting her budge. Tears flow down her cheeks, the pain increasing in her chest. Why her?! WHY HER?! She looks up to meet a pair of sea green eyes looking at her cautiously, a trident in his hand. She knows this brunette. "Finn?!", she squeaks trying to make herself speak, but her mental breakdown wasn't helping at all, "Finnegan?! Calder!" The man cocks his head to the side and changes into a bronze haired man with the same sea green eyes, and looks at her questioningly, raising his trident. It's not Finn, at least not the Finn she knows, "Help me! PLEASE!", she pleads in sheer agony, sobbing uncontrollably at the young man. She can't figure out who he is, and she doesn't have time to think about it as he sends his trident at her..

"Brenna wake up!", someone faintly pleads at me, thankfully helping me escape from that horrible encounter. I move my hand to my hair, my eyes snapping open. I brush my hair out of my face, staring around my room, trying to clear my thoughts. I was reaped for the Quarter Quell, and now, I'm in the Capitol with 13 rebels. I'm not in District 4. Destin is, and he's safe, he's not dead. He's safer than I am. This calms my very rapid breathing and increased heart rate, it was just a dream(more like a nightmare).. I slowly sit up and look at Finn. He woke me up... Why do I feel relieved he's here?! Because of that rotten nightmare.. Finn stares at me in worry, his hand gently wiping the tears I didn't know were flowing down my cheeks. His touch sends a very foreign feeling down to my stomach, at first I think it's nausea, but it's not. Its much more strange. He puts his hand down slowly, worry still in his gorgeous(WHAT?!) green eyes, "You were having a nightmare, and you were screaming. You're fine. Everything's fine."

"I-", I start but nothing comes out, so many things were happening all at the same time, and it's so hard to keep up. The Games are today. I can hear Destin's voice scold me for this episode,

Just suck it up Bree! You're a lot stronger than all of this!

And he's right, I have to be strong. I take a deep breath to force the lump in my throat to dissipate, and say in quietly, "Yea, thanks.."

"No problem, Bree. You're fine for now.", he says gently, using Destin's nickname for me. Normally I'd be somewhat annoyed if it was someone who wasn't him, but I'm not annoyed now. In fact, I'm calmer.. I must be going insane. He smiles a small but charming(HUH?!) smile, "Get dressed. The Games are today."

I nod and walk to the bathroom and quickly take a shower, not even bothering to try and slow things down because it's no use really. I walk out, notice Calder's gone, and put on the outfit I'll be wearing in the arena. It's a dark blue, long sleeved shirt with black, tight yet flexible pants, black calf length boots, and a dark blue/green jacket. I tie my hair into a neat ponytail, and place my mom's locket(now my token)under my shirt for safe keeping.

The rest of it passed so fast it was like a blur. We ate at the dining hall, then said our respective goodbyes to each other, and hopped off on the hovercrafts that are taking us to the launching pads. In the hovercrafts the lady injected my tracker, which by the way was a painful long *ss needle. It's huge. After that, we're sent to the room where the launching starts. I start pacing in my room, my hands trembling, my heart pounding again. I can't be the only one freaking out right?! I mean it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. I clutch the locket, hoping this isn't a mistake. I felt a little better with my locket, I felt like I was closer to home, to Destin, to mom. Mom... Is she watching out for me?! Hearing my mental arguments and freakouts?! Is she disappointed at me?! Does she think I'm some insane little girl in need of medical treatment?! Because I think I am. I think I'm a disappointment. Always worrying.. Always thinking about what could happen. But I guess that's your nature when you have to take care of someone else. And someone that you love and care for. Especially if that someone is your only family(blood wise) left. I sigh remembering Destin, and how he's probably glued to the screen right now, either with his friends or in the security of the District 4 headquarters. I close my eyes taking deep breaths, silently sending two prayers to our parents,

Dad, I hope you can keep an eye on Destin for me. Keep him out of trouble. He's known to cause trouble. Please..

And mom, please help me here. Brighten my day, help me crack a code, anything, just please, be here, for me, even if it's my time to die.

I love you both, and miss you terribly. I wish you were here physically. I love you, I know Des does too. Wish me luck...

I hear someone walk in, hoping it's not Moana, please don't let it be Moana.. The obvious male clears his throat, so I reluctantly turn around, only to find Finn standing in front of me, sending that strange sensation into the pit of my stomach again. He's changed in the past few days, it's so, unusual. He smiles gently and walks over to me, pulling me into a small hug, "Good luck."

"Launching in five.."

"Thanks.", I say quietly, catching myself staring at his hypnotizing eyes. The same ones from my nightmare, both when he appeared and the other man. The other man, he had bronze hair, tan skin, green eyes. Finn looks so much like him, except he has brown hair. The other guy looked so familiar. I know I've seen him before.

"Launching in four..."

Four.. He was obviously from District 4. Bronze haired young man, green eyes, was carrying a trident. Yup, from 4. Come Brenna think. He looks like, Finnick Odair. Suddenly it all clicks. Finnegan, Finnick. Finnick Odair! I can't believe I hadn't seen it before! I can't believe other people hadn't noticed! I look at Finn with wide eyes, realization coming at last, "You're-You're the great, great, great grandson of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta."

Finn looks at me wide eyed, looking around frantically, hoping that no one else heard. He sighs in a disappointed matter, then turns back to me, a smile plastered on his face, "Out of all the people in this country," he smirks, same old Finn, "And you were the one to crack the code, Little Red."

I smirk back, "Yea well I'm smarter than you think."

"Launching in three.."

He looks up. "You have to go.", I nod and pull him into a hug this time, a real hug, and wrap my arms around his neck tightly, taking one last chance to compose myself. This is it. He pulls back, our eyes locking one last time, and before I know it, he leans in for a small kiss. Wait. A kiss?! A kiss! For a moment I'm in shock, but I recuperate fast enough to return and deepen the kiss, my hands instinctively finding the back of his head. Before I can say anything he lightly pushes me back, and a crystal barrier blocks us, my heart pounding in my chest at what just happened. He kissed me.. Finnegan Calder kissed me. Was it wrong?! Very. He's 24, I'm 16. Is it wrong that I liked it?! Even worse! I'm supposed to despise him! Yet, the way he hugged me, god the way I felt in his arms, at that moment. NO. Shut up Brenna. It's wrong! It's so wrong!

Yet so, right...

I can't even remember where I am anymore, it's like I'm fine, like nothing's wrong. And I believe that, until a wave of ice cold air slashes into my side and snaps me back to reality, my instincts kicking in.

This is one heck of an arena...

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