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The Captain of Squad Thirteen was desperately trying to sleep. He'd had a rough day of coughing and wheezing and of course all this respiratory distress happened during a Captain's meeting. He'd finally gotten his lungs under control with some tea and some medicine Unohana had given him earlier in the year. Jushiro Ukitake was having trouble sleeping, but it wasn't because of his lungs.

No, he was having trouble sleeping due to his long time friend and lover, Shunsui Kyoraku constantly jabbing him with a persistent finger, "Hey, Ju? Can we have sex?"

Jushiro rolls his eyes and lets out a disgruntled sigh. He was starting to regret letting his lover spend the night, "Not tonight, Shunsui. I'm very tired."

"You said that last night." He lets out a loud sigh of frustration, "It's been almost three weeks since we last made love…please, Ju!"

"I'm not in the mood." He turns away from Shunsui giving him his back, "It's not that I don't enjoy it, but I'm just exhausted. All this coughing has really worn me out." He pulls the cover up to his chin, "Please, try to understand."

The eighth captain frowns, "Okay, I'll just go to sleep then." He turns over making their backs be facing each other as he lets out a pitiful sound.

Jushiro closes his green eyes and attempts to get some sleep, but the gnawing, guilty feeling of leaving Shunsui unsatisfied just makes it impossible to sleep. He knew Shunsui wouldn't die from no sex, but he had been denying his best friend love making for almost a month. He finally lets out a defeated sigh as he rolls back over. He places a pale hand on his lover's back, "Shunsui, are you asleep?"

"Not yet." He turns to face his white haired friend, "What's up? I thought you were tired. I figured you would be asleep by now."

"Well, I decided…I mean, if you still want to…that we can have sex." A light pink blush creeps to his cheeks as he waits for Shunsui's reply.

The eighth captain's grey eyes show his confusion with Jushiro's contradictory words, "But, I thought you said you were too tired."

"I guess I'm not as tired as I thought." He gives his brunet lover an embarrassed smile, "Do you want to?"

Shunsui cups the thirteenth captain's face in his hands as he presses his full lips to the soft, warm ones belonging to his lover. The kiss is an innocent one and the brunet pulls back shortly after it began, "Of course I do, but don't force yourself if you really are too tired."

"I'm fine." He begins taking his sleepwear off and encourages Shunsui to do the same, "Just make love to me."

The brunet nods as he also begins undressing. It's not long before the two shinigami are naked and Shunsui gently places his body over Jushiro's body. The pale captain's green eyes look up into Shunsui's grey eyes making the eighth captain shudder at all the trust held in those emerald eyes, "I love you, Ju."

Before the white haired Soul Reaper can respond, his lips are captured once more by Shunsui's lips. The brunet slips his tongue into his lover's mouth through his already parted lips and allows his tongue to explore the moist cavern that held no surprises just a comforting familiarity after all the years the two of them had been together. Jushiro moans as his own tongue joins in and slides across Shunsui's tongue as the kiss continues. The kiss ends as the two shinigami take in breaths of air, but the white haired captain's renewed breath is just as quickly sucked back in as he feels Shunsui's warm tongue on his left nipple. The tongue of his lover swirls around the already pert flesh causing the thirteenth captain to close his eyes and moan his appreciation, "Please, Shunsui…more."

The eighth captain raises his head and smiles, "For someone originally opposed to the idea of making love, you sure are eager to get to the main event."

Jushiro opens his eyes again and gives his best friend a look of pure lust, "I guess I just didn't realize how badly I wanted it until you started."

"Then Heaven forbid, I keep you from getting what you want." He shoots his friend another smirk before making his way farther down his body where he gently grips the hard flesh residing between the thirteenth captain's legs, "Is this what you want, Ju?"

"Yes, I want it." He bucks his hips up trying to gain more friction from the large, calloused hand gripping his very sensitive erection.

The brunet begins stroking his hand up and down the rigid shaft causing Jushiro to let out sighs of contentment from the pleasing actions of his lover. Shunsui, not wanting to waste time, reaches for their stash of lube and gathers some of it on his fingers. He slowly inserts his index finger into the searing tight hole of his white haired lover as he continues to pump said lover's dripping cock. It doesn't take long before a second finger joins the first in stretching and sliding in and out of the thirteenth captain's entrance. When the third finger is added, Shunsui hears a sharp intake of breath and he knows he's found his lover's sweet spot. He prods that spot with his fingers a few more times listening to the soft keens of pleasure escaping Jushiro's throat as he does so.

The eighth captain decides that his white haired lover is prepared enough and removes his fingers as well as the hand stroking Jushiro's cock. The thirteenth captain lets out a sound of disappointment at the loss of all the pleasurable sensations, but he knows something better is on its way. Shunsui picks the lube back up from where he'd dropped it earlier and slicks the cold liquid onto his own heated, hard cock. He lets out a soft groan at his own touch, but releases his member once the lube has thoroughly coated his length. He grabs his best friend's legs and spreads them even wider than they already were and smiles down at his fellow shinigami, "Are you ready?"

Jushiro nods and Shunsui grabs his own arousal as he guides the head of his cock into the tight opening of his lover. The two men both lets out blissful sounds as the rest of the brunet's length penetrates the heated hole of the thirteenth captain. When Shunsui is fully seated inside his lover, they both cease all movements as each of them adjusts to being connected to the other.

The eighth captain waits for the signal to move and when he sees Jushiro nod his head, the bearded shinigami pulls his hips back a bit and buries his length into his lover again. Shunsui's thrusts eventually become more fluid and Jushiro wraps his pale legs around the brunet's waist as he lifts his own hips in order to feel more of the eighth captain's length slide into him.

"Harder, Sh-Shunsui!" Jushiro's nails digs deeply into the flesh of Shunsui's back as he tries to hold onto something to keep himself grounded as he's pounded into over and over again.

The brunet smiles as he picks up his pace and slams into his lover harder and faster, "For someone who…didn't even want to…you sure are being demanding."

Jushiro ignores his friend's comment as he feels his release fast approaching and when Shunsui squeezes his hand between their undulating bodies and grabs the thirteenth captain's cock to pump it in time with his thrusts, the white haired captain loses all self-restraint and cums between their sweaty bodies. He moans loudly as he grips Shunsui's flesh even harder, sending trickles of blood down the other's back.

Shunsui thrusts a few more times into the hot, pulsing hole of his lover and he too spills his release deep inside the panting shinigami beneath him. He rides out his orgasm as he continues to pump Jushiro's cock, milking every last bit of essence from the pale man. When their pleasure subsides, he pulls out of the exhausted body of his lover and lays down beside him on the futon.

The two of them lay together panting for a few seconds before Shunsui pulls Jushiro into his arms, "I'm glad you changed your mind, Ju."

"Me too. I love you." He lets out a satisfied sigh as he closes his green eyes.

"I love you too." Shunsui tightens the embrace around Jushiro's thin body and takes in the scent of his lover mixed with sweat and sex and falls asleep still holding the warm body of his best friend.


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