This is an attempt at something that I am thinking about expanding into more. If I get a lot of feedback for more on this story, I will be expanding into a multi chapter thing.

Thanks for reading in advance.

Title : Give Me Love
Myka, Leena, and H.G.
Bering and Wells
An idea that came from the music video/song from Ed Sheeran by the same title. AU where Myka and H.G. act as the harbingers of love, a job that leaves them with so little love of their own, they both teeter on the edge of despair. Can they be saved?
Characters are used on the fair use exception, no profit to be made. Don't sue the broke ass college student reached back, over her shoulder, her nails scratching at the base of her pink wings. Sprouting from her shoulder blades, they served no practical purpose, which drove the British woman mad. Sitting at the desk, shaping her arrows by hand always seemed to make the damnable things itch with the fury of a fire ant bite, but the arrows had to be made. Each arrow a pale ash, with elegant swirls carved into it, and adorned with three pink feathers from her own wings. Despite pulling hundreds of feathers from her wings, they were still as full as the day the sprouted out of her shoulder blades. Putting the tenth arrow of the day in her quiver, she stood, arched her back and heard her spin crack like bubble wrap. With the quiver placed over her shoulder but tucked under her wing, her bow resting the same way, she opened the door to her little bedroom and walked down the creaky stairs of the bed and breakfast "The Cupids" lived in.

Leena was flittering around the B and B like normal, keeping the flowers watered, making sure cookies stayed in almost every room downstairs, and trying to keep the place in a general state of happy.

Helena's long fingers grabbed a cookie on the way out of the door, and almost made it out without checking in with Leena but the second the front door opened, the coco colored, with her equally as sweet disposition was standing next to her.

"How many today Helena?"


"Make sure not to miss. Myka left already, she said she had twenty. Be careful not to get in her way."

Helena nodded, her black hair sliding over her shoulders, making the comparison of her pink wings and ivory skin that much more obvious. Closing the door behind her, she sighed.

Three couples left. Once she met her quota for the day she could go back home. Back to her bed, and sink into her own pit of despair.
Sitting in the bushes of a backyard with a wooden swing set, she was starting to wonder what she was doing there, but her gut had never led her to the wrong place. She was almost asleep when the glass sliding door slammed and shouts filled with anger spilled out of the house, and two kids came running out, tears streaming down their face. Mommy and daddy were fighting. Helena felt for the two children, when she had been mortal she had fought with Christina's biological father enough that the face of a child terrified by their parents fighting was burned into her brain. But then Christina was killed and it stopped mattering, she didn't fight for the relationship anymore, and obviously the cupids didn't think it was worth saving. But this one was. Sighting the doorway down her carved arrow, Helena took a steadying breath, and as soon as the husband walked thru the doorway, let her arrow fly.

No matter how many times she shot the arrows, she was always scared they wouldn't work. Watching, she saw the jolt of the arrow hit the man, dead center of his chest. Then his expression changed, as if it dawned on him that he was the one that was in the wrong.

That was enough for Helena, she knew she hit the right person, and she checked to make sure the children weren't looking at the bushes behind them, before grabbing the top of the wood privacy fence behind her and launching herself over the top.

Two more to go.

This time her gut led her to a club. She couldn't use range to her advantage, and would have to be right up on the person that her arrow was meant for. Stowing her bow and quiver behind the bar with another cupid who was a bartender in her spare time, Helena started moving thru the crowd with ease that could only be described as fluidity. She moved before the rest of the mass moved so she was never touched, and no one accidentally impaled themselves on the arrow she was clutching in her right hand. She was halfway across the floor, searching for a couple who needed the help of her arrow, when she caught sight of the curly chestnut hair that could only belong to Myka. Before she could find the other woman in the crowd again, Myka had moved over to stand by her.

They were enigmas of each other and the others never let them forget it. Where Helena had black as night, perfectly straight hair, Myka had curley, rambunctious, chestnut hair. Helena's ivory skin compared to Myka's sun kissed. Helena's pink wings to Myka's pure white wings. Their arrows couldn't even escape being enigmas of each other, Helena's elaborately carved ash arrows were met with Myka's plain but lacquered, cherry, arrows.

"What are you doing here?"

Helena shrugged. "Following my gut as always."

"Don't take mine Helena, this is the last one for the day and I can remove myself from all this love for a while again."
"I would never steal anything from you." Then Helena broke away from the other woman, looking for the person she was supposed to give the arrow to.

She was almost back to the bar when she saw a blonde girl, her arms wrapped around a muscular man, her head laying on his shoulder, and her eyes looked desperate for even a bit of her love to be reciprocated. Helena moved behind them and when they turned so the man's back was to her, she thrust the arrow into his back and held her breath.

The arrow disappeared and something changed. The girl lost the sense of urgency for love, and he held her just a little differently.

One more to go.

Walking on the lower part of the park, into the tunnels that crisscrossed the whole park, Helena held her final arrow between her index and middle finger, while her left hand clutched her bow. She was close, she just had to find them.

After following the tunnel for a good while, she was about to round a corner when she heard laughter from two women up ahead. Turning the stealth mode on, she creeped up around the corner and drew her bow and arrow back waiting for the hint of which person needed the arrow.

The two women were pressed against the side of the tunnel, but when they separated, Helena hesitated. She was asleep. She had to be. The two women looked just like her and Myka. Helena couldn't hear them clearly but she thought the women even sounded like them.

She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts and the idea that the two women were anything like her and Myka. She looked back and saw the hesitance in the woman who resembled herself and let the arrow go, hitting her, but only just so. It was sloppy, but her last arrow for the day was gone, and she could go home, sink into her bed, and pray that dreams of a future she would never have wouldn't plague her.