One year later

08:30 am

Brittany S. Pierce had never asked for the perfect life, but in the last months she had slowly realized that, without asking for it, she had managed to build a flawless, amazing existence.

First her new job was fantastic, she had found another great business position in an energy company that was letting her travel abroad and make all the kind of experiences a smart girl like her would have appreciated, second there was her being confident and becoming an healthy mature and confident woman who was living and working in Manhattan and third there was Santana who was the real cause of her happiness. Their relationship was amazing and even though Santana was busy travelling the world for work they always managed somehow to steal sometime to be just the two of them, to be together.

One year from their first kiss in the bathroom of a fancy Thai restaurant had passed and she was simply happier than ever.

They had never set an official date, but Brittany was one hundred percent sure that, that was the day, the perfect day to celebrate their first year together.

Her job was paying her quite well, not as well as Santana's one but at least her boss was a middle aged, happily married man, and that was meaning: no teasing, no fights and most of all no sexual tensions. Somehow she was kinda missing working with Santana but only because she simply wanted to spend more time with her. Usually in a relationship as days go on, couple tend to settle on a steady rhythm, losing part of the first moments' excitement, but in her case it was the exact opposite. Each day spent with Santana Lopez was something to be grateful for, something to pray for and without any doubts she simply couldn't have enough.

Sometimes, in the last months, she had caught herself smiling awkwardly without an apparent reason and she had reproached herself for being so immature but she just couldn't stop. It was true that she hadn't asked for any of that but now that she had it, she simply couldn't stop feeling a vice to her stomach every time Santana's thought was crossing her mind.

And there she was, one year of funny discussions and fights, twelve months of amazing adventures, 365 days of flawless lady sex later, sleeping in the bedroom of the person responsible for her current happiness. She had so much plans and ideas for that day, but none of them were including that kind of waking up. The first thing her brain managed to process while coming back to life was the sensation of Santana's wet lips on her naked skin.

It was true, she had never slept naked in her entire life since she used to find it very antigenic but in the last year she barely could the remember the last time she was wearing a pajamas during the night. Sleeping naked with your girlfriend is simply the best thing it can happen to you, that was why Brittany had pushed aside her chemical and nerd doubts about that.

She instinctively moaned at that slight moist pressure trailing down to her breast. Her mind wasn't fully aware of what was going on, but she simply didn't care, since that sensation on her body was too good to be concerned about.

Tentatively her hand moved on the right, unconsciously looking for her Latina. She didn't need too much time since Santana was practically almost above her. Her delicate hands brushed the soft olive skin of her shoulders while pulling the girl at her.

Santana didn't fight at all and didn't stop placing those amazing popping kisses on her. After the countless one Brittany gasped loudly, looking desperately for some air since she had practically forgotten to breath, but focusing while your girlfriend is licking and softly sucking your nipple is almost impossible. At that sound Santana giggled against her skin making it tingle.

"Mmm.." Santana understood that it was the sign. She had learnt to know her and consequently she knew that Brittany was impatient while having sex and she simply hated the teasing and all she wanted was her girlfriend's mouth down there. But Santana had always been a bitch and that was the reason why she just couldn't stop teasing her, kissing her playfully on her stomach, on her abs or her thighs to make her beg . And, exactly as she had been doing for the past year, she licked Brittany's stomach, trailing her tongue down but then she stopped and started going up again.

Brittany stopped her head with both her hands. "San, don't make me hate you." But then she let escape a soft squeak when Santana playfully bit her.

"Be patient." Santana ordered teasing her once again and Brittany couldn't help but smile wondering the reason why she had been so lucky in her life to find that girl.

They were completely different persons who belonged to opposite realities and their relationship made absolutely no sense on paper but somehow they had managed to build it, slowly, day after day, fight after fight but now it was simply their amazing story.

Brittany bit her lower lip as finally Santana moved her sweet kisses a couple of inches lower, right around her clit, teasing her again, but then, before Brittany could complain for the countless time, her girlfriend slowly let her tongue slid right between her inner walls, provoking a hot wave of pleasure quickly spreading all over her body.

Even though she was supposed to be used to those kisses after a year of amazing sex with Santana, every time was still amazing, as the first time. Trying to put into words how Santana made her feel every single time she placed her flawless mouth on her sex, was really hard and, for such a powerful, immense sensation, words suddenly seemed inadequate.

She had always had to concentrate on a certain fantasy to reach the orgasm but from the moment she had started her relationship with the worldwide know star Santana Lopez, reaching her climax had never been that easy.

"Oh my…" she moaned with pleasure as her girlfriend let two fingers slid through her walls, literally inside her. She was feeling incredibly sensitive everywhere and the classic hot wave had already spread everywhere in her body.

Brittany arched her back as Santana closed her mouth around her sex and sucked it, making her feel the tension build, and pleasure build with it and her clitoris just about to explode.

And then, as every single time they had had sex, Santana slowed the pace to make that rising hot sensation last a little bit longer, but that morning Brittany was too turned on to concentrated on something else.

She felt a sudden peak of pleasure coming from her inner limbs and quickly spreading all around her clit.

"God San, I'm there." She said but her girlfriend didn't pull away, she sucked her sex even harder on last time, making her spasm of pleasure.

"Whoa." Brittany said out loud letting herself collapse on the bed. Santana readily trailed up to meet her for a you're-welcome kiss. "This is without any doubts my favorite way of waking up." She added while a big smile was approaching her face.

"Glad you liked." Santana replied kissing her shoulder.

Brittany relaxed her head on the pillow for a couple of seconds, staring up at the ceiling and smiling. What was supposed to be their first anniversary had just started in the perfect way and she couldn't wish for more to happen. She turned her head to look at her smiling latina.

"I guess it's my turn now." She stated rolling on one side to kiss her.

"Oh honey I wish I could enjoy your amazing lips on my skin but I've an early meeting this morning and I'm already late." Santana said while snaking out the bed.

"Hey hey, wait." Brittany replied rising on her knees and making Santana stop her walk towards the bathroom. "I thought we weren't working today." At least she thought that since it was the day that celebrated their first year together, they were supposed to spend it together. But, wait a second, was Santana aware that that day was their first anniversary?

The latina frowned. "What? When did we decide it?"

"I ..I.." she stuttered lowering her gaze. "…it was probably a misunderstanding San."

Santana made the two steps that were separating her from the bed and kissed her once again.

"I'm sorry B if I blew up your plans."

Ok, she has no idea.

"Can I make it up to you by paying you a dinner tonight?" she said looking at her with a begging, mortified expression and Brittany couldn't help but smile at her and nod.

"I think you can do that." She replied making Santana beam and kiss her once again before running to have a quick shower and get ready for the upcoming day.

Ok, the day had started in the perfect way but now an unexpected mishap had just fallen on her way, but she was too happy and excited to surrender at the first hitch. It wasn't a big problem if Santana had forgotten or had no clue about what that day was meaning to her, she could always explain it to her and she had all the intentions to do that, and a dinner at a romantic restaurant was simply the perfect way where to start.

There was only one last problem to solve, she had already said at the office that she wouldn't have worked that day, so…what was she supposed to do for the whole day?

She smiled looking for her phone since she knew exactly who to call.

12:30 pm

Brittany opened the door of the Italian restaurant she had chosen for that almost daily meeting. She beamed when she realized that Kurt had already arrived and was waiting for the sitting at a table.

"Brittany S. Pierce tell me! What's you secret?" he asked while she was approaching him. "You become more beautiful every day!" he added making her lower her gaze smiling.

"Hi Kurt! You're not bad at all either!" she replied sitting in front of her friend.

Kurt was still working at the S&L Fashion and since Brittany had started dating the owner of the company, his career had taken a leap forward because Brittany had tried so hard to convince Santana how talented and professional that young boy was and she had had no other choice than to agree with her.

They had also managed to remain friends and to see each other twice or three times a week, Kurt was her closest friend in NY and she simply didn't want to give up on him just because she had a job that was taking her a lot of time.

"No seriously Brittany, you look amazing. I love those shoes."Kurt insisted checking them under the table.

"Stop it o you'll make me blush! Do I have to remember you what is the convenience of dating the CEO of a fashion company?" she replied with a smart grin painted on her face.

"You, bitch!"

"Ahaha. How are you?"

"I'm great actually. My boss, aka your amazing girlfriend, will send me on my first business trip next week!"

"Oh, wow! Congrats and where is that?"

"Hong Kong. I'm so excited and I know that I have to thank you for that!"

Brittany readily shook her head. "No Kurt, you did it yourself. Santana just needed to open her eyes and realize what a valuable assets she had!"

"Well, thank you for opening her eyes, then!" he gave her a teasing playful glance. "Even though I know it isn't the only thing you opened."

"Oh shut up!" she said hitting him on the arm.

"How are things going between the two of you?"

Brittany rolled her eyes up to the ceiling with a dreamy expression. "Amazingly, I couldn't wish for more."

"Oh I bet, I saw the picture at the Mtv movie awards last month, you guys were in one word flawless together."

"She was flawless! I just tried to be a decent accessory!" Brittany said in a modest way, but the truth was that she meant it. Every time they were attending a public event she was feeling uncomfortable, first because she had to stand next to the girl who had recently been voted as the sexiest woman in showbiz and second because she didn't feel like belonging to that world. The problem was that she was too much in love with the girlfriend to let her go alone, that was the reason why she had been everywhere in the past months, from gala events, to benefit concerts, movie premieres and any other type of events in which an famous star is forced to participate.

"With that dress and your kilometric legs you were more than an accessory."


"Do you understand how flawless your life is?"

"Yes Kurt! And I'm always freaking out cos I feel like I don't deserve all this! So yes, but I don't really want to talk about that.."

"Why not? It's a good thing!"

"I know but I can't help but wonder if this is just a wonderful dream and I'm destined to wake up. Today is our first anniversary and she doesn't even remember it! And I get that she is super busy but I was expecting.." she paused shaking her head. She was feeling so damn stupid because she really was living what everyone would have defined the perfect life and she was complaining about that.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Her friend was just about to say something but she was quicker. "Kurt, forget about that. I didn't came here to complain about my relationship, I just want to spend a nice hour with my best friend."

"Stop it, dummy. I'm your best friend so making you feel better is my…doesn't she know that today is your fist anniversary? Ouch.."

"Well, we have never set a date and plus she is super busy launching her new fashion line, a new album and she currently has three open movie projects and despite this she always manages to find time to be with me and to make me feel loved."

"So? Why are you complaining?" Kurt asked.

"Because.." she put particular emphasis on the first word. "..i don't know…sometimes I wish she was just a normal person so that I can have her all for myself."

Kurt opened his mouth, with a smirk painted on his face, ready to say something but Brittany stopped him once again.


"I wasn't gonna say anything."

"Aha." Brittany snorted. "I know what you were about to say."

"And that is..?"


"Actually I was going to call you selfish."

"I'm not selfish!" Brittany argued raising her voice. "Do you think it's normal that probably in the world there is someone that loves Santana as much as I do?"

Kurt laughed.

"Those people are called stalker."

"I know and I'm stupid."

"You're not stupid, you have to share her with the world after all. I get what you're saying."

"I just would like to be sure that she is mine, or at least that she is willing to be with me for a long time."

"She is crazy about you!"

"I know! And I have to stop speaking…so tell me, how's your love life?"

"Don't do that to me!" Kurt said shaking his head, his face darkening.

"Do what?" Brittany asked trying to hide the hint of a smile that was slowly growing on her face. She knew Kurt was single and that was why she had asked him out that day. She had planned a little surprise for him, but her surprise was so fucking late.

"You know I'm not dating anyone right now! So I don't want to talk about my love life cos it's depressing!"

"Ok ok..I'm sorry!"

"Tell me more about you!"

"Actually…there is something!" Brittany said drawing immediately his attention.

"What are you waiting for?! Tell me!"

"Ok, but you have to promise me that you're not going to tell anything to Santana."

"Cross my heart and hope to die." He said quickly raising his hand, pretending to solemnly swear.

"Ok, I must start by saying that last year I earned quite well, first with the job at the S&L and now with this one and I've started saving as much as I could…" she paused to check if he was still listening to her. "…next month I've a meeting with a couple of investors to open a dance school in Brooklyn."

"What?" he screamed excited. "Are you serious?"

"Shh! Yes I'm serious, but it's just a project for now. I just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking about it.."

"And why don't you want Santana to know about that?"

"Cos she'll buy it for me and I want to do it with my own means. She is amazing and she wants the best for me, but I want her to be proud of me and to realize that I'm not with her because of her money.."

"I think she already knows that."

"I know, but I want to prove it to her. Asking her for a loan would be the easiest way but this time I've chosen the hardest one."

"Well..Brittany this is very admirable and noble."

"I'm a wonderful person" she replied chuckling but right before she could add anything else since her attention was caught by the person who was standing right in front of her. She lifted her gaze and immediately recognize her colleague.

"Hey you! You made it!" she said standing up to kiss him on the cheek. The cute guy smiled at her.

"Yes, sorry I'm late but I got stuck at the office for a problem right before the lunch break."

"As usual" Brittany replied. "Unfortunately I've to go now cos I'm already late for my appointment but you can eat with my friend Kurt, I know he is free for another hours." Brittany said while Kurt tried to kick her under the table but Brittany didn't seem to mind.

The guy with amazing dark, intense eyes , moved his gaze from her to Kurt.

"Oh, ok. If Kurt doesn't mind." He added.

"Oh no, he is super fine. Right?" Brittany asked giving him the say-yes look.

"Sure." Kurt replied politely even if he was visibly embarrassed.

"Oh, sorry guys, forgive my manners. Kurt this is Blaine, we work in the same group."

"Nice to meet you Kurt." Blaine said stretching his hand for the hand shake and waiting for Kurt to grab and shake it.

"See you tomorrow at work, then." Brittany said looking at Blaine, before rolling her eyes to her other friend. "Talk to you later?"

Kurt glared her but then he smiled and nodded.

Oh, you'll thank me!

She thought before approaching the exit of that place. Once she stepped outside she took her phone and dialed the number she had been calling so many times in the last months.

"Hey babe." Santana answered and from the background noise Brittany could tell that her girlfriend was out somewhere.

"Where are you?"

"Out for lunch, but I'm going back to the company now. Why did you call me?"

"Cos I miss you" Brittany said with a sweet tone.

"Aw, I miss you too!"

"So..I guess I'll see you tonight!"

"Totally and I can't wait." Santana replied sweetly.

"Me too! Have a great afternoon!"

"You too, hun! I really have to go now! Bye!" and she hung up leaving Brittany in front of the italian restaurant. She sighed since she really couldn't wait anymore minutes till that night, she simply wanted to spend some romantic moments with her girlfriend, but the only positive thing was that she had a free afternoon in front of her and she knew exactly what she would have done. She had four hours to prepare herself and be as beautiful as she could for her girlfriend who was taking her out for dinner.

03:00 pm

Santana's mind was distracted from the thoughts that had been worried her for the whole morning by the sound of someone knocking on the door.

"Come in." she said since she already knew who would have gotten into the room and, as she was expecting, Quinn popped out from the door.

"Hi S." she said with a smile, taking a seat right in front of Santana's desk.

"Hi Q. How are you?" Santana asked even if she already knew the answer. Quinn was still dating Jeremy and he had recently asked her to move in together, her business had grown a lot and in only six months Quinn had to hired two assistants to help to cover the all the orders she was receiving. That was more a rhetorical question.

"I'm fine!" Quinn replied quickly as Santana was expecting. "I would ask you how are you but I already know the answer." She added with a teasing tone.

"And what is that?"

"That you're so in love with your hot blonde and blab la.."

"Are you jealous?"

"Me? No!"

"Good! Because it would be so stupid, she is my girlfriend, you're my friend!"
"I'm not jealous dummy! And you should know that!"

"I know! I'm just making fun of you! How's Jeremy?"

"He's fine, busy writing a speech of the literature conference he's going to attend in Rio."

"Oh wow!"

Quinn nodded excited. "I am going with him!"

"Wow! Rio is amazing this time of the year! You will love it! How long are you going to be there?"

"Two weeks."

"Nice! Are you going to miss me?"

Quinn ignored her question. "There is something I have to ask you but before that I want to tell you that this week I'll pay the last installment I owe you."

"What do you want Quinn?" she asked ignoring the previous statement since she really didn't care about that loan, that was the thing that had allowed her to resume her relationship with Quinn and she was so happy about that.

"..and I want you to know that I wouldn't ask for help but you're my only close friend here in NY."

"What do you want Quinn?" Santana asked again.

"I..I..since I'm going away for two weeks I don't know who's going to take care of my children."

"Oh no." Santana immediately said once she understood where that conversation was going.

"San, my parents are in Europe right now and I don't know who to're my only chance, otherwise I won't go." Quinn asked looking at her with puppy eyes

"This is psychological blackmail"

"I know, You taught me! Plus Brittany will help you for sure, that is the main reason I can trust to leave my kids with you."

"What? don't you trust me?"

"I trust you…with Brittany."

But Quinn was right, she wasn't cut for kids. She had always hated them and she absolutely had no idea where to start but she could bet that Brittany would have been the perfect babysitter, with her being nice and sweet with everyone she was just perfect.

"Mmm.." she snorted.

"So? What do you say?"

"I..I.. I have to ask Brittany what she thinks about that."

"I've already called her and she is fine with that." Quinn readily explained.

"You are so manipulative!"


"Ok! Fine! I'll keep your kids for two weeks but I can't assure that they will be still alive when you'll be back!" she said.

At that answer Quinn jumped on her feet and hugged her.

"Oh thank you thank you! I can't believe Santana Lopez will babysit my children while I'll be in Rio drinking a mojito with my boyfriend!"

Santana hugged her thigh rolling her eyes up to the ceiling but deep in her heart she was happy to help her friend. For the first time after so much time, she realize how much she had changed since she had met Brittany. She now had a wonderful girl who was loving her and making her the happiest person on earth, a good friend who could always rely on and a great business relationship with her colleagues.

08:00 pm

Brittany snorted as she stepped into the hall of Santana's building. The concierge greeted her, as every evening, with a nod of the head but that night she was too pissed off to even notice it. She quickly walked towards the elevator, even though the heeled shoes and the long elegant dress made it difficult to walk at a brisk pace.

Damn it.

That day was supposed to be a great one, she was supposed to spend it with her girlfriend but first she had found out that Santana didn't even know what it meant, but at least she had gained a dinner but then Santana had called later that afternoon her to postpone it. She was stuck in some kind of life-or-death meeting and she had asked her to wait for her at her place and once there they would have ordered something to eat.

Brittany had never been a selfish person but that day she wanted all the attentions on her and instead it was going in the opposite way she had imagined.

The elevator stopped at the last floor and Brittany got out approaching the door of Santana's loft.

She inserted the key into the lock and opened it without thinking but as soon as her eyes could see the interior she froze. An electric impulse quickly reached her brain suggesting her that something wasn't normal, then her eyes could finally see what that sensation was about.

What the hell..

The entrance and the main living room were completely covered by candles creating a magical and sparkling carpet, the air smelled of a pleasant fragrance of roses and a romantic melody was completing the atmosphere.

Brittany could not believe what his eyes were staring, that was absolutely crazy and amazing at the same time. The candles were place on the floor leaving a narrow free path. She hesitated for a second before making the first step in the living room direction, her heart already hammering so fast against her chest.

Was that all Santana's? Was she lying about not knowing what that day was all about?

She was in a complete state of shock, her legs were moving as driven by an unknown force. She made other two steps before freezing once again when she noticed Santana's shadow popping out.

"Hey." She whispered looking at her smiling. "You're unbelievingly beautiful."

"San.." but she really didn't know what to say. She felt some tears reaching the edges of her eyes but she tried to push them away.

Don't cry!

Her girlfriend was gorgeous as usual, simply wearing a business outfit, black trousers, white shirt and a black jacket.

Santana made a few steps ahead until she finally was right in front of her. She took her hands and at the contact with her soft skin a shiver run down her spine. She was incredibly nervous and excited at the same time.

"How..I.." she stuttered again.

"How could even think that I didn't know that today is our first anniversary?" She said.

Brittany beamed at those words.

"I don't know San, you're an amazing actress." She said with a big smile

"I know" she replied giggling.

"You didn't have to organize all this." Brittany said looking around, Santana was still holding her hands.

"Well.." she started hinting a smile. "…you know me. I like to do things in a big way and this is a special moment."

"It is."

"Brittany, you have no idea how much my life has changed in the last months." She started sweetly caressing the blonde's cheeks.

"Oh I know.. and you have no idea how much my life has changed!"


At that sound Brittany immediately frowned and looked at her with a questioning tone.

"Britt, I need you to shut up and listen to me."

Brittany held her gaze and nodded, realizing how sweat her hand palms were.

"You literally rocked my world, you shook it in a perfect way and I have to thank you if today I've wonderful relationships with other people, good friends and you. You're everything good that happened in my life. Your smile lights up my day and holding your hand just makes me feel safe."

Brittany was having breathing problems, all that was too much. She was about to explode, all she was wishing to do was to hug her and tell her how much she loved her but instead she was standing still, completely lost in Santana's words.

"Having you in my life makes me feel the luckiest person on this planet..I ..I even love our fights! And do you want to know why? Cos I love you..more than I've ever loved anyone else in this crazy world and my only wish is to be with you, to keep fighting with you and to get older with you."

Oh my god.

Santana put her hand into her pocket and pull out a little black box. At that sight Brittany was about to faint, she gasped loudly for air.

"San, oh my god."

This is not happening.

Santana was probably more nervous that she was, her hands were shaking and her voice tone was trembling. She looked up at her, staring at her with those amazing chocolate eyes.

"Brittany, would you do me the great pleasure to continue to stand me for the rest of your life?" she asked in one breathe opening the little box showing what was the most amazing engagement ring Brittany had ever seen.

Brittany was in a complete catatonic state, incapable of doing or saying anything. All the cells of her body were just about to collapse. That was unbelievingly unexpected and romantic and sweet and amazing.

"I know we are young and we have been dating for just a year. You don't have to say yes, I mean we don't have to get married, I just wanted you to know that I'm serious about us and I want to be with you for the rest.." Santana started overspeaking, but Brittany wasn't listening anymore.

"YES" she screamed making her girlfriend stop speaking.



They looked at each other, both shaking, Brittany's eyes full of tears. Santana, visibly jolting, managed to pull out the ring and gently put it on her finger.

"Oh my.." that was the only thing Brittany managed to say before her eyes met Santana's one once again and in that moment she stopped shaking and she hugged her, before letting her girlfriend pull away for a long lasting kiss.

"I can't believe you said yes." Santana commented.

"I can't believe you bought me a ring!"

"Tell me, why the hell did you say yes!" Santana asked smiling and kissing her once again. Brittany replied with another kiss.

"Because I'm a gold digger." She answered with a teasing tone.

"Oh I see..that makes sense to me!"

"Because I love you! And despite everything I can't think about spending my life with someone else."

"So are we really going to get married?"

"I guess."

"Wow. I don't know what to say. These things don't usually happen to me."

"You're a word wide know star!" Brittany argued before bursting into laugh. That was absolutely perfect, Santana wanted to be with her for the rest of their life and she couldn't have wished for more.

"Come on! We have to go!"

"Go where?"

"To a certain thai restaurant."

Brittany smiled unbelieving that all that was really happening. "You mean, that thai restaurant?"

"Oh, yes. And we are already late, they're waiting for us!"


"I've invited your parents, Kurt, my dad and Quinn and her family."

"Santana I don't know what to say!"

"You've already said yes, so you can not talk for the entire evening and I'll be fine with that."

She said kissing her once again making the blonde moan satisfied.

"Come on, let's go!" but Brittany grabbed her wrist and didn't let her go.

"Wait, one last thing!"


"What about the candles? We can't leave them like this, if the temperatures in the room increases too much it can activate the sprinklers or even worse the fire alarm."

"Ok, I'll call and have them blown." She replied making Brittany nodded satisfied of having just saved Santana's apartment, but then she noticed that her girlfriend was staring at her smiling.


"Nothing…" she paused smiling even more. "I love you, nerd."


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