Title : Give Me Love Part 2
Characters: Myka, Leena, and H.G.
Pairing: Bering and Wells
Summary: An idea that came from the music video/song from Ed Sheeran by the same title. AU where Myka and H.G. act as the harbingers of love, a job that leaves them with so little love of their own, they both teeter on the edge of despair. Can they be saved?
Disclaimer: Characters are used on the fair use exception, no profit to be made. Don't sue the broke ass college student Syfy.
Authors Note 1: So, First I wanted to thank everyone who has read this so far, you guys are awesome, and because I have gotten so many likes on the tumblr and here, tada part 2 :)
Authors Note 2:Because even at times, I get uneventful, the scene towards the middle/end is from Bloomington, which is a great movie if you're into the lesbian romances, I highly suggest it. It's free on hulu :) Which then leads me to say, please people of Bloomington, don't sue me, fair use and all.

Helena sat in the bath, bubbles piled as high as she could get them without having them overflow. Her hair was pulled back into a loose bun, and the circles under her eyes had darkened to the point of looking like paint instead of something natural. The night had not been good to her, plagued with dreams of the unattainable. Namely a lasting relationship with Myka. She found it almost amusing that her job was to provide love for everyone else in the world, but it came at the price of never having love, at least not in the pure state that the humans had. No, for a cupid, they knew too much, how easily it was to manipulate love.

There was only ever two options for Helena. Either live without love, teetering on the edge of despair and insanity, or to stab herself with her own arrow, and hope that before her body gave up, someone would find her, and she would live happily ever after.

And she wasn't about to do the second option.

When she learned about the second option, it was not under pleasant circumstances. Walking up the road to the B and B, she noticed cop cars sitting in the driveway. By the time she got to the door, police were pushing her back as the paramedics pulled a covered gurney out of the front door. She grabbed at the sheet as it went past and she pulled it off, revealing Liv and one of her arrows sticking in her stomach. She had liked Liv, she trained her, and she was a nice woman, and to see her laying lifeless on the gurney destroyed Helena. The scream that emanated from her throat made the birds fly. Later, when everyone sat down for dinner that night, they finally told Helena what had happened. Liv had fancied Michael, one of the few male cupids, but like the rest of them, couldn't act on it, so she took her own arrow and stabbed herself, hoping he would come find her and the arrow would magic away before she died. He didn't make it before she died. After that Helena vowed to herself she would never let herself get that far gone into fancying someone.

But now, sitting in the bubbles and warm water, she wondered how wise that was. Was it better to live teetering on the edge of insanity? Or should she take the risk and hope Myka would find her? But then, that led to thoughts of, did Myka even care about her. After all, their only recent interaction was hostile at best, and downright cold at worst.

Helena rubbed her temples, just thinking about this predicament had her head throbbing. Sinking further in the tub, her only wish was for everything to just stop being so bloody complicated!

When Helena finally pulled herself out of the tub and padded into her room, she saw her quota page sitting on her desk. It always puzzled her how they popped up everyday without her ever seeing the person who dropped them off, but the more she thought about it, the less she actually wanted to know. Lifting the folded paper, she saw her number and sighed with relief. Two.

Two arrows sitting in her quiver, Helena pulled on jeans and a tank top before walking down stairs with the quiver and bow. Lunch was in order before she left today. Flopping in a chair around the long dining room table, she watched a few of the other cupids come in, throwing their gear on the ground as they took their seats.

No one looked particularly happy, and she started wondering how many of the people around her were in the same situation as her. Her thoughts followed that train right until Myka sat down across from her, then they derailed completely.

Helena was in her own little world, thinking about things she would like to do to Myka, when the woman staring in her fantasies started snapping and waving at her. Helena shook her head, realizing that Myka had asked a question and she hadn't heard it.

"What is with you Helena?"


"Whatever. Do you know when Lenna is bringing in lunch?"

As if she had been summoned, Lenna walked in and placed trays of food on the table. Everything from sandwiches, to pizza, to soup, was on the table after Lenna's last trip to the kitchen. Opting for something quick so she wouldn't have to face the star of her dreams for long, Helena grabbed a slice of pizza, folded it in half and made a dash for the door.

Helena was stalking, for the lack of a better term, the second, and last couple of the day. A teacher and a student. It was awkward, and Helena had openings to take the shot at least three times but she couldn't release the arrow. Everything she had ever been told in life said it was the biggest wrong in the world for a teacher and student to have a relationship, and here she was, about ready to cause the ruination of at least one of them but releasing her arrow. She had judged the people who ended up in these relationships so harshly before this job, but now she wondered, how many of them were the result of a cupid doing their job?

Helena was sitting around the corner from where the two women disappeared to, peaking around every so often and listening to their conversation. It was obvious they were both interested, and they were both of consent age, but still Helena couldn't release her arrow. Helena edged around the corner, and watched their conversation, trying, desperately, to convince herself to shoot the damn arrow.

"What did you hear?"

"Uh, stuff... from my friends."

"Stuff from your friends..."

Helena saw the younger girl laugh a bit.

"So, what did they say?" Helena watched the older woman ask, and was taken by how much she acted like Myka. But she knew it wasn't her, and this time, thinking about her wasn't going to throw her off her game.

"That I should stay away from you."

"Oh...well then...you should probably listen to what they say."

Helena made up her mind, she was shooting the damn arrow and leaving. She sighted the younger of the two women, and let the arrow fly, hitting the girls shoulder right as the older woman leaned in to kiss her.

Helena turned and worked her way back to the B and B, and was almost home when she was slammed into a tree.

"You took my couple!"

Helena lifted her head to see Myka's very angry face growling at her. "What are you talking about?"

"The teacher and the student! They were mine!"

"I didn't even see you there!"

"That's because you ignore me everytime I'm around!"

"That's not true." Helena whispered back.

Myka backed up a bit, enough that Helena could move a bit, but she was still pinned to the tree. "What do you mean that's not true? I talked to you at lunch today and you ignored me so hard you didn't even know I was talking!"

Helena bit her lip before taking a risk and leaning forward and capturing Myka's lips with her own. Myka tasted of cherries and sugar, and Helena kissed her like she was water and Helena had never drank before.