Title: I love you, nerd

Rate: M for future sex scenes

Characters: Mainly Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce, secondly: Kurt Hummel and Quinn Fabray

Summary: Brittany Pierce is a young business analyst who happens to get a job in a big fashion company owned by the famous singer and actress Santana Lopez. Santana doesn't know that she had runined Brittany's life when they were still in high school, preventing her to realize her dream. Who could imagine that Brittany not getting into the Cheerios could have changed so many things.

McKingley High School - 2005

Brittany ended the choreography with a back flip trying to remain as still as she could. Her heart was beating so fast that she couldn't almost breath. She hinted a smile since she felt she had just done a great job with that audition. Plus she was also aware that she had a gorgeous smile so showing it would have just improved the situation.

Santana Lopez, the head cheerleader, was sitting in front of her sorrounded by a glacial silence. She stared directely at her and eyed her up and down with a disappointed expression painted on her face.

Brittany didn't feel threaten at all since she knew how pretty and great she was. She was also wondering why it had taken so much time for her to decide to audition for the cheerios. She was a nice girl, quite popular among guys and talented after all.

"So, what's your name again?" Santana asked not looking at her.

"I'm Brittany, Santana" she replied with an enthusiastic tone.

"Excuse me, do I know you?" she asked with a hostile tone.

Brittany's confidence immediately waved. "Well, no, not exactly."

"Ok, so why are you calling me by name?"

"I'm sorry."

Santana didn't answer to that, she just checked her notebook once again, Brittany found herself wondering what the hell she was checking.

"Well Britney"

"Actually it's Brittany." But as soon as the last word escaped her mouth, she immediately realized her mistake. Santana glared her with a glance that had the same effect of a glacian breeze since Brittany suddenly felt a vibrating shiver running down to her spine.

"Well Britney, I don't really know how to say this, so I'm going to explain to you in the most polite way the reason why you're not getting into the Cheerios today" She paused so that Brittany could understand and process every single word. She looked up at her and grinned.

"Your attempt of getting into the cheerios is embarrassing and offensive towards me and my team." She said i one breath "But we appreciate your enthusiasm" she added mocking her.

Those words hit Brittany as someone had just thrown a big rock against her. She just couldn't say anything even though she felt the need of screaming at that bitch.

Santana stood up. "We'll see each other in the corridors. I'll be the one who slush you."

And then she left.

Seven years later – Brooklyn - New York

Usually for most of the nice, hot, good looking , 25-year old women fashion is everything. That was still a hard concept to understand for Brittany S. Pierce. She fixed her blonde long ponytail and checked her outfit. She looked just fine, professional and serious, nothing special as usual. Her dress code was always the same and followed only one important rule: being anonymous. She knew she was a pretty girl and she didn't want to emphasize it at all. As a matter of fact Brittany had always hated to be in the center of the attention, and , even though she had never really experienced that, she was feeling clumsy and uncomfortable every time someone was paying attention to her.

She decided to clean her black-colored glasses for the umpteenth time, just in case they were about to get dirty, again.

She heard her mum screaming from the kitchen.

"Jelly bean, breakfast is ready."

She grunted annoyed by that nickname.

"On my way, mum."

She entered into the kitchen and the table was all set with coffee, pancakes, biscuits and everything she could have desired but the truth was that she wasn't hungry at all, conversely she had felt a bite to the stomach since the first minute she had opened her eyes earlier that morning.

Her mum was sat at the table watching the news broadcast.

"I think I'll just have coffee, mum" she said.

"Oh honey, are you nervous?" she asked sweetly, Brittany didn't want to be rude to her mum but sometimes she really coulnd't stand her for the childish way she used to treat her.

Brittany just nodded and added a brief "Just a bit."

She was indeed nervous but she wasn't feeling like talking about that, especially with her mum who sometimes happened to be a little too much anxious.

"You don't have to worry Britt Britt, with your curriculum you'll succeed it!" she replied still paying attention at the television.

Brittany's attention was suddenly caught by the service news.

Yesterday was a difficult day for the New Yorker stock since one of its main protagonist closed ten points down. The multibillionaire fashion company S&L , owned by the famous singer and actress Santana Lopez, lost over twenty millions in just two hours. Miss Lopez, who had just landed into this business, declared that she is not worried about the recent events and she pictured herself to be very confident about the future development of the entire company. New York is curious to find out if Miss Lopez is just a nice pretty young woman or a fierce manager.

Brittany's mum pointed at the television.

"See, they need you!" she said still chewing her cereals.

Brittany didn't answer since she felt a fucking cramp in her stomach again. Why did she have to be so emotional every time? She knew how much prepared she was for that job and that feeling was confirmed by the fact that the sales manager had called her begging for a last minute interview, and as soon as she had found out the name of the company she had agreed satisfied.

A business degree at Yale and a Financial and Business Analyst Degree at NYU had made her a young, ambitious economist who had drawn the attention of some big companies.

She nervously bit her upper lip. The idea of attending an interview was freaking her out. She was good at dealing with numbers, graphics and computers but not with people. Ever since high school she had been very lonely and socially isolated, but she wasn't complaining about that. She loved to be on her own and she didn't mind spending the Fridays nights in front of the computer.

But now it was time to built a career and she knew it had to start with an interview.

"Maybe you'll meet Santana Lopez!" her mum said interrupting her thoughts.

"Mum, I don't think so. She has so many other people taking care of the company."

Santana Lopez. Hearing that name was still weird for her. That person had changed her entire life, with just few words.

Your attempt of getting into the cheerios is embarrassing and offensive towards me and my team.

The funny thing was that Brittany had changed her entire life because of a person who didn't even know who she was.

And what if I really have the chance to meet her?

She thought terrified shaking her head, she was maybe ready for an interview but not at all for Santana Lopez. She was clearly overthingking since it was something that was beyond the impossible.

Calm down, silly. It is never going to happen.

She reassured herself drinking the last sip of her coffee.

S&L Tower – Manhattan – New York

Mark Gordon, the sales senior manager of the company, was standing in front of her almost shaking and with a desperately expression painted on his face. How was it possible that she was able to intimidate a man that was 30 years older than her?

Santana Lopez looked at him with an empty glance.

"So tell me Mark, how is it possible that we, and with we I mean you, had decided to invest in the Irish market?"

He was about to answer but Santana hadn't finished.

"I'm really curios to hear just one good reason. Do you want to know why? Because there isn't one!" she said loudly, almost screaming.

"Ireland can be a good place to visit, to order a beer but that's it! Tell me a name of a famous Irish fashion brand!"

He tried to sputter something but he didn't manage to justify his team's choice.

"Do you hate me? "she asked out of the blue.

Mark goggled his eyes.

"I'm starting to think that! Did I kill your family in our past lives? I don't know because it seems like you're are trying to ruin this company." She yelled at him.

"I'm so sorry Miss Lopez." He replied scared.

"Tell me that you had fired that little monster that invested in that market!"

"Yes, we fired Bruce this morning." He paused to check if Santana wanted to add something. "It's a pity because he was one of the most interesting Harvard student."

"He was the gayest, for sure." She said snorting, then she noticed Mark's shocked expression.

"What? Do you want me to say how sorry I am for him? "

"No no." he replied quickly.

She sighed to gain the control of her body again. Screaming wasn't useful, but she was so damn furious in that moment.

"Have we already chosen another candidate?" she asked hoping for a good news.

"Yes, we called a young girl. She seems to be very promising." He explained passing her the dossier on the girl.

Santana didn't say anything, she opened and studied it for a few minutes. She couldn't help but hint a smile for the sloppiness of the girl's hair in the curriculum picture.

"Why do you think she's going to be different from Bruce or from all the other useless human being?" she asked after a while.

"Have you read her cv?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yes, it's impressive. But what else?"

Mark didn't know what to answer.

"Ok I get it. If I want something to be great I have to do it by myself." She stopped for a second staring at the girl's picture. Santana didn't know why but she looked familiar somehow.

"I'll interview her by myself." She decided.

"I'm sorry what?" Mark said "Santana you don't know anything about business analysis"

Santana glared him with her black look and that made Mark stiffen all his muscels, petrified by the fear.

"Mark, is this your company by any chances?" she asked with a snooty tone.

The manager couldn't hold her gaze and looked down.


"Ok, can you call her now? " she asked impatient.

Mark was leaving while Santana screamed "And hurry up, I don't have all the day!"

Brittany was waiting in a big meeting room. She was nervous, but the walk to the Manhattan had cleared her mind and managed to calm her down a bit. She had already met the sales manager and he had seemed to be polite and nice to her since he had tried to make her feel comfortable from the beginning. After five minutes he had received a phone call and he had left leaving her there waiting for him to come back.

Suddenly the door opened and Mark Gordon entered almost running.

"Hurry up. Santana Lopez wants to meet you."

And there Brittany almost fainted.

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