Title: The Penicuik Locket
Characters: Myka Bering and H.G. Wells
Pairing : Bering and Wells
Summery: When H.G. is taken and asked about the location of an object, things get a little, off.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to SyFy, I just like playing with them. Please don't sue!

I sat on the bed, The Time Machine, laying open on my crossed legs. I had been obsessed with H.G. Wells from the time he was introduced in school and I realized we shared a name. Helena Grace Wells. I am sure one of my parents thought themselves clever.

My head jerked up when I heard the wood floor creak, as my not so stealthy wife attempted to sneak in the room with two mugs of steaming tea, emitting a strong aroma of cinnamon and ginger.

"Love, stop trying to be stealthy. You lost it the moment you tried to surprise me with masala chai. You should know by now I can smell it the second you start up the stairs." Slight exaggeration, but I as a British woman I would be a disgrace if I couldn't smell tea from downstairs.

Myka gave up the ruse of being sneaky and walked in our bedroom, placing the mugs on the nightstand. "You never let me surprise you."

"Because surprising the woman fluent in kempo is a brilliant idea?"

Myka rolled her eyes at me before grabbing the book out of my hand. "The Time Machineagain? Don't you ever get tired of that book?"

I lunged for her and my book, only to end up on top of her, my straight, raven black, hair, creating a curtain around my face and mixing with her curly, chestnut, hair. "My book, love."

She shook her head, lips pursed.

"Fine then, you give me no option." My fingers danced across her rib cage, and her arms went flailing as she tried to prevent me from tickling her into submission.

"You play dirty!" She finally yelled, pulling the book from under her back and handing it over.

"Pray tell, when did I say I played clean?"

I gasped, my lungs struggling for air. My bed, Myka, my tea, it was all gone, and instead there was a bright white light in my eyes and two shadows standing next to me.

"That had nothing to do with what we wanted Helena."

"I don't know what you want!" I cried.

"Not even killing Myka in front of you was enough for you to give it up?"

Tears slid out of my eyes, "I swear, I don't know what you're looking for! Please tell me so I can help you!" I begged.

"That's fine, we will just send you back, eventually you will remember what we want."
My head felt like it was on fire and my breath fled as quickly as it returned.


I pried open my eyes. Myka was sitting next to me, my head resting on the white porcelain of the bathtub. "W-w-what happened?"

"You got really sick honey and you're burning up."

My eyes closed again. It was all a dream right? The shadows, the room, Myka being dead, it was all a dream.

"Come on honey, let's get you back to bed and some tea."

I leaned on my wife, stumbling back to the bed. I all but fell into the bed, pulling the covers up around me. Myka bent down, and pressed her lips to my forehead. "I'll be right back with the tea."

I rolled over on my side and caught sight of The Time Machine, sitting open on the night stand.