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I was gonna make this take place between Avatar Aang And The Goblet Of Fire and Avatar Aang And The Order Of The Phoenix. It takes place around a month after what had all happened after the Tri-Wizard Tournament. But I decided that I should do a pure Kataang lemon this time, a full-out pure Kataang lemon.

This FanFic is rated M for: Nudity (lots of it), oral sex, lactation (maybe), animalistic behavior, strange tribe customs, mild language, and more. And remember, those who do not like what this describes so far, you don't have to read it.

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Summary: Five years after the end of the War, Aang and Katara decide to relax a bit from the drama that had happened recently. Then they decide on a WaterBending contest to see who wins a certain bet. But who will win? What kind of bet is it? And what kinds of surprises will they see on their camping trip?

Publishing Date: December 5, 2012



WaterBending Fight

"Aang? Aaaanngg! Are you there?!"

Avatar Aang looked around the area where they had been staying at: the Jasmine Dragon in Ba Sing Se. He had not noticed the shouts of his friend Sokka until he opened his eyes, having thought over what had happened. But all of it...was painful.

There was a new villain on the prowl in the world...and the former Fire Lord, Ozai, had joined forces with him. Shivers went down Aang's spine as he recalled having to fight Ozai and the new person called Nanulak all by himself. But today wasn't for brooding; now was the time to go to the colonies and see how they were doing. They had agreed to find out how the citizens were doing and to see if there were no rebellions coming.

"Huh...? Sorry, I kinda dozed off there," Aang muttered.

"Well, I'll say you have!" Toph, another of Aang's friends, retorted. "You were feeling like there was something the bearded cat hacked up!"

"Toph, don't scold him," Katara, who was Aang's Water Tribe girlfriend and Sokka's sister, chided her lightly. "I think he's still upset about what happened a few weeks ago."

Aang nodded, recalling the tragic death of an entire village and the heartwarming initiation for the first Air Acolytes. "But I'm okay now! So when should we go?"

"How about right now?" Sokka called from Appa's saddle. "'Cause we can't sit on our butts all day! We're burning daylight over here!"

At that, Katara looked over at Aang, sympathy in her bright blue eyes, the look he knew too well. So he leapt on board with AirBending and said, "Sure! Let's go!"

But as they were getting ready to fly, Katara suddenly said, "Actually...I know this will be very important, but...Aang and I were going to make a camping trip for a week. It's on an island a bit off the coast where Ozai was beaten the first time."

The first time. Aang knew he had told his friends about Nanulak and Ozai appearing in the graveyard, having shaken them up a bit. What was more, Ozai had been granted his FireBending back, which Aang saw was impossible; the latter had taken it away from him. But Nanulak said he had given it back, though he didn't say how; he had been too focused on trying to kill him. However, he tried to get that nagging feeling out of his brain before something bad happened.

Besides, thanks to Nanulak being stopped, this was a time of peace in the world...for now. The danger would have to take quite a while before it beleaguered this world again. So Aang had enough time to do his Avatar duties and to have some fun once in a while.

So at the sound of "Yip yip!", Appa flew off into the air and towards the rising sun.


They had arrived at the tropical island Aang and Katara would camp at for a week before Appa flew off again. They were left with supplies including stuff to write letters with, and there were hawks on the island that could be used for delivering them. Aang had to recite a speech to not do anything naughty with Katara (which Sokka obviously made up) before Appa took off. Once that was done, the two Benders looked around them.

A pure beach stood before them, clear and blue as the sky above them. Behind them, tropical trees and plants of all kinds grew wild until it had become a jungle. Aang could have sworn he saw a boat, though, but it looked abandoned as if it hadn't been used for years. Other than that, the beautiful scenery of this island was untouched...until now.

"So Aang...should we set up camp in the jungle?" Katara asked.

"Sure," the Avatar replied. "Then...should we practice WaterBending? Even make a little challenge?"

Katara's eyes widened a bit as he suggested this. Then, her lips curving into a smile, she purred, "How about we start the challenge now? Just be careful in getting your butt whooped!"

At this, she began to strip in front of the watching AirBender until she was in her white swimsuit/sarashi, glowing in the sunlight. Aang had never forgotten how gorgeous she looked when she was like this, but he remembered what to do. So he quickly took off his Air Nomad clothes until he was wearing nothing but a pair of yellow swim shorts. However, as soon as Aang had finished with this, a wave of water washed over him, making him sputter and spit out sea water.

He gave a mock glare over to Katara, who was smiling and looking innocent as she twirled a sphere of water around in her hand. It was cheating!

"Hey, you didn't let me start!" he pretended to whine.

"Sorry, Aang," Katara cheerfully called. "But like what Sokka said, you gotta get prepared anytime. If you don't, then you might find yourself in a tight...hey!"

For Aang had made a water whip, lashed it about gently, and whipped his girlfriend's behind with it. This made her yelp in shock before giving a mock glare of her own at him, who now spent HIS turn looking innocent.

"Aang, you little cheat!" she pretended to growl. "You didn't let me finish!"

He called, "Sorry!" Truthfully, he added, "For real, I am. Let's get this challenge done."

Katara nodded and said, "Yeah. I'm sorry too. So anyways, here's the deal. We use our moves against each other and try to knock each other into the water. Whoever scores best two out of three wins."

"And what about if someone wins or loses?" Aang asked.

"Let's see..." Katara began to think it over before saying, "How about...if I win, you'll have to spend the entire camping trip naked."

Hearing that last part was enough to make Aang blush. How could he get naked in front of her when they weren't ready? So, as carefully as he could, he asked, "So what would happen if I win?"

Katara replied, "If you win...then I'll be naked for the entire trip." She had a red blush coming across her face when she said this.

"And if we tie?" Aang asked, blushing even more.

"I have no idea," his girlfriend replied. Then, as they got into their positions, she said, "All right then. Let's play!"

And as quickly as she said this, she leapt onto the water, creating a sliver of ice, as she charged at Aang. He quickly leapt over her with no AirBending and Bended up a wave at the Water Tribe teen, who yelped as she was washed to the side. But she still stayed on her ice board and sped towards him again, sending small cutting waves at him. Aang countered that with his own waves until they were colliding and making bigger waves appear. However, with all the effort done by the waves, Katara was beginning to tire out, sweat dripping down her face.

Smirking, Aang sent over a water whip towards her...until she wiped her hand over her face and Bended the sweat off her face and at him. This surprised him so much that he fell back into the water, sputtering as he came to the surface. Katara grinned down at him, standing above him as if to gloat about her easy win.

"How'd you do that?" Aang asked as she helped him up. "With the sweat, I mean."

"Don't you remember?" Katara asked. "When Toph and I got out of that wooden prison?"

Aang slowly nodded, now remembering it all. Noticing how he was still covered in saltwater, he told her, "Okay, you got one point, but I got none. This next round will be different, though!"

So he got into another pose and summoned a ball of water up to him before tossing it away. But as quick as a cheetah falcon, Katara ducked beneath it and caught it with her hand, making Aang gape at her in shock. However, thanks to the training he had six years ago, the Avatar waited until she threw it at him again before he caught it and threw it at her feet.

Katara let out a yelp of surprise as she tripped, but she swiped her hand at the water, and some of it turned to ice as she landed. Before Aang could protest that this wasn't right, she surfed her way at him again, eagerness in her blue eyes. However, an idea formed in his head, and he quickly used WaterBending to melt the ice beneath her until she surfed on nothing. This made his girlfriend yelp as she fell into the water. Aang had won round two.

He walked over to her and helped her up, saying, "Nice moves. But isn't it against the rules to use ice to help you land?"

"Not really," Katara replied, getting to her feet. "Ice is just frozen water. But how about we just use water this round? No ice involved this time."

"Sounds good to me!"

But before Aang got ready, he was splashed over the head by another wave of water, forcing him to part the waves with a special move of his. He was greeted, yet, by a massive wave of water that Katara had just summoned up. Quickly, forgetting about the rules of the game as the waves washed towards him, he quickly blew a big gust of air towards the center, causing it to blow up and crash into both players. They both fell into the water, realizing that this took a lot of power and energy to do something like this.

"Well..."Aang panted as he wearily got up from the water. "Who won?"

"I think it's a tie," Katara replied, also getting up. "I didn't win because I fell into the water. But you also didn't win because you used AirBending instead of WaterBending."

Aang shuffled his feet. "But you didn't say it was against the rules to Bend something other than water except ice. So...we both lost, huh?"

Katara murmured, "Yeah...well, looks like we'll both have to get naked."

To his surprise, she was slowly reaching behind her to remove the top part of her sarashi. But Aang didn't feel too ready yet; time seemed to slow down around them as he thought over the deal they made. Did this mean they would have to...do some exotic things to each other...while on this island? Besides, Sokka had warned him about doing anything naughty while on this trip. And when time seemed to speed back on, he turned to see his girlfriend almost taking the top part of her swimsuit off.

"Wait!" Aang said quickly. When she stopped and gave him a confused look, one arm over the wrappings on her chest, he went on, "I'm sorry, but...I'm kinda nervous about this whole thing. I don't know if I feel ready..."

"It's fine, Aang. It's just us two on this island," Katara reassured him, smiling. "But tell you what: if you don't feel like you're ready yet, we can turn away from each other and undress. Is that okay?"

Aang saw some sense in this, so he said, "...sure. We don't have that long to go."

But as he turned around, he saw that his swim shorts were the only thing he was wearing right now. Looking out towards the ocean and its blue wonders, he took a deep breath and quickly took them off. He waited a bit before Katara gave him a call that she was ready, so Aang turned back to face her, but what he saw next made his heart beat twice as fast.

There she was, standing in the dying sunlight, which made her body glow bright. But he saw that the only thing different about her was that...she was completely, beautifully, and shamelessly naked. Aang's heart beat twice as usual when he took in her magnificence that stood before him. Her tan skin was glowing a golden color in the sunset, her slender figure was showing a gorgeous sensation, her breasts were now large and beautiful, her nipples were darkened and fully erect, her belly was lean and lovely, her hips were wide and curved, her legs were long and smooth, and there was a small patch of smooth dark brown hair around her most sacred body part.

Most of all, her striking icy blue eyes were shining with love and a bit of lust, her smile was as bright as a diamond, and her dark brown hair shone like gold under a bright light.

"So what do you think?" Katara asked when she saw him staring at her.

"...whoa..." Aang gasped and blushed a rosy red as he studied her body. "Katara...you look..." He cleared his throat before going on, "This is the first time I've ever seen you naked...and now, you look so...beautiful..."

His girlfriend gave him a sly smile and walked over to him, throwing her arms around him. "Thanks, Aang. You don't look that bad yourself." But however, she gave a wide yawn as she said, "But all that WaterBending made me tired. Do you wanna get unpacked quickly and then take a short nap?"

Aang nodded, kissing her lightly on the lips. "Sure."

Katara kissed him back before walking away, letting him see her soft and round behind. She gave him a wink over her shoulder before racing into the jungle up ahead of them, so he gave chase. It felt accelerating to be on a deserted island in the nude, but for now, this didn't bother Aang at all.

Minutes later, they had arrived in a small clearing with several trees and boulder strewn here and there with a few berry bushes. Up ahead of them, a lake was shining ahead of them, the sunset making it look like it was bleeding on the surface. And some of the trees up ahead looked like they could be used for shelter judging by the size of the forks.

"This looks really nice," Aang remarked as he stared around.

"Yeah..." Then Katara turned to face him and said, "You just want to get some berries to eat before we get some breakfast tomorrow?"

Aang nodded. Today had been an exhausting day, and they could explore the island tomorrow. And on that tomorrow, they would only have to wait for the return to the outside world soon. So he joined his girlfriend in searching for some berries before they would go to sleep that night.

To be continued...


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